The Legendary and Phenomenal Sudanese By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

The Legendary and Phenomenal Sudanese By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer

02-24-2022, 05:58 PM


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Title: The Legendary and Phenomenal Sudanese By Faisal Elsayed Ali Omer
Author: Faisal Elsayed Ali
Date: 02-24-2022, 05:58 PM

04:58 PM February, 24 2022

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Some people might think that I am graciously exaggerating by using the above mentioned title for this humble article because the whole world knows that Sudanese are too inconsequential to qualify for such celebrated descriptions and classification or taxonomy. Unfortunately those whose opinions are at variance and diverge from mine perceive the issue from a totally irrelevant and extraneous perspective. That is because they are living quiet a smooth, easy and comfy lives. I would challenge an American or European average person to live with a middle class Sudanese family and share with it its daily struggle of survival. A lot can be said about the day by day and continuous current acts of atrocious living conditions’ mêlées, convolutions and inconveniences that the majority of Sudanese people are being subjected to. The lack of the very essential elements of a humble and ordinary life is something that those lucky Americans, French, Germans and many other great nations might not even know how to envision it or see it in their minds’ eye. This is simply because they have never run across such situations or even knew that they exist in our nowadays world.

For instance can any person in those countries be able to live without electricity for long hours and sometimes days؟ With the overwhelming state of poverty and people are exerting maximum daily efforts trying to put any food on the table and if there are little leftovers what can they possibly do as the lack of electricity deprives them from using any refrigerators’ facilities؟ Eating three meals or even two meals a day is in most of the times becoming an unaffordable or unreasonable dream. The quality of the meal itself does not give them choices as many people are these days adding a lot of water to what they are cooking to make it enough for feeding the family and the hell with any food qualities or values. Lots of vitally important medicines are not available and numerous poor or even middle class clusters of people can’t afford paying doctors’ fees or buying medicines and are compelled to remain with their untreated illnesses forever and ever. The list of sufferings can go on endlessly.

The Majority of Sudanese people are exercising uncountable problems and extremely hard living conditions but they silently continue to persist in standing on their feet and maintain their smiles. Don’t the few examples that I have given above out of a rainbow of others justify the above title of my article؟ The key purpose behind this article is to appeal to the International Community and especially the USA to realize that we are undergoing a terrible state of affairs and many of us are currently limping on one leg and ready to collapse and they should refrain from agonizing us more by seizing their supports. They are not helping us at all by imposing such cruel acts of sequestering their humanitarian assistances thus affecting us seriously while having their other tools or means and ways for putting a remedy to the disputes between the transitional formations of the government and the opposing parties. Unfortunately both sides are going in series of vicious circles perpetually and they undoubtedly need an engagement of a strong and decisive third party to put an end to their fight. It is definite and obvious that one of the two sides is right and the other is wrong but any internal mediation would be considered by any of the two sides as unjustifiably siding up with or leaning improperly towards the other side. That might cause unappreciated consequences or bad domino effect to any unfortunate local mediator, intermediary or referee.

It makes Sudanese people extremely sad to realize that we are actually a very rich country with the tremendous natural resources that we have. We were once upon a time considered by the United Nations Organizations one of the active doors that helped eradicating the crisis and catastrophes of other countries. Moreover, we were a huge country with rich natural resources but regrettably many horrid differences of opinions and squabbles among our politicians separated us into two countries. With the untoward political disputes that we are witnessing now more separations can easily occur. Are we starting to lose our old wisdom through which we captured our independence؟ Are a bunch of personal motives carrying us far away from caring for the unity and prosperity of our nation؟ Has the International Community realized our current weaknesses and there countries are all over us now trying to take free bites out of our neglected valuable resources؟ It is rather shameful and unforgivable for all those who attempt to exploit us at this crucial juncture instead of helping us to solve our internal political conflicts. We will always remember those nations who stand with us now thus gaining our future genuine and unadulterated friendship and fruitful bilateral relationship؟ However, it is similarly disgraceful for our politicians to continue victimizing us.

Once again I appeal to the International Community to respond favorably to our faithful call for friendship and bilateral cooperation. I hope that my voice is heard and acknowledged by the fair leaders of some great nations. In conclusion, my door is always kept wide open for comments, queries or other kind responses via direct contacts or through my WhatsApp addresses 0113489958 or 0923802670.

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