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Articles and ViewsSudan Meltdown in a World Government؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan, London, Britain
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Sudan Meltdown in a World Government؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan, London, Britain

11-06-2021, 10:55 PM
سعيد محمد عدنان
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Sudan Meltdown in a World Government؟ By: Saeed M. Adnan, London, Britain

    10:55 PM November, 07 2021

    Sudanese Online
    سعيد محمد عدنان-UK
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    Will the essence be that the Sudanese Occupy the land of Sudan؟ Or will it be that Sudan becomes a vessel for Sudanese؟
    In other words, “will it be the essence that the hen belongs to the egg or that the egg belongs to the hen؟”
    I had warned before in my writings about the danger befalling our country during Bashir’s reign and during his heavy onset over ideologizing the Sudanese identity via spinning its strings to disfigure it with.
    Before the era of Numeiri’s rule, the Sudanese People, in their first attempt to run the State, preserving its identity and qualifying themselves to exercise the civil democratic dialogue while identifying their political orientation within the New World Order during the short democratic experience they had, the psychology of the people then can be dubbed as rhathymia, viz, happy-go-lucky over the role Sudan endeavoured to do to participate in the Peace and Welfare of humanity, of supporting collaboration and cohesiveness.
    But, prior to the onset of the rush of military coups d’état allegorizing the New Sudan born, the Umma Party indulged on abusing the Sudanese sovereign identity by offering a Sudanese Nationality to any tribesman of the Swahili nations, crossing Sudan in an annual pilgrimage, to employ in the seasonal cotton picking rush, then to line one to Sudan’s elections to vote for the party, which gaped under an influx of huge organized foreign resettlements.
    In a similar breach, some groups sympathetic with the Abanic Mamelukes of Egypt to retrieve their inheritance of Sudan from the Turks, which Britain administered in the conglomeration resulting from its invasion in revenge to the assassination of General Gordon, whence it gave Sudan independence against the will of the Egyptian Military Rulers of the termination of the international colonisation.
    Thus, those groups formed political pockets supporting Egypt’s claim of Sudan and calling for a union of the two, which Egypt used to weave its secret service net over it, systematically making it a State inside a State up until this day.
    Nothing endangered Sudan from what befell it from the dissociation of its administration more, save the eagle eyes of the neighbouring States.
    The Sudanese people heartly lived the passion of international freedom movements; they sang passionately for Korea, Palestine, Eritrea, Congo Lumumba, but such indulgence did not match the nation’s delicate newly borne stature, as to the susceptibility of the nations over their internal affairs.
    Yes, it was a positive combing of discernment and a savoir-faire, but in turn it left negative scars that might lead to an indulgence in others’ affairs destined to lead to quicksand that may rebounds amply in Sudan’s own internal affairs, particularly in a presence of impulsive rulers who are game to rash decisions.
    It happened that Ethiopia did occupy the Fashaga area of East Sudan just before Sudan’s independence, in a deal with the British Administration in its conglomeration with Egypt, but floundered along handling it, and Sudan was in its natural rhathymia of the time.
    At the same time Egypt concocted over border issues with Sudan, apparently in preparation for none than pressures via future disputes. Kenya also breached the neighbourhood peace by annexing the Ilemi Triangle of Sudan (now it is of South Sudan).
    Such breaches, hardly contested by the continual Military Governance of Sudan, plunged the Sudanese in deep Dysthymia.
    Thence, developments attuned two stages afore the present one. In the first stage, the second generation from the birth of New Sudan, delivered rare examples of a barehanded contention and strife of people in the October Revolution that toppled General Abbude’s military regime, in its participation of building the nation and the defending of the Sudanese Identity, which won the Sudanese People the admiration and respect of the World. Again they delivered a similar example of toppling Numeiri’s military regime on April 1985 in the bloodless coup d’état of General Swer-el-Dahab, who handed it over to a democratic civil rule.
    In the second stage, in coups d’état of Nimeiri and Al Beshir’s, Egypt annexed Sudanese territories of Halaieb and Shalatine, while Kenya annexed the Ilemi Triangle. Nimeiri, too, indulged in helping repatriation of the Falasha Jewish Community from Ethiopia to Israel, and the two regimes indulged in repeatedly replacing Chad presidential candidate Idris Debbi by Hussein Habari.
    Al Bashir also indulged in opening Sudan for the Islamic Movements like that of Syria and Hamas, aided by Russia, and offered them the Sudanese Identity, in the regime’s fundamentalist forging of the Sudanese diverse entity into an Arab-sought identity to replace the Sudanese subjects strayed by burnt lands, like in Darfur, or expulsion like what befell opposition intellectuals.
    All that posed as sweeping lava spewing out of the military servility and corruption cast over the identity of acquired provenance of the Sudanese people, spawning out repulsion and incoherence that began disjointing the national cohesivity.
    That was a planned stage of the conspiracy of dividing the wide Sudan, in preparation for present Stage 3 for its tagging it with its new provenances according to what where the intended sale extensions dictate, basically to the oil rich neighbouring countries who are yearning to secure their food by owning their food basket, and who are repenting having missed the train of colonisation and Atlantic slavery via which the colonisers amassed their lifelong security, of which those are deprived despite their huge fossil fuel riches, which again are staked at the climatic instability that is threatening oil producing countries security and inflate their food subsistence. On the other end, Egypt, who is dreaming of the retrieval of Sudan, notwithstanding Sudan just as a partner, of which failure of previous efforts of integration built on the ethics of the international conventions of human rights, in an absence of good will, tell the story.
    These countries are exposed in their heinous onslaught in Sudan, culled by the previous regime, keeping financing it to perpetuate the chance of onslaught and desire, for the authority of bribes exposed in the recent trials proved workability.
    Different to the neighbour countries’ trend, the international powers in their axes are faced with rising costs of maintaining power on the various axes emerging along globalisation, the masonic reality posed for World Governance, already symbolised as a human eye inside a triangle on the corner of the $1 American bill; it also peaks out on the tops of high rise building in the Emirates. This is the hard truth that rips out tranquillity off souls, which also everyone avoids or blind themselves from.
    Earlier, prior to stage 2, during the deterioration of Sudan under Al Bashir, the International Mafia, keeping its distance, commenced on crystallising a tacit connivance of meting out Sudan’s “meat”, in cut-to-measure bundles, while the low stature duped criminals of the past regime and the traitors in the armed forces carried forward with the weaving of the Mafia to abort the democratic process. True, not in despite of Democracy, but to access changing the Sudanese Identity by tampering with the provenances. That commenced with a five-year curfew, stripping off aerial and wave communications and blocking any cultural or recreational indulgence, only submerging their living in a dry concentrated blind ideologization.
    Next comes the tribal rooting of attributes to activate disputes via a full return of the Native Administration, still awash with ethnic disputes of the past, which is not relating in any way with the new structure of the Sudanese entity; but the activity is only heated up for the preparation of the forms and quotas of the bundled divided Sudan and matching trafficked Sudanese-to-be are offered.
    This being the third Stage, the present one, the stage of attribution of present identities to destruction and/ or displacement, concluding what the past regime started, in preparation for the rebirth of new upcoming identities for which resettlement is arranged in fulfilment to the thirty years work of ideologization achievable via the forging of a new entity.
    Thus, Bashir and his gang, managed to make the Sudanese point fingers to one another spurning them as non-Sudanese. They drove them along the Native Administration, coupled with the grazing land struggle between Bedouins and settlers, through the corridors of hell of the genocide Mercenary gangs (Janjaweed), burnt lands and villages, rape, and servitude. They shaped up the dispensation of identity documents and passports with no regard to provenance, eventually ending in the hands of the criminals and the dejected.
    Their remnants are on the track, ascribing the Beja mutiny in the east of Sudan to help reincarnate a fictional Sudanese Identity, accompanied by or closely followed by similar factions in the North and in Kordofan, with leaks that exposed the gluttony of some armed Militias.
    The matter as it stands according to what we see here, none but a provenance gamble, where the time of stubbing it at the shake of the kaleidoscope, which the international powers are now ready to commence, is nigh. For without saving the original provenance, many of the real Sudanese people will be displaced or dejected, where not stealth and injustice alone are done, but it would be a legalisation of identity theft and forgery, which is a serious breach of the World Order in place, and a U-turn to the dark ages.
    Is that what we aspire to link to؟ Is it what the World would cherish؟
    We will not know, and this is our chance to quell it before we are dumbed in our graves in the new order.
    What happens before us now is not a struggle of opinions, it is only conjunctivitis in the eyes; our choices thence are
    Either we submit to the re-forging of a New Sudan and New Sudanese according to the dictates of the international market, in a start of recolonising the world, in the slithery of the ultra-right, who will not conflict with the big guys’ interests.
    Otherwise, it is a revolutionary march and fight to death:
    Either a life that pleases a friend or a death that maddens the foe

    The attributes are here:
    The army is a national institution, lavish with qualifications, only trails under the Blind obedience following the hierarchy. Thus, rationale for civil dialogue of earning trust than owe trust, rules it out of politics.
    Democracy is the passion of the people, necessary to handle duties and rights.
    The constitutional document did not reflect people’s dreams as had been trusted to the Sudanese Professional Association. It later was hijacked by Forces of Freedom and Change and serious alterations made in which the Armed Forces were included in the revolution of the people, and that should be stricken out.
    Before indulging into the processes regarding elections, a vetting of parties should be introduced before registration, to filter out programs contradicting with human rights.
    These are the points that should not be out of sight in order to comb the various initiatives that are offered.
    At the other end comes to face us is a huge obstacle from the remnants of the past regime “the stone of the reactionary mentality” after its defeat, and is having an appetite to gather from inside the runway of the peoples’ sweep whatever it could gather of bits and pieces of failures of the revolution on its young experience, and every such failure is a win for the reactionaries prior to their death.
    No doubt in the present madness there is a huge priceless prize from the sudden awakening of our young revolutionaries. It is the absence of the family shackles, which feeds the individual with trust to have the guts to accept reality and obedience of ones’ elders, which tempered them and hardened their will witnessed by all since September 2013 revolution, crowning all by the Grand December 2019 revolution, trusted under the Million-March of the 30th of October 2021 and the General Strike, which is still on.
    Here there are only two paths no third:
    Either return to the status quo on 25th of October prior to the military coup d’état, whence the constitutional document must be corrected:
    Revocation of the inclusion of the Military members
    Introducing vetting of parties or groups before registration for voting.
    Formation of a government whose members are: Technocrats + fairly representing all states + uninvolved in joining or collaborating with the past regime or in any employment of conflict of interest.
    No reconciliation with previous enemies of democracy and human rights unless they repent and undertake to keep an arm’s length from such activities.
    All the States departments to be back in a status quo under the Hamdok government.
    Starting the preparation of the Peace institutions, Election institutions and Justice system.
    The only other option is a struggle till death. The leadership of the revolution may call for people in the Swahili or other regions, who are keen to join the Sudanese March, to be conscripted to join and fight, then be promised a Sudanese nationality; just as the Jews did under Menachem Bagin, even though there is a difference, that Jews then had no reason to fight are they were offered a home with the Palestinians, but they demanded a home of their own, which had eventually had to be earned through self-determination.
    This essay is published in Arabic at:

    عناوين الاخبار بسودانيزاونلاين SudaneseOnline اليوم الموافق 11/06/2021
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