The United States of Sudan By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

The United States of Sudan By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

02-13-2022, 05:32 PM


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Title: The United States of Sudan By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer
Author: Faisal Elsayed Ali
Date: 02-13-2022, 05:32 PM

04:32 PM February, 13 2022

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(30 October 2021)

While reading this article you will be traveling with me on a thorny road to determinedly cross a mines’ field. It is a road and zone of unadulterated and sensitive behaviors and practices that many Sudanese people evade or elude and escape from dealing with. I however have decided to stick my neck way out by contending with this issue thus putting myself directly in harm’s way due to the aggravation that my intervention would cause to some obdurate and uncompromising people. I have decided not to bury my head deep into the sand and to go openly to uncover some of our traditional and cultural deficiencies, defects and inept beliefs. I know many of us prefer to keep aloof from even getting near to this delicate issue for one reason or another, nevertheless I feel it is healthy for us to divulge those wrong deeds and rectify or put an end to them. Our nation is currently undergoing a new crucial era and epoch that necessitate and call for lots of serious corrective, remedial and curative surgical treatments. That is simply because in dealing with our persisting and accumulating problems, many of our philosophers, politicians and senior government officials are unfortunately scratching where it does not itch.

In fact a lot of us Sudanese people are excessively and terribly suffering from symptoms or authentic indicators of selfishness, narcissisms or of being unjustifiably envious and malevolent about the enhanced status of others. Those acts and behaviors are very shameful, atrocious, disgraceful and definitely unacceptable. It is to our advantage that we immediately disallow and reject such wrong activities. When we come to our ethnic groups at tribal levels, things are similarly hideous and detestable. Each of the persons living in our different tribes acknowledges, obeys and abides by the orders of his tribe’s chief (Omda) or his assistant (Sheikh). They dislike, resent and rail against any directives coming to them from other tribes or even from the government. Through our entire history we continued living with those malevolent and disgusting conditions and not paying attentions to their negative outcomes and impacts on our whole nation. Our beloved country is now suffering a lot from series of ugly threats and standing on one leg trying to free itself from the internal and external accumulating hazardous dilemmas and nuisances. Surprisingly enough nobody is attributing any part of what is happening to us to the outcome and corollary emerging from those unappreciated practices that we naively and mindlessly continued embracing and executing deliberately and ignorantly.

If we start identifying our nation’s strengths that are sustained and kept intact hitherto vis-à-vis our continuously existing weaknesses and their ascribed damages and maiming, the picture would certainly be shocking. Sudanese men and women are well known worldwide with their strong characters, ad nauseam audaciousness and braveries in addition to their immunities and resistances against cracking under pressures. Those are undoubtedly remarkable strengths that we should all sustain and be proud of. Unfortunately they have been historically spoiled and ruined by our unwise acts of extending almost all of our love and support to the ethnic groups of our little home tribes with absolutely no consideration to our big country that those tribes are just small areas within its boundaries. This is rather deplorable, reprehensible and very ridiculous. It is actually a drawback that represents a convenient path through which lots of our nation’s recurring problems emerge from. Many of our foreign enemies are utilizing such passages successfully to penetrate into our country’s political platforms and arenas to trigger serious problems to our authorities and create lots of internal conflicts for the whole nation like what we are all witnessing now.

This message is, on the one hand, representing a wakeup call for all of us to decline and refrain from those unsolicited, condemned and denounced habits and behaviors for the sake of our country’s security and wellbeing. On the other hand, recognizing that strong tribal devotion, loyalty and attachment should necessarily draw our attention to numerous important facts. We however have traveled together on that thorny road, crossed the mines’ field, went through tribal homelands and habitats, learned about some negative traditional and cultural behaviors and have now reached the end of the road. That agonizing trip would represent the background for our next trip on the other horrid and despicable road of our repeatedly abortive and bungled formations of governments since our independence day.

Based on our previous unsuccessful endeavors of forming governments, it is high time for us to change our understandings, methodologies and modus operandi for that purpose. We have to learn our lessons and adjust our maneuver in accordance with the findings of the above background. I am inclined to believe that the only suitable government for Sudan now is an identical replication of the United States Government’s configuration. In other words; we should be aiming at establishing a United States of Sudan as a remedial action for all of our ongoing political problems. I am sure that the US government and the United Nations Organization would be happy to provide us with the assistances and the proper experts for achieving this outstanding and remarkable goal. Time is running fast towards the date of our elections’ day which is now around the corner. Our politicians should hurry up and prepare their plan of action from now for implementing this new formation of our future unique government. In conclusion my doors are always wide open for welcoming any queries, comments or remarks via direct contacts or through my WhatsApp addresses 0113489958 or 0923802670.

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