Sudanese Internal Security and Army Intelligence By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

Sudanese Internal Security and Army Intelligence By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

02-13-2022, 05:30 PM


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Title: Sudanese Internal Security and Army Intelligence By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer
Author: Faisal Elsayed Ali
Date: 02-13-2022, 05:30 PM

04:30 PM February, 13 2022

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(17 November 2021)

In this article I would like us to discover on which grand pillars did some of the great countries of the world like the United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany build their greatnesses and importance. It is an easy discovery for all of us to realize that their whole successes were developed by the big understanding and support that they gave to their security and military intelligence’s organizations. They utilized those highly technical and professional structures to search for the best and useful stuff around the whole world and replicate or reproduce what were identical to them in their countries. In other words they were and still are intelligent enough to wheedle out all possible creams and useful materials worldwide and enjoy or utilize them to their comfort, wellbeing, contentment and advancement. They really deserve to be praised to the skies, saluted and highly acknowledged. But, aren’t we smart enough to shrewdly and wisely follow their footprints؟

I am personally inclined to believe that our country has one of the best setups of internal security and army intelligence’s institution in Africa and the Arab world and my statement is not emerging or up-and-coming from vacuum. Once upon a time in the early eighties the Americans publicized an imperative security report through their newspapers which has been read worldwide revealing the fact that Sudan had the second best security structure in Africa after Egypt. Of course many situations have changed drastically after that era and the continuing financial crisis might have created some negative impacts on the overall operations of the mentioned structure. However, series of cases thereafter have illustrated the sustainability of our security and army inelegancy’s firm existences in front of the fierce winds of meager financial resources. Many of us are undoubtedly unaware of the huge budget which is incessantly required for turning the wheels of such an institute with a big size of manpower, broad or wide-ranging responsibilities and vivacious activities, yet it is unquestionably worthy of any budget for its vital role at any rate.

I am rather worried about the world’s nowadays new and escalating technologies vis-à-vis the humble defensive and offensive mechanisms that our security and intelligence’s establishments have to effectively deal with. I am sure that there are numerous needs for strong supports to the technical, technological, methodological, logistical, scientific and a range of other necessities and instruments for executing the activities of this establishment. It is an institution that should remain very dynamic incessantly and should continue to have its effective links of open and secret communications together with eyes and ears allover Sudan and the outside world. I will try my best to give a very general picture of the overall setups of such establishments worldwide to convince the readers about how enormous are these rainbow-act-types of institutions and their unadulterated needs for apt budgets and maximum support.

To reduce to bare bones and squeeze my elucidation in a nutshell, we are talking about a hierarchically tall tower of disciplined and regimented organizational structure which is built on assorted levels and layers that suite each specific country. The bottom stratum is usually comprised of profuse teammates of well trained troops, squads and their leaders who work under stretched and long-drawn-out terms of references. Their errands and duties include, but are not limited to, fetching information, obstructing illegal activities, combating crimes, protecting citizens, correcting wrong dealings and an endless chain of other different tasks. Above that layer of active teams is a line of professional managers who supervise them and receive their flow of endless reports from their team leaders to scrutinize and analyze them for presentation to the higher commanders. They also do the same to reports that are submitted to them from their international offices, agents or other related sources or contacts. Sometimes some of those managers are also sent abroad for executing special missions. Above that layer of supervisors is a line of very high ranking, specialized, and professional senior commanding officers of the main departments and divisions of the organization. Huge amounts of summarized reports that provide classified and important information and recommendations are submitted to them from bellow. Based on their perusal of those reports, they alone or with the consent of the Chief Director are fully authorized to issue immediate orders for implementing the necessary actions.

The above few lines illustrate a general and curtailed picture of such organizations to ease things for the readers of this article to visualize the magnitude and importance of such amazing organizations that are very qualified to keep internal situations safe and intact while building up their nations towards the heights and dimension of the worlds’ greatest countries. The absolute and imperative aim of this article is to highlight on the importance of our Sudanese security and army intelligence setup and to draw the attentions of all the authorities in our beloved country to give it their utmost support and pave the road in front of our nation to enter the arena of the world’s great countries. Reaching this goal is quiet possible and very attainable if we develop a strong belief on our well known Sudanese determinations, capabilities and unrelenting aspirations for a fast development and improvement in our livelihood, welfare and living conditions. I will never ever get tired of repeating that our goals can be reached, all matters can be tackled, problems can be defeated and I strongly affirm that there is absolutely nothing difficult or impossible for us to achieve. We just need to revive, perk up and breathe life into the confidence and trust in ourselves. For the sake of our country and the future of our children let us all wakeup and drop any nonsense activities and clashes that we are currently engaged in and work together to rescue our nation from the ongoing vicious circles of destructive acts and behaviors.

As a final remark I would like to strongly condemn the ugly attitude of some people who committed illegal actions and when they were caught or detained by the security officials, they came out with false allegations about the harassments that they were subjected to by the security officers to cover for their shameful misdemeanor. This is unacceptable, nevertheless, if you are ever truly subjected to any harassment, maltreatment or abuse by any security official, I advise you not to keep silent about it. Do not hesitate to submit a written complaint to the front desk at the security compound. I am sure your case will be carefully investigated, tackled and fairly dealt with. In conclusion I remind you that I love to write to all those who love to read and as usual I always keep my door wide open for any kind remarks, comments or queries that you would like to send to my following WhatsApp Address: 0113489958 or 0923802670.

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