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حسن عبد الله الترابي يؤم مجموعة من النساء

  • Statement attributable to the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Ms. M
  • Sudan's Meteorology Corporation warns for environmental effects of mining
  • Assistant of President Chairs Meeting on Human Rights File
  • Flour crisis ongoing in Sudan
  • Assistant of President receives Ambassador of Mauritania
  • OCHA: Suspected dengue fever cases in Sudan reach 612
  • Human Trafficking and Smuggling: The Context and the Implication of the Sudanese Government in the
  • Malaysian Ambassador to Sudan inspects a number of agricultural projects in Gezira
  • Thirst in North Darfur's Tabit, eastern Sudan's El Gedaref
  • Immediate safety concern for two Darfuris detained incommunicado for seven weeks in Khartoum
  • Darfur rebels:Govt. forces not in control of Jebel Marra
  • Urgent Actions: Student activists still detained
  • Darfur Union in the UK condemns the killing of Student Salah Gamar-Eldin
  • Massive ethnic cleansing and Human Rights Abuses in Jebel Marra now
  • Antinov plane attacked villages in Blue Nile
  • The pressing need for an effective role of UNAMID in Darfur
  • Secretary-General of Sudanese Expatriates' Organ meets Sudan's ambassadors in Kuwait and Iraq
  • Al Bashir: Sudan won’t back down from LPG price rise
  • Prof. Ghandour Meets with Head of UNAMID and International Envoy for Libya
  • Sudan security releases Islamic State sympathisers
  • Reactions to Al Bashir’s speech on Sudanese Independence Day
  • Court condemns Sudanese policemen for detainee’s death
  • Second Regional Forum of International Ambassadors for Social Responsibilty Concludes Sittings
  • Sudanese migrants killed in Libya
  • 11-Person Committee to Classify Papers Presented at External Relations Committee
  • SPLA/N repulsed NCP attack on Torda and killed 13 enemy forces
  • Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan meet over Renaissance Dam
  • Sudan’s National Dialogue ‘to be concluded in January’
  • Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Dec 2
  • US Congressional delegation to witness parliament sitting next Monday
  • Flood victims without shelter in Sudan's Red Sea
  • National Dialogue's Committee of Identity determines Identity's pillars
  • Sudanese migrant killed by Egypt on Sinai border
  • Sudan allows Ethiopians to lay hold on lands: Beja party
  • Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970
  • Sudan Welcomes agreement reached between disputed parties in state of South Sudan
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits new ICC premises
  • Cabinet Approves Agreement between Sudan and Nigeria on Legal Assistance
  • Sudan govt. to launch national conference on federalism
  • Indonesian Delegation briefed on Sudan Parliamentary Experiment
  • Eastern Sudan's Suakin marginalised: residents
  • Sudan’s HAC closes Mahas club in Khartoum
  • Al-Basher Sends Verbal Message to Eritrean Opposite Number
  • British Embassy Juba spokesperson welcomes the AU Commission of Inquiry report
  • Prof. Ghandour Appreciates India Decision to Exempt African Products from Customs
  • Security arrests Sudan opposition in Khartoum
  • Ecuador, Sudan Removed From Money Laundering Blacklist
  • Participation in Yemen coalition a principled stand , Sudan says
  • Unicef warns of polio outbreak in Sudan
  • Al-Bashir informed on details of removal of Sudan name from list of Countries having problems in co
  • Sudan govt. will only talk with armed movements in Addis
  • The Locally Brewed Alcohol (Araki) and Police corruption in Sudan
  • Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Oct 26 2015
  • Hundreds of homes destroyed in eastern Sudan floods
  • Sudan participates in the First Arab Ministerial Population Forum
  • Measles cases in Sudan five times the annual average: Unicef
  • Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Oct 22
  • Sudan starts releasing blocked Unamid supplies
  • UN: 30,000 South Sudanese Near Death by Starvation
  • European Union Ambassadors visit refugee camps and discuss human smuggling and trafficking in Kassa
  • Umma Party opposes Sudan’s participation in Yemen war
  • Sudan sends ground troops to Yemen to boost Saudi-led coalition
  • Sudan president announces referendum in Darfur next year
  • Sudan Revolutionary Front divided over chairmanship
  • Helmetless Sudanese dies in accident in Bengaluru
  • Sudanese ground troops arrive in Yemen
  • European Union Ambassadors begin a visit to Kassala and Blue Nile this week
  • Sudan security summons journalist over IS report
  • Hundreds of Sudanese troops arrive in Yemen's Aden
  • Soaring grain prices in Sudan, famine expected
  • Sudanese ambassador elected to UN food security post
  • AU lauds Sudan-South Sudan cooperation progress
  • South Sudan Security interrogated Editor – in –Chief of (Alrai) Newspaper Wazir Michael
  • Opposition criticises method of detention in Sudan
  • SALVA KIIR MAYARDIT: South Sudan: the world’s youngest nation strives to build democracy
  • Sudanese journalist interrogated again
  • 70 Sudanese have joined ISIS in total: minister
  • Sudanese army soldiers shoot six in Central Darfur
  • The Central Emergency Response Fund allocates US $15.1 million to Sudan
  • Darfur displaced call for US Envoy to visit camps
  • South Sudan army using Israeli weapons in civil war, UN says
  • More Sudanese parties join Addis AUHIP meeting
  • South Sudan: President Kiir will sign peace deal
  • AU: Holistic solution required for Sudan
  • The leaders of JEM and SLA-MM meet Madame Zuma the Chairperson of the African Union
  • Al Bashir offers ceasefire, amnesty for rebels in Sudan's dialogue
  • More Than 8,000 African Refugees Who Left Israel Returned to Dangerous Countries
  • Sudan's Consensus Forces not invited to Addis
  • An Open Letter from Sudanese Civil Society to AUHIP
  • Sudanese civil society sends Open Letter to AUHIP team
  • Sudan’s Split With Iran Boosts Saudi Camp
  • UN approves a one-year extension of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur
  • Sudan’s President calls for more religious coexistence to achieve the common interests
  • Sudan condemns the assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General
  • Russian Foreign Minister invites his Sudanese counterpart to visit Moscow in September
  • All preparations completed for resuming the national dialogue: Sudan ruling party
  • (12) Sudanese university students travelled to Turkey to join the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS)
  • Sudan’s president expends the mandate of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) for one year
  • Sudan’s government emphasizes that any negotiations regarding Darfur would be based on (DDPD)
  • Sudan to launch the Sudan Electronic Gateway project
  • Sudanese army accuses UNAMID of dragging its feet in demobilization the former fighters
  • ICC refers to UNSC Sudan’s failure to arrest Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein
  • Sudan denounces the terrorist attack on a mosque in Kuwait
  • Sudan describes AU resolution as a successful framework for a sustainable peace in Darfur
  • UN weighs imposing sanctions on six senior commanders from South Sudan
  • Darfur Authority renews its calls for UNAMID to withdraw from the troubled region
  • Sudanese Media Delegation Concludes Visit to Ethiopia and GERD
  • Sudan: Update on Yasir Mirghani Abdalrahman and Nasreen Ali Mustafa from Amnesty International
  • UK sets out support for South Sudan at Geneva conference
  • European Union Ambassador:Ramadan is a month for forgiveness and continued search for internal peac
  • Sudan’s opposition appeals to the international community to end the aerial bombing on civilians in
  • South Sudan’s rebel’s leader discusses the issues of peace with UN official
  • Sudan’s Vice President vows to end the tribal conflicts
  • Sudan’s government downplays the importance of the opposition-EU meeting
  • South African court prevents Sudanese President leaving the country
  • South Sudan’s rebels acquire the weapons through Sudan: The Small Arms Survey
  • Sudan’s parliament review adding five representatives from it to the Council of Press and Publicati
  • Emirati Company expresses its desire to acquire 2.4 million acres of land in Sudan
  • Sudan’s security prevents the opposition from flying to Paris to attend EU parliament hearing
  • 150, 000 South Sudanese refugees arrive to Sudan
  • We solve "Abyei" crisis in accordance with the agreements with Khartoum: South Sudan
  • The Transparency International’s team plans to visit Sudan
  • The coming period will witness more freedoms: Sudan’s Information Minister
  • Two Russians kidnapped in Sudan's Darfur have freed: Russia's foreign ministry
  • South Sudan’s rebels seize control of key oilfields in the country’s north
  • Contacts with the armed groups to join the peace process: the head of Darfur Authority
  • Sudanese tribal chief stresses that the social reconciliation is necessary to end Darfur’s conflict
  • Amnesty International appeals Sudan’s Security to free all detainees
  • UN expresses its grave concern over the security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan
  • Sudan participate in African neighboring countries conference
  • Russia supports Sudan militarily to combat terrorism
  • Sudan president to visit Beijing in response to his Chinese counterpart invitation
  • Sudan may be supplying arms to the rebels in South Sudan: report says
  • Ki-moon calls on South Sudan to reverse its decision to expel UN chief coordinator
  • Sudan accuses organizations of seeking ban on the gold exports
  • Sudan’s president makes significant changes in the army
  • Sudan’s Parliament stresses the importance of the national dialogue
  • Islamic Relief League opens a new station to provide drinking water in Sudan’s Al-Obeid city
  • More than 30 countries and organizations participate in the swearing-in ceremony of Sudan’s preside
  • AU stresses its full commitment to support Sudan’s postal sector
  • Sudan’s Popular Congress Party adheres not to participate in the next government
  • Calls to the presidency to allow free admission to Sudanese returning from Yemen in schools and uni
  • South Sudan's newly passed bill could restrict work as the country faces humanitarian crisis: NGOs
  • Sudan’s National Dialogue Committee, known as 7+7, has urged the chairman of the AU High-Level Impl
  • Sudanese-French Economic Forum will focus on attracting investments to Sudan
  • UN and EU to implement a natural resources management project in Sudan’s Darfur
  • Fresh tribal conflict in Sudan’s East Darfur resulting in numerous deaths
  • Sudan’s opposition figure scoffs at the ruling party’s insistence not to take place the national di
  • Sudan's National Dialogue Committee stresses the importance of the process
  • U.S. Condemns Violence in Sudan
  • U.S expresses its gravely concerned about the continuing fighting in Sudan’s parts
  • Ethiopian Ambassador to Khartoum describes relations between the countries a model in the region
  • Sudan’s ruling party announces its commitment to the national dialogue
  • Joint Local Statement on the accession by the Republic of South Sudan to Human Rights conventions
  • Sudanese authorities bans human rights activist from leaving the country
  • The upcoming government will involve the parties that participated in the elections: Sudan’s ruling
  • Sudan slams (UNAMID) for neglecting to take responsibility for the attack in Darfur
  • Statement attributable to the Spokesman of the Secretary-General on Darfur
  • UN voices deep concern about the recent attacks on (UNAMID) in Sudan’s Darfur
  • Darfur Regional Authority praises Qatar role in achieving peace in the region
  • Sudan: Urgent Action on Adil Ibrahiem Bakheit from Amnesty International
  • Cooking gas and bread crises continue in Sudan
  • Nearly 8 million children in Sudan to be vaccinated against measles
  • Sudan’s president fails to get clearance to fly in airspace to travel to Indonesia
  • Sudan’s al-Turabi leads Islamic initiative to persuade Yemeni parties to the dialogue
  • European Union promotes open society and democracy in Sudan
  • We will not recognize the elections’ results: Sudan’s opposition
  • Sudanese human rights defender detained on baseless charges and others at risk after armed raid on
  • Sudanese security confiscates copies of Al-Youm al-Tali newspaper
  • Sudan used cluster bombs in South Kordofan: HRW
  • One-third of Sudanese people vote in the elections: AU
  • AU announces stability of Sudan's elections
  • Sudan’s Government tells IGAD that it will meet the opposition after the elections
  • Urgent safety concern for activist Sandra Kodouda kidnapped in Sudan
  • Detentions, civil society closures, media restrictions on eve of Sudan elections Sudan lacks conduc
  • African Union sends 50-member delegation to observe Sudan’s elections
  • Sudan pushes back elections n South Kordofan state
  • SOUTH SUDAN and ETHIOPIA REFUGEES CAMPS:Declaration document for elections boycott
  • Evacuation of (585) Sudanese from Yemen to Saudi Arabia via buses
  • Saudi Agriculture Minister discusses ways to finance projects in Sudan
  • Sudan will witness economic cooperation with Arab Gulf countries: Finance Minister
  • 200 Sudanese interested in the voluntary return from Yemen
  • Six students, one poet detained in El Obeid and Khartoum
  • There is any direction to postpone the elections whatsoever: Sudan’s ruling party
  • African Union High Level Implementation Panel on Sudan and South Sudan Press Release 1 April 2015
  • South Sudan,under leadership of Kiir,poses extraordinary threat to the U.S national security: Obama
  • A meeting of the leaders of the Abyei community in Addis Ababa on April
  • Sudan’s Darfur’s Nyala to be monitored by electronic surveillance
  • Sudanese security agents beat up lawyers in Khartoum
  • Sudan govt. not serious about National Dialogue: rebel leader
  • Security bans political event addressed by Sudan's PCP
  • Sudan’s opposition refuses to participate in the pre-dialogue meeting in Addis
  • Sudan joins Saudi offensive against Yemeni rebels
  • Sudan’s opposition accept AU invitation, PCP declines
  • 6 million dollars from UN to draft Sudan’s security community
  • AU Panel invites Sudan govt., opposition to Addis Ababa
  • Pre-dialogue” meeting without conditions between Sudan’s government and opposition forces in Addis
  • South Sudan Rebel Group Releases Child Soldiers
  • Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan
  • Missing British-Sudanese medics had humanitarian motives
  • France denies Darfur rebel leader Nour the permanent residence in its territory: Sudan’s Foreign Mi
  • International agents behind Arab, African extremism
  • Sudanese fatwa forbids vote for Al Bashir
  • British Embassy in Khartoum refuses to grant visas to many Sudanese
  • Sudan plans to disband camps in secure West Darfur
  • Sudan’s ruling party denies use of the State resources in its electoral programmes
  • Nine British medics enter Isis stronghold to work in hospitals
  • Note by the Sudanese opposition organizations in the Diaspora
  • Sudan detainee El Agar needs eye surgery
  • Sudan hit by severe shortage of flour
  • Sudan’s army says that it killed 60 rebels in fighting in Southern Kordofan
  • One dead, two injured in new fire at Bindisi camp, Central Darfur
  • We show the world that the elections will be free and fair: Sudanese National Elections
  • Sudan opposition, govt. still at odds on election
  • Sudan’s Popular Congress Party rejects any foreign interference the dialogue
  • Sudan’s ruling party thanks German for sponsoring the Berlin Conference
  • Students protest in Dongola, northern Sudan
  • South Sudan:76 organizations call for publication of AU Inquiry Report as deadline for peace passe
  • A presidential pardon to release Sudan’s opposition figures within days
  • Foreign Minister Steinmeier welcomes Sudanese opposition’s Berlin Declaration on National Dialogue
  • Freedoms severely curtailed in Sudan in 2014: Amnesty
  • Security detains anti-dam activist in northern Sudan
  • Sudan's Interior Minister meets with the Speaker of Ethiopian Parliament
  • National Congress Party official killed in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan’s opposition ######### to Berlin to discuss the country’s crises
  • Sudan’s opposition leading figure accuses the government of spreading violence
  • Sudan police forcefully disperse anti-govt demo: witnesses
  • Egypt never stopped communicating with Nile basin countries: Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan
  • Sudan election campaign to start amid opposition boycott
  • Abu Dhabi Fund grants Sudan $ 90 million loan to complete dams
  • African Commission requested to intervene in Abu Eisa, Madani trial
  • Emirati-Sudanese coordination to contain situation in Libya
  • Church fights confiscation, closure in Sudan’s capital
  • Sudan security agents confiscate print runs of 14 newspapers
  • South Sudan Warns Media Not to Publish Rebel Interviews
  • Sudan resumes talks with the rebel SPLM-N in two weeks
  • Sudan opposition, civil society to meet in Germany
  • Sudan seizes print runs of 13 newspapers: watchdog
  • Sudan denounces beheading of 21 Egyptians by Islamic State in Libya
  • The dialogue conference kicks off this week: Sudan’s Government
  • Sudan investigates rape of girl in Darfur by UNAMID officer: Source
  • Unamid urged to open base in Tabit after mass rape
  • Improvement in economic relations with the Gulf: Sudan Finance Minister
  • South Sudan’s rebel’s fighters bombard government positions
  • Leave! campaign to be intensified: Umma Party official
  • EU calls for immediate release of political detainees in Sudan
  • Sudan’s Al-Turabi calls for unification of the political parties and forming major alliances
  • Opposition's symposium stopped by Sudan security
  • Sudan: Detained opposition leader hospitalised
  • Sudan’s president supports the Arab Parliament efforts
  • Thirst in North Darfur’s Shangil Tobaya camps
  • EU and Sudan’s opposition leader al-Turabi discuss the national dialogue
  • NCF to launch campaign against Sudan’s April elections
  • Zuma finalizes an agreement for co-operation in a number of fields with Sudan
  • 10th anniversary of The Massacre marked in Port Sudan
  • Sudan opposition leader defends women rights
  • Re: Sudan opposition leader defends women rights
  • 8 Sudanese Opposition Parties to Skip Talks With President
  • Umma, Reform Now, Unionist faction boycott upcoming Sudan polls
  • Sudan’s security summons the mosques imams over their call for killing al-Turabi
  • Sudan’s Popular Congress Party (PCP) calls on its supporters to defend al-Turabi
  • We would repent of the coups and failed to bring regime down: Sudan’s al-Turabi
  • Sudan’s Popular Congress Party calls on al-Mahdi to return homeland to engage in the dialogue
  • Al-Turabi reiterates its party’s commitment to continue the national dialogue
  • Sudan’s al-Turabi ends his differences with the political forces, including the ruling party: PCP
  • Sudan’s Al-Turabi calls for an inclusive dialogue
  • Sudanese authorities release (4) members of the main opposition Popular Congress Party
  • Political consensus forces describe Presidential address as passive
  • Sudanese opposition announces 4 conditions for accepting dialogue with regime
  • Al Bashir’s speech setback for National Dialogue: Sudan opposition
  • Umma Party threatens ruling party of uprising
  • The National Congress Party: Al-Mahdi seeks “political stardom”
  • Speaker of Parliament reveals receiving written letter on election draft law from Popular Congress
  • Parliament to invite opposition leaders to attend hearing session on elections law
  • A National Dialogue, or a National (Congress Party) Monologue؟
  • Sudan's Bashir unveils political reforms
  • Al-Bashir and political forces to meet in round table
  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader visits Khartoum
  • Mohamed I. Elgadi’s Letter to President Obama
  • President Al-Bashir meets arch enemy Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi
  • Sudan police tear-gas opposition protest
  • A comprehensive peace Khartoum: Hussein Saad
  • Sudanese opposition announces 4 conditions for accepting dialogue with regime
  • Political consensus forces describe Presidential address as passive
  • Sudan frees opposition figure over 2004 coup plot

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  • مبادرة التيار : إمتصاص الحماس الثوري!! بقلم حيدر احمد خيرالله
  • حزب الله أولا ثم المقاومة الفلسطينية بقلم نقولا ناصر*
  • الأجيال الجديدة و التغيير و الثورة المستمرة بقلم زين العابدين صالح عبد الرحمن
  • معانى بعض الكلمات و التعابير السودانية


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