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Articles and ViewsThe plight of the Sudanese people by Hashim Mohammed Al Hassan
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The plight of the Sudanese people by Hashim Mohammed Al Hassan

08-21-2022, 05:39 PM
Hashim Mohammed Al Hassan
<aHashim Mohammed Al Hassan
Registered: 08-21-2022
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The plight of the Sudanese people by Hashim Mohammed Al Hassan

    05:39 PM August, 21 2022

    Sudanese Online
    Hashim Mohammed Al Hassan-السودان
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    The Third World has a huge conflict these days. There is hunger, poverty, and devastating ignorance.
    On 13 March, 2022, I had an invitation from some people to participate in an exploration of Beja education in Port Sudan. The chairman of the event was a young man. There were a few people who came to attend that celebration. The first man spoke about education, and how it is neglected in Eastern Sudan and stressing the fact that the government of the Sudan should pay more attention to education … even better than what is offered now. The next speaker began to speak about poverty and how people are used to die every day, especially in rural areas. Another person spoke about the leader of Beja tribes and suddenly a loud voice called out, “Hi Tirk… Hi Trik (the name of the Nazir or leader of one of the Beja tribes). It was amazing to what extent our people are do simple and naïve. How one can imagine after the fall of the dictator Al Bashir and the collapse of his regime, there are still some people who are praising a sincere follower of the toppled Islamic government.
    The following day I met a group of people who believed in the same concept. It seems that it is a trend that all of them agreed with the rule of dictatorship. This shows that how they are still far away from democracy. Later in the same room the chairman of the celebration honored Mohmad Tahir Eilla, who was the pervious ruler of the Red Sea State and another follower of the Islamic party and above all a symbol of corruption. I couldn’t tolerate this nonsense and I stood up and left the room in protest of this manner and lack of respect to people who sacrificed their life to get rid of this corrupt system.
    I arrived in Khartoum, where I had to fly to Canada. While I was staying at my friend, I heard strong voices from the street. Many young people were calling for democracy. Actually, there was a strike against the military dictatorship. It was unbelievable how these young people inspired me! In fact, those folks were from different political affiliations, but still united in their refusal of the previous system. Security forces stormed them with tear gas and life pollutes killing and injuring many of them . All of the hospitals in Khartoum were full of injured people, but the police didn’t want the doctors to help them. They still continued to shoot protesters, trying to break them up.
    Finally I thanked God that I reached safely my destination Montreal, Canada but the sad memories and the suffering of Sudanese people still hanging with me.

    عناوين الاخبار بسودانيزاونلاينSudaneseOnline اليوم الموافق August, 21 202

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