Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970

Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970

11-05-2015, 10:03 PM


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Title: Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970
Author: ICC Public Affairs Unit
Date: 11-05-2015, 10:03 PM

10:03 PM Nov, 06 2015
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Mrs Fatou Bensouda
Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the
Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970 (2011)

New York

Date: 5 November 2015 | Time: 9.30 a.m.

Mr President, Your Excellencies,

1. Thank you for this opportunity to address the United Nations Security Council (“Council”) on the situation in Libya. This is the tenth occasion I provide this briefing since the referral of the Situation to my Office in February 2011.

2. Libya has been embroiled in a seemingly endless cycle of violence, large scale commission of crimes and chronic instability, with serious debilitating ramifications for not only the well-functioning of state institutions, but also the human rights landscape in the country.

3. The breakdown of law and order, induced by incessant conflict and political divide, has resulted in an increase in the number of violations of international human rights and international humanitarian law. In such an environment, national efforts aimed at strengthening accountability for atrocity crimes and establishing the rule of law face great challenges.

4. But from trial and tribulation comes hope. As we are gathered here today, the Libyan people’s long ordeal may soon see a redirection towards a more promising future for Libya.

5. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (“UNSMIL”), and on the strength and commitment of the Libyan people, significant progress has recently been made towards the goal of achieving peace and stability in the country through the creation of a government of national unity.

6. The ongoing national dialogue, facilitated by the United Nations (“UN”), towards the establishment of the Libyan Government of National Accord represents hope for transition to national unity and durable peace; carrying important promise for Libya’s efforts in the promotion of the rule of law, the protection of civilians and the ending of impunity for atrocity crimes.

7. Any such initiative that is embraced by the Libyan people and achieves these laudable goals, including paying homage to justice as a critical pillar of sustainable peace, is of course welcomed by my Office.

8. In yet another important development of note, UNSMIL has facilitated successful talks towards the resolution of the Tawergha issue. The agreement reached in Tunis in September to develop strategies for the return of the Tawergha as well as to establish clear plans for reparations to the victims is a welcome development.

9. It is particularly noteworthy that the Misrata/Tarwergha Joint Committee affirmed its full support to the political dialogue and the formation of a Government of National Accord to meet the aspirations of the Libyan people to establish the rule of law, end the conflict and safeguard Libyan unity.

10. The era of accountability and rule of law, on which to build the future of the country, may indeed be within reach for the Libyan people.

11. We, as a collective, cannot fail the people of Libya by standing idly by as the country degenerates into chaos and further instability.
12. My Office is ready to fully play its part in accordance with the Rome Statute by ensuring accountability for atrocity crimes in Libya.

13. To this end, the Council’s tangible support remains crucial.

14. As indicated in my Office’s tenth report to this Council, a significant body of material provided by the Libyan authorities in late December 2014 continues to be reviewed, analysed and investigated, resulting in investigative progress, shedding light on instances of atrocity crimes allegedly committed in Libya. Our cooperation with the Libyan authorities in obtaining relevant materials continues.

15. I stress the importance of undertaking investigations with respect to the ongoing atrocity crimes in Libya and reiterate my Office’s every desire to do so.

16. To this end, the Office requested resources for additional investigations as part of its 2016 proposed budget for consideration by the States Parties of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or the “Court”). However, there are indications that those resources will likely not be forthcoming.

17. As such, resource constraints in 2016 will impede the Office’s ability to conduct these additional investigative activities.

Mr President, Your Excellencies,

18. It is of paramount importance that the ongoing crimes committed by different actors in Libya are investigated and that my Office is provided the requisite resources to undertake these necessary investigations in accordance with its mandate.

19. My Office, therefore, relies on the critical financial support of States Parties in this regard and I take this opportunity to call on them to provide this crucial funding.

20. I equally and strongly invite the Council to seriously consider assisting the Office, in accordance with article 115(b) of the Rome Statute, to obtain the resources required for the effective investigations of alleged crimes committed in a situation that has been referred to the Court by this august body.

21. Devising innovative and effective strategies and action plans on how to give meaning to the provisions of article 115(b) of the Rome Statute are essential.

Mr President, Your Excellencies,

22. Turning to the cases of the accused: Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al–Senussi, the Council will recall that the Appeals Chamber of the ICC affirmed the admissibility of the case against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi on 21 May 2014, and the inadmissibility of the case against Al-Senusi on 24 July 2014.

23. To date, despite repeated demands by my Office, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi has not been surrendered to the custody of the ICC. The Libyan authorities must heed the Council’s calls for cooperation and comply with the Court’s request to immediately surrender Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the ICC. The Libyan authorities are under a clear legal obligation to do so, and remain non-compliant by failing to surrender him into ICC custody.

24. In short, Libya must transfer Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the custody of the Court without further delay.

25. As you are aware, on 28 July 2015, the Tripoli Court of Assize sentenced both Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Senussi, among other co-defendants, to death for the crimes they allegedly committed during Libya’s 2011 uprising.

26. This was an issue of concern as my Office is still calling upon Libya to surrender Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the ICC while it has continued to monitor and collect information to enable it determine whether there are new facts that may support an application for a review under article 19(10) of the Rome Statute of Pre-Trial Chamber I’s decision finding the Al-Senussi case inadmissible before the Court.

27. My Office was also deeply concerned by videos of alleged acts of torture against Saadi Gaddafi at the Al-Hadba prison which circulated online in August 2015. Reports of alleged acts of torture or similar inhumane acts in Al-Hadba prison are relevant to Al-Senussi’s case in the context of articles 17 and 19(10) of the Rome Statute.

28. My Office is currently investigating the circumstances depicted in the videos, including seeking information from Libya and reviewing and assessing the materials already furnished by the Libyan authorities.

29. It is incumbent upon the Government of Libya to make good faith efforts, not only to condemn and prevent such criminal acts, but to fully investigate and prosecute alleged perpetrators.

30. In its latest correspondence to my Office dated 23 October 2015, and subsequent recent meetings with my team and myself directly, Libyan authorities have assured my Office that these allegations are being pursued, and that meaningful and concrete actions have and will continue to be taken in this regard.

31. In addition, the Libyan authorities have provided my Office with documents related to their investigation into the alleged criminal events in Al-Hadba prison. Our initial assessment of the information provided gives hope for optimism about these national efforts. My Office will continue its constructive engagement with the Libyan authorities to ensure the requisite information is provided for its own assessment of Rome Statute requirements.

Mr President,

32. It is also important to highlight that on 30 July 2015, my Office filed a Request with Pre-Trial Chamber seeking an Order directing Libya to refrain from executing Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, to immediately surrender him to the Court, and to report his death sentence to this Council.

33. In its response on 20 August 2015, Libya explained that the death sentence against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi was non-enforceable in Libya because his trial was held in absentia, and that he will enjoy an absolute right to a new trial when he is transferred from Zintan into the custody of the Libyan authorities. Libya acknowledged that Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi was not in its custody.

34. In relation to the Al-Senussi‘s case, my Office continues to monitor proceedings at the national level and collect information to enable it to determine whether there are new facts in support of an application for a review of the decision on the admissibility of the case.

35. It is worth emphasising that under article 19(10) of the Rome Statute, my Office can only submit a request for review of the Pre-Trial Chamber’s decision if it is “fully satisfied” that there are new facts which negate the basis of that decision. The Appeals Chamber of the ICC has held that for due process violations in a domestic trial to lead to a case being deemed admissible before the ICC, the violations must be “so egregious that the proceedings can no longer be regarded as being capable of providing any genuine form of justice to the accused.”

36. To this end, my Office sought and is carefully analysing information on the progress of the proceedings against Mr Al-Senussi from UNSMIL, Human Rights Watch, and the Libyan authorities.

37. My Office currently awaits the full UNSMIL report on the Libyan trial of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Senussi and the trial judgment, and will continue to follow the situation, to collect and analyse information with a view to determining whether to seek the Chamber’s review of the admissibility of the Al-Senussi’s case.

38. My Office’s assessment of the information at its disposal at this stage is that it does not support an application for a review of the Pre-Trial’s decision on the admissibility of the case against Al-Senussi. This position is necessarily limited to the information the Office currently has in its possession and is subject to change in accordance with reliable information that it may receive in the future.

Mr President, Your Excellencies,

39. My Office continues to monitor the situation in Libya and is concerned that large scale crimes, including those of the ICC jurisdiction are being committed by all parties in the conflict.

40. I remain equally concerned that all sides including the Libyan National Army (“LNA”), Libya Dawn, and the so called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL; and their respective allies, and international actors continue to commit attacks resulting in civilian casualties.

41. During the reporting period, of the reported 634 separate incidents, a total of at least 1,539 violent deaths were recorded. Total numbers of violent deaths have seen an average monthly increase in 2015. Civilian deaths have fluctuated, though no less than 60 per month have been recorded this year alone.

42. Civilian deaths attributed to ISIL and its allied organisations have been consistently highly numbered than those of other perpetrators in the reported period.

43. ISIL led attacks have focused on the cities of Derna and Sirte meanwhile significant clashes between Islamist extremists and ISIL in Derna in June saw ISIL driven from the city.

44. There have been at least 37 recorded incidences of car or suicide bombings; 26 of which have been attributed to ISIL. Large scale abductions by ISIL have in most cases led either to executions, and in certain cases victims’ whereabouts have remained unknown. Persons are executed by ISIL for perceived activities such as spying, homosexuality and social activism.

45. My Office is further concerned that heavy military clashes between LNA and Islamist extremists in the Benghazi area have continued with at least 99 civilians reportedly killed between April and August 2015. Airstrikes from LNA, Libya Dawn and international actors have also reportedly resulted in civilian deaths. Civilian homes, places of worship and medical facilities have been repeatedly affected.

46. My Office also learnt with regret of recent escalation of tribal fighting between Tebu and other communities and Libya Dawn-aligned militias in the south of the country, around Sabha and Kufra and the fact that this has reportedly displaced an estimated 12,000 civilians since July according to Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (“OHCHR”).

47. It has also been reported to my Office that the number of people that have fled because of the fighting has doubled to almost 450,000 in a span of a year from September 2014.

48. My Office recalls that those responsible for these crimes can be prosecuted either at the national level or at the ICC. I reiterate here my Office’s willingness and commitment to undertake further investigations in Libya, but stress once again the need for States Parties, and the Council, to ensure adequate funding to my Office for this purpose.

Mr President, Your Excellencies,

49. Pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1970, the Council decided that “the Libyan authorities shall cooperate fully with, and provide any necessary assistance to, the Court and the Prosecutor pursuant to this resolution”; this important declaration has been reiterated in subsequent resolutions of this Council.

50. Continued cooperation, consultation and coordination between my Office and the Libyan authorities remain crucial for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded in November 2013 on burden-sharing regarding investigations and prosecutions in Libya.

51. The commendable efforts by the Libyan Prosecutor General and the Libyan Representative to the Court to engage with my Office are encouraging and must be supported.

52. The Office appreciates the cooperation it continues to receive from both States Parties and non-States Parties, as well as international organisations in the Libya situation, and looks forward to strengthening efforts and synergies to assist Libyan authorities in their efforts to build the rule of law in Libya.

53. In this regard, I reiterate my previous calls to assist Libya in strengthening its national capacity to respond to Rome Statute crimes through the formation of an international contact group on justice issues. The recent gains towards the establishment of the Libyan Government of National Accord and national unity may indeed increase the prospects of reviving discussions on this proposal in the near future.

54. Similarly, I appeal to all other States that have not yet done so, to engage and cooperate with my Office. Some of the evidence and persons of interest to my Office are located outside of Libya and can only be accessed through the cooperation of States.

55. My Office will continue to lend its support to the efforts of the Government of Libya and its international partners, such as the UN, to address impunity in Libya and reaffirms its commitment in the dialogue with this Council on that mission.

56. Ending impunity for atrocity crimes in Libya is an important goal that is both achievable and necessary for sustainable peace and stability in the country. It is also a goal that can only be met through the joint action, commitment and substantial support of all the relevant actors.

57. I thank you, Mr President, Your Excellencies. | OTP

Tenth report of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to the UN Security Council pursuant to UNSCR 1970 (2011)
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  • A meeting of the leaders of the Abyei community in Addis Ababa on April
  • Sudan’s Darfur’s Nyala to be monitored by electronic surveillance
  • Sudanese security agents beat up lawyers in Khartoum
  • Khartoum briefs Doha on N'Djamena agreement with one of Darfur’ rebel’s faction
  • Sudan and UNICEF sign Joint Country Programme of Cooperation Agreement
  • Sudanese nationals assaulted in Yemen
  • Sudan’s Army dismisses reports that Yemen’s Houthi shot down Sudanese jet fighter
  • Sudan govt. not serious about National Dialogue: rebel leader
  • The rebel SPLM-N committed sabotage actions in South Kordofan: Sudanese army says
  • Sudan rebels claim attack on Habila garrison in South Kordofan
  • Egypt waits Sudan’s invitation to the National Committee on the Ethiopian dam
  • Sudan puts 4 jet fighters and 6,000 military troops at the disposal of Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan’s President praises efforts seeking to activate the joint Arab action
  • After claiming to down Saudi coalition plane, Houthis say they're holding Sudanese pilot
  • New witnesses heard in case against Sudan's opposition figures
  • Rebels led by Machar announces that the killed 38 government soldiers in Jonglei and Unity states.
  • U.S Company fined USD 232.7 mln for transactions with Sudan and Iran
  • In Sudan, an unlikely path to jihad for students
  • Sudan closes Iranian offices and representations in the country
  • Darfur Regional Authority head warns of Islamic State scenario in Darfur
  • Sudan’s opposition refuses to participate in the pre-dialogue meeting in Addis
  • Schlumberger fined $232.7mn for breaking Iran, Sudan sanctions
  • Sudanese govt. responsible for tribal violence: Darfur Bar
  • U.S. calls on South Sudanese parties to resume peace talks
  • Sudan Troika welcomes preparatory dialogue meeting
  • 6 million dollars from UN to draft Sudan’s security community
  • AU Panel invites Sudan govt., opposition to Addis Ababa
  • Pre-dialogue” meeting without conditions between Sudan’s government and opposition forces in Addis
  • Bakeries close, water outage in Sudan’s capital
  • Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan sign Nile agreement
  • Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan sign agreement on Renaissance Dam
  • Joint Statement on the National Dialogue in Sudan by U.S. State Department
  • Security agents thwart anti-election forum in Port Sudan
  • South Sudan Rebel Group Releases Child Soldiers
  • Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan
  • Missing British-Sudanese medics had humanitarian motives
  • Foreign intelligence finance terrorist groups: Sudan’s Vice President
  • France denies Darfur rebel leader Nour the permanent residence in its territory: Sudan’s Foreign Mi
  • International agents behind Arab, African extremism
  • Sudan plans to disband camps in secure West Darfur
  • Sudan’s ruling party denies use of the State resources in its electoral programmes
  • Contaminated medical waste alert in Sudan’s capital
  • Land travels between Sudan and Ethiopia starts in April
  • Large quantity of drugs destroyed in eastern Sudan
  • SISSA to meet in Khartoum to discuss the economic sanctions effects on the security in Africa
  • Nine British medics enter Isis stronghold to work in hospitals
  • South Sudan Factions Recruit Thousands of Child Soldiers
  • The Regional Authority announces approaching of the compensations for affected people in Darfur
  • Sudanese students leave to join Islamic State
  • Note by the Sudanese opposition organizations in the Diaspora
  • South Sudan warlord offers abducted boys sit exams - UN envoy
  • Population Under Pressure in South Sudan Opposition Territory
  • China supplies South Sudan with weapons to protect its oil fields
  • South Sudan rebels say civil war will go on
  • Sudan: don't tie Darfur peacekeepers exit to tribal violence end
  • Al Bashir pardons five JEM-Sudan convicts
  • 500, 000 dollars from FAO to support agriculture in Sudan
  • Sudan hit by severe shortage of flour
  • Sudan’s army says that it killed 60 rebels in fighting in Southern Kordofan
  • Sudan describes the agreement on Ethiopia dam as an important achievement
  • Five dead, three injured in Darfur shootings
  • China describes its relationship with Sudan as a model must be followed
  • Sudanese popular and official delegations conduct dialogue with U.S. lobbies on sanctions
  • Trial of 19 Darfur rebels starts in Sudan’s capital
  • Indonesia invites Sudan’s president to attend Bandung Summit
  • One dead, two injured in new fire at Bindisi camp, Central Darfur
  • We show the world that the elections will be free and fair: Sudanese National Elections
  • Sudan opposition, govt. still at odds on election
  • Al-Bashir discusses with Mufti of Croatia position of Muslim minorities
  • Call for Sudan to stop recruiting minors in South Kordofan
  • Sudan’s Vice President calls for completing of the tribal reconciliations in Darfur
  • SPLM-N leadership: Sudan Deserves a New Peace
  • Specialist shortage sees cancer rise in Sudan
  • South Sudan’s government says it does not want ‘Troika’ countries to be included in the peace talks
  • Sudan’s Profs demand justice for slain student
  • $ 68 million from the Kuwaiti Fund for Sudanese water project
  • Sustainable fisheries project launched for Sudan’s Red Sea State
  • Sudanese army says it repels SPLM-N attack on Southern Kordofan
  • Sudan’s president invites his Egyptian counterpart to sign a document on the Ethiopian dam
  • Sudan’s ruling party welcomes Berlin Declaration
  • ICC moves intended to disrupt the elections: Sudan’s parliament
  • Norway and UNIDO launch a € 4,8 million project for the sustainable management of marine fisheries
  • S. Sudan Braces for Sanctions as Economy Limps
  • Sudan’s Popular Congress Party rejects any foreign interference the dialogue
  • ICC Trial Chamber I joins the cases concerning Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé
  • Khartoum hosts Sudanese-Ethiopian Joint Economic Committee meetings
  • Six new judges sworn in today at the seat of the International Criminal Court
  • Sudan’s ruling party thanks German for sponsoring the Berlin Conference
  • UNICEF expresses its concern about the children situations in Sudan
  • Al-Bashir vows to complete the development in eastern Sudan
  • Students protest in Dongola, northern Sudan
  • Pre-Trial Chamber II informs the United Nations Security Council about Sudan’s non-cooperation in t
  • The Secretary-General Remarks at the opening session of the Commission on the Status of Women
  • US condemns lack of "political leadership" to resolve South Sudan's war
  • Sudan’s President participates in the Egypt Economic Development Conference
  • Sudan participates in the Arab Ministerial Council in Cairo
  • Ongwen case: Confirmation of charges hearing postponed to 21 January 2016
  • Six newly elected ICC judges to be sworn in on 10 March 2015
  • South Sudan:76 organizations call for publication of AU Inquiry Report as deadline for peace passe
  • Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia reach an agreement on sharing of Nile waters and Ethiopian Dam
  • Sudanese army is preparing for the crush of the rebellion
  • A presidential pardon to release Sudan’s opposition figures within days
  • Sudan’s president urges the parties to overcome differences about the Ethiopian dam
  • Lubanga case: ICC Appeals Chamber amends the Trial Chamber’s order for reparations to victims
  • Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the South Sudan Peace Proce
  • Trial postponed against Leave! campaigners in eastern Sudan
  • Berlin Declaration will not affect the dialogue or elections: Sudan government
  • Darfur’s NLJM announces that will participate in the elections
  • We will achieve peace this year by negotiation or war: Sudan’s president
  • UNAMID announces that it will cut 770 civilian jobs
  • Tripartite Commission of the Ethiopian Dam meets in Khartoum
  • About (3) million foreigners entered the country illegally: Sudanese Interior Ministry
  • Displaced leaders asked to vote for Sudan's ruling party
  • Khartoum and Addis Ababa agree to start public transport service
  • Civil society to Germany: Sudan continues atrocities
  • China sees no "logic" behind US-drafted resolution on South Sudan
  • Sudanese tribesmen request reconciliation mechanism
  • Sudan’s president stresses the opposition’s inability to block the elections
  • Sudan admits children lack iodine
  • U.N extends peacekeeping force in disputed area of Abyei
  • Airlines threaten to suspend Khartoum, Port Sudan flights
  • 16,000 Ugandan deploy on the Sudan-South Sudan borders
  • Tortured Hausa prisoners released in eastern Sudan
  • Freedoms severely curtailed in Sudan in 2014: Amnesty
  • I’m ready to “leave” if the people decided that through elections: Sudan’s president
  • Liberation of Kuhliyat garrison 5 km west Kadugli city
  • Bashir: Iranian centers closed to protect Sudan
  • Statement of the ICC Prosecutor at a press conference in the Central African Republic
  • Sudan’s Main Opposition Parties to Boycott April Election
  • US presents UN draft resolution on imposing sanctions in South Sudan
  • Security detains anti-dam activist in northern Sudan
  • Sudan's Interior Minister meets with the Speaker of Ethiopian Parliament
  • National Congress Party official killed in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan’s opposition ######### to Berlin to discuss the country’s crises
  • South Sudan rivals open 'final' peace talks
  • African Refiners Association ARA meets in Cape Town from March 16 to 20 - 2015
  • After harrowing journey, Sudanese asylum seeker freed from Israeli detention center
  • Sudanese Refugee Sue Moviemakers
  • Kuwait's Zain seeks to repatriate $280 mln from Sudan
  • Sudan suggests many investment projects for UAE businessmen
  • National Liberation and Justice Party launched in Sudan’s capital
  • Sudan’s court refuses to release opposition leaders on a regular bail
  • Sudan: Court session against Abu Eisa, Madani turns into political rally
  • Egypt never stopped communicating with Nile basin countries: Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan
  • Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia receive offers for Nile dam studies
  • Offers from firms to conduct technical studies on the Ethiopian dam
  • Mass deportation starts at new dam sites in eastern Sudan
  • Kuwait hands out payments to Sudanese orphans
  • Military staff beats pregnant woman in Tabit, North Darfur
  • Kidnapping of (89) boys older than 12 in South Sudan: UNICEF
  • Darfur rebels kill soldiers in central Jebel Marra
  • Darfur authority stresses that improvement of U.S-Sudanese relations will bring peace
  • Central Darfur's displaced without shelter after fire
  • Sudan’s president addresses the Speakers of Parliaments of IGAD
  • The fighting in Darfur displaced more than 41,000 since late December: UN
  • Two Russia abducted in Darfur’s Sudan are alive: Moscow
  • Tribal reconciliation talks begin in Sudan
  • Sudan’s president calls on Russian and American investors to invest in the country
  • Dozens injured as Sudanese students clash
  • Brig. Gen. John Mabieh vowed to take Malakal town by 9th March this year
  • Arab Journalists Union decries Sudanese crackdown on newspapers
  • FAO teams up with the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rangelands and provides about USD 1 mill
  • Independent Civil Society in Sudan stage a one-day sit in and suspension of work
  • South Sudan Warns Media Not to Publish Rebel Interviews
  • Sudanese press massacred in Khartoum
  • Sudan’s journalists protest against confiscation of (14) papers
  • Sudan denounces beheading of 21 Egyptians by Islamic State in Libya
  • Northern Sudan farmlands sold to Syrian investor
  • Sudanese journalist disappears under mysterious circumstances
  • Sudan’s Women Union, Darfur Centre welcome HRW report
  • Sudan meets an international team to discuss an exit strategy of UNAMID
  • Political delegation in Tabit scares residents
  • IGAD's Inter-Parliamentary Union convenes its meeting in Khartoum
  • 38,600 displaced in Darfur in a month: OCHA
  • Sudan security detains man at North Darfur market
  • Leave! campaign to be intensified: Umma Party official
  • Launch of Sudanese electronic gateway project
  • Beja Congress to Sudan’s ruling party: ‘Our patience has run out’
  • 3 million dollar support from Finland for the needy in Sudan
  • Activists oppose Sudanese govt. officials visit to USA
  • US, UK and Norway calls South Sudanese factions to reach a final peace agreement
  • Karti visit to Washington has nothing to do with Merriam Ibrahim issue: Sudan says
  • Students clash in Omdurman, several seriously wounded
  • US Secretary of State is pressing for a UN vote creating an arms embargo on South Sudan
  • Gunmen steal cash from stores in South Darfur capital
  • Firewood collectors assaulted in Kabkabiya, North Darfur
  • Boy burns to death in attack on villages in North Darfur
  • Thirst in North Darfur’s Shangil Tobaya camps
  • MP demands rule of law restored in North Darfur
  • Sudanese Journalists Union rejects confiscation of the newspapers
  • Sudan’s Ministry of Culture orders the closure of the Sudanese Writer’s Union
  • Red Sea state, eastern Sudan, imposes tourism support fees
  • Sudan’s government warns those who seek to disrupt the elections
  • Sudan: Detention of Abu Eisa, Madani extended for two weeks
  • AU mediation puts forward a new approach to negotiations in Sudanese conflict
  • Sudanese opposition starts Leave! campaign
  • Press Release from Sudanese Writers Union (SWU)
  • Liberation and Justice Movement -LJM apology to people of Darfur
  • 400 JEM faction combatants to merge with Sudan army
  • EU expresses its concern at the difficulties facing Sudan’s national dialogue
  • More bombs fall on Golo, Central Darfur
  • Sudanese court renews detention of opposition leader
  • Sudanese El Midan gagged for 10th time
  • 10th anniversary of The Massacre marked in Port Sudan
  • USAID, BRAC Launch Project to Reach Out-of-School Children in South Sudan
  • Africa Union Peace and Security Council stands in the way of Justice in South Sudan
  • Former Sudan Lost Boy Becomes Chess Master in NYC
  • Police shoots two bus passengers in eastern Sudan
  • Re: Sudanese-Chinese talks convened today in Khartoum
  • West Darfur girls’ team wins national basketball cup
  • Ministry has spent donor money: angry MPs in eastern Sudan
  • Integration of more than (5,000) soldiers in eastern Sudan
  • Darfur JEM refuses to participate in South Kordofan military operations
  • Sudan’s Assistant of President attributes the Two Areas crisis to the negatives accompanied the las
  • Appearance of unknown fever accompanied by bleeding in a number of Sudan’s states: Health Ministry
  • and#8203; The SPLM-N Statement at the Opening Session of the Addis Ababa Negotiation on November 12, 2014
  • Beja Congress Condemns Rape of Women in Darfur
  • Eastern Sudan leader warns for Darfur scenario in the region
  • Sudan Eastern Front to dismiss leaders: spokesman
  • Developments in South Sudan Conflict: Small Arms and Light Weapons in South Sudan and Sudan: Is tha
  • Water crisis in Sudan’s Red Sea state, new hemorrhagic fever cases
  • Sudan acknowledges significant increase in human trafficking
  • Presentation by the Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights in Sudan
  • US discusses resettlement of Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in eastern Sudan
  • Eastern Sudan ex-combatants ‘lose confidence’ in leaders
  • Torrents, floods destroy homes, isolate villages in Darfur, eastern Sudan
  • Humanitarian disaster in Red Sea State: eastern Sudan MP
  • Canada contributes 5 million dollars to support fighting hunger in Sudan
  • Deputy in Parliament: landmines kill 80 persons in eastern Sudan
  • Leaders in Beja congress request ouster of Presidential assistant
  • Democratic Unionist group to cooperate with Sudan Revolutionary Front
  • ‘No room for Sudan Revolutionary Front in peace talks’: Ghandour
  • Million signatures campaign to remove governor, protests in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan’s 2015 elections: an ominous deja vu؟
  • Sudan man’s search for better life dies in desert
  • Protesting student in Port Sudan imprisoned
  • 9 Sudanese migrants die, 300 rescued in Libya desert
  • Comprehensive solution requires rebuilding of Sudan: United People's Front
  • Rebel SRF road map towards National Dialogue Sudan
  • 'UN missions fail to grasp Darfur, Sudan conflict': human rights activist
  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader visits Khartoum
  • Eastern Sudan Alliance warns against influx of refugees
  • Khartoum suspends U.N. refugee aid program in east Sudan
  • Sudan Human Rights and Humanitarian Bulletin for February 2014
  • Unknown planes launch strikes on convoy of arms smugglers in eastern Sudan
  • Sudan’s Humanitarian Aid Commission suspends the International Committee of the Red Cross’ operatio
  • Thousands of South Sudanese head home from Sudan
  • More than half a million people affected by flooding in Sudan