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Articles and ViewsWE SUDANESE, THE COMPLETE FREEDOM IS OUR GOAL by Ismail Abdallah
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11-06-2021, 02:39 PM
اسماعيل عبد الله
<aاسماعيل عبد الله
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    01:39 PM November, 06 2021

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    The full-fledged military coup carried out by the army chief has been losing popular support and international sympathy day after day, and with the passage of these days the imprisoned Prime Minister is showing unparalleled patience and perseverance, and according to the leaks, he is still the legitimate head of the transitional executive government, adhering to his principle that he has not wavered from. Anyway, the military, security and civilians in solidarity with the commander of the coup army got themselves into a big mess, when they swam against the popular trend that possesses the right and legitimacy. any justification for the failure of civilian rule and the necessity for the army to play its role in maintaining security and the unity of the country, has become a matter that calls for pause and contemplation under the shade of the trees of this open and transparent world, in which information is transmitted from one end to the other in a fraction of the second, the breakdown of the security contract in the East and looting inside the country's capital, committed according to some orders by those of the remnants of the former regime roaming among the corridors of government institutions, so the consequences of this defect is a result of the failure of the dismantling committee which has to play a big role in combating the corruption, which has the wide powers granted to it for the purpose of removing the enabling effects of the dissolved party, but it spent two years of failure without fulfilling its promise to the families of the martyrs of
    Complete freedom for the Sudanese people, activists and politicians is the target, and it is the highest goal and the ultimate ambition for which the toilers sacrificed. these proud Sudanese people are well-known by the Turkish and British colonialists, through well-known, written and documented national epics with the testimony of witnesses from the people of the unjust aggressor, therefore, whoever wants to resist or compromise the honorable people of Sudan in their freedom and personal dignity, there is no doubt that he will fail and betrayed by his miserable supporters, when the African genie and the Arab world were languishing under the oppression of European colonialism, the people of Sudan accomplished and achieved a revolution and a national state that descendants of grandfathers will never forget, so our patriots should be very careful of those who give us poison tucked under the tables of fatty food. When we say our beloved country is (targeted), we don’t say this is based on the consumed false literature of the exterminated, but we are very sure that it is targeted because of its human resources and huge natural wealth. So, we must stand against this regional greed and global greed by cohesion and adherence to our values ​​and principle - honesty, not mercenary, bullying, conspiracy, espionage and dependence.
    The young men and women of the resistance, and the honorable sons and daughters of my country, the (Kandakas), the (Mayarims), the ( Shifoots) and the (Shaffatas), must stand strong and firmly towards those who want to undermine their first cause, the cause that determine either to be or not to be. After One hundred and twenty years ago the history repeated itself, so now the hour of time has taken us back a number of years, and all we have to do is to distinguish in all transparency between those who are standing in the side of the homeland, and those who are rushing towards the enemy to give him our land, our crops, our wheat, our udders, and our glue for free and for nothing. it is inevitable to define the boundaries separating the red lines and those other separators of gray colors. Today, in contrast to the era of darkness in which the drummers stand with the Arab Palestinian cause, we note that our people stand by their first national cause, not prioritizing other issues related to others at the expense of its first cause, and we find them rejecting, with a loud, bass voice, against all those desperate attempting to work against the welfare of their homeland, putting it cheaply at the tables of contempt, and one of the evils of the funny calamities is that those who claim to adopt the tolerant values ​​of our true religion have betrayed the religion and the homeland, or Those who have been tainted with the stigma of secularism, on the exact opposite, have proven unwavering and unbiased on the grounds of principles, and have not changed their declared positions, unlike the hypocrites who antagonized Russia and then complimented it and sought its sympathy and traded with communist China, those terrorists who promised to raise the call to prayer in the white house, they sent their chief of intelligence to the same white house to surrender all the national security data of their country.

    Ismail Abdallah
    [email protected]
    November 6, 2021

    عناوين الاخبار بسودانيزاونلاين SudaneseOnline اليوم الموافق 11/05/2021
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