Is Sudan eligible to integrate in the international fold؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

Is Sudan eligible to integrate in the international fold؟ by Adaroub sedna onour

04-30-2017, 05:34 PM


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Title: Is Sudan eligible to integrate in the international fold؟ by Adaroub sedna onour
Author: Adaroub Sedna Onour
Date: 04-30-2017, 05:34 PM

06:34 PM April, 30 2017

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Many prospectus investors hosted by the fascist regime of Sudan today ,when asked of their speculations and forecasts about investment opportunities in Sudan ,refrain from calling things by their proper names by resorting to somewhat courteous answers such as , yes but or yes if. Because the truth is that Sudan needs to do a lot to become an investment magnet e.g. the badly-needed repair works for the single lethal national highway, many new and sound cargo depots, increased handling capacity in air and sea ports , efficient inland logistic systems ,single-stop customs inspection points, introducing the single-window system ,combating corruption in all relevant governmental departments which officials openly ask for bribes ,abolishing the out-of-date system of transport –permits for vehicles, wares and people, but before all that restoring peace, stability and having in place a consensus and inclusive political system . in few words ,the currently ruling exclusive and racist regime ,which is reluctant to improvement ,should be removed to make way for an inclusive, democratic and pro-people government elected in free and fair elections by all the diverse ethnic and geographical components of the country .sadly though, ,of all countries of the universe , the united states of America, the phony ,hypocrite and self-appointed advocate of justice ,equity, freedom and human rights is now acting as a lobbying body ,not only to help the cornered radical regime find escape venue ,but to help it legitimize its illegitimate seizure of power by engaging with the indicted old set-up of command andcontrol personnel ,who gave the orders of the mass-killings and genocide committed in Sudan throughout the past two decades , and are still ruling the helpless people of Sudan against their will in lawless Sudan ,which is the only country on this planet where the government has no obligations whatsoever toward its people ,nevertheless it forcibly charges them compulsory and unexplainable back-breaking fees ,despite the long power cuts ,lack of potable water, inaccessibility to free primary education ,non-existence of health services that those who cant afford to buy the services have but to die؟ Therefore America needs to adduce a conceivable justification for betraying its own self-proclaimed values, ethics and principles, not only for forging an alliance with such an evil tyranny, but for normalizing its relations with an outlaw regime which is still today hosting thousands of sleeper-cells of terrorist groups of every description, especially from Egypt and the Syrian militant groups who fled their war-torn country and chose Sudan , because they require no entry visa to enter into Sudan. Worse yet, the regime is directly implicated in human-trafficking, because it encourages the smugglers to bring stolen vehicles from Libya and Egypt by providing new numbers -plates and, believe it or not, issue new certificates of origin for the stolen cars, Not to mention the ridiculous segregation imposed on the local job-seekers, who are required to mention their tribes in the job-request forms (particularly when applying for the sea-ports corporation police and the oil facilities؟)But then again our hatred for the criminal regime does mean that others have to follow suit, we only need to observe closely the secret, yet the easily predictable unholy alliance between the United States and its new-found hapless ally, from which no good should ever be expected, judging by the catastrophic separation of south Sudan from its motherland, which produced a failed state for which the ruling cabal and the united states shoulder the historical responsibility. Now, if the united states is only keen to put the regime opponents to narrow and stressful choices to take the pressure off the regime, that is simply all politics are about, but to repeat the same improvisatory and wrong policies once again would raise eye brows, because, after its shame-laden conspiracy of separating south Sudan, America needs to win back its ugly face, not ride in the band wagon of an unpopular tyranny.
Adaroub sedna onour .

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