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Articles and ViewsUpon whom Shoulder Did Yasir Arman Raised؟ By: Mahmoud E. Yousif

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Upon whom Shoulder Did Yasir Arman Raised؟ By: Mahmoud E. Yousif

04-11-2017, 03:44 PM
محمود الحاج يوسف
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Upon whom Shoulder Did Yasir Arman Raised؟ By: Mahmoud E. Yousif

    02:44 PM April, 11 2017

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    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” - Abraham Lincoln

    Political activities is against selfishness, self-interest and opportunistic, it requires the work to serve the country and nation, it also requires one to abide by the basics norms, values, the sacred, and prioritized country interests (1).
    Civilized nations developed these values after long experience; an individual, who reflected these values to his society, will be rewarded by respects and appreciation. If we reviewed the past Sudanese politicians, even moved worldwide, they were exposed in different form of experience, before been known. The only exceptions for this are descendants of Kings, Prince’s, the feudalists, or ex-African leaders. Consequently, one could ask, what was the role played by Yasir Saied Arman before 1986, to get that advanced position in the Sudanese People Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A)؟ He doesn’t have experience nor advanced education, or underground activities that could leveled him with status of Yousif Kuwa Makii, he didn’t exceeded twenty five years, and he was not known for political activities outside the University of Cairo, branch of Khartoum (currently Alnilan University), he became senior above those who were well known strugglers who joined SPLM/A before him like Daniel Kodi, Talafun Koko, Mohamed Saied Bazaraa and others like Mohamed Gumna Nayer, Yasir Gafer Alsanhori, Mohamed Ahmed Alhabob and Hafiz, then what magic lamp dose he used؟
    Yasir Saied Arman, was born in Algazira State in one of 1961/62, he was studying in the second/third year at the University of Cairo, branch of Khartoum in 1986, when a fighting broke out between the Islamists and the Democratic Front students, according to an eye witnessed, when Yasir Arman with two of his colleagues Abdalla and Mohamed, chased two Islamists, Ballal and another, who jumped the University’s fence, while Ballal who failed was surrounded by the three, then stabbed three times by Abdalla with penknife and he fell down, crying for an aid, while the three were standing beside him preventing any assistance, even a Coptic lady selling sandwiches on opposite sides of the road, offered help saying they are willing to take him with their vehicle to the hospital, but the three refused these calls for two hours, until Balal died from bleeding.
    At that period, Yasir was not known for having any political activities except an alleged arrests by the security organ in 1981 and 84, he was not known among politicians in the capital Khartoum and outside the university till that crime occurred, and he felt the seriousness of his status in Sudan, and he could be tried for incitement to murder, taken into account he refused aid given to the victim, hence the charge could become participate in murder, for that reason he doesn’t have any alternative except flee Sudan, but to where؟
    At that period, Sudan was ruled by a democratic regime, and as seen in Yasir saga with Albalal, he lucks humanity that would guide him to work for the betterment of human society, from which one can conclude that, he was not committed towards the human revolutionary that would upgrade his values towards that of Che Guevara, to be transformed like those who believed in the revolutionary concept among the youth, from leftists, socialists and Muslims, who are abide by their morale and human values, and willing to overcome their personal hatred. Guevara for example would never allow a prisoner of war to die without giving him some aid, leave alone such needy dying person to be his colleague, for these the issue of marginalization was not the main factor in Yasir Arman attitudes.
    Facing with that situation, Arman have no alternative except flee Khartoum to avoid justice, and the only open door was to join SPLM/A. Arman communicated secretly through his leftist channels in Khartoum, till he was connected with some Southern politicians, and as another friend put it, “we fade up with his continual coming, claiming his life in danger,” these are the same group which facilitate his fled to join SPLM/A.
    Within that circumstance, Edward Abyei Lino Wuor thought to exploit that situation to consolidate his position in the movement, and transformed Yasir fleeing to a unique historical forgery by claiming it’s a joining by a non-marginalized Northern who contacted Dr. John Garang at the establishment of the movement in 1983, by this he will gain the fever of Dr. Garang, who is in deer need of such people who will give credibility to his New Sudan vision, and consolidate the movement’s program in addressing the whole Sudan, and this will convince the Southern separatists on the rightness of the New Sudan call by Dr. John Garang; that is why Arman got special treatments when he reached Ethiopia, and was trained at the SPLA military collage at Bonga, then he was enrolled at the Revolutionary Studies Institute of the SPLM/A, then after short period in the army, he joined SPLM radio in Ethiopia
    Before SPLM first convention in 1994, its main philosophy was based on the militarization of the struggle, in which every member must have military training and fight before been giving political or humanitarian assignment, and that was implemented with great firmness, there were many graduates, but no exceptions was given, except within tighten limitation, particularly for those who carried mobilization activities before joining SPLA, like Dr. Lam Akol, Edward Lino and Jastin Yak, so on what activities did Yasir Arman had, to levitate him to such an exceptional and special treatment by Dr. Garang؟ And who was the personality imposter by Yasir Saied Arman, as directed by Edward Lino؟ What relation that person has with opposition؟ What will happen if he appears؟ Couldn’t this form a threat on them؟ How could they avoid possible fallout, by dealing with this person if he appears؟ Of course a person no longer continues to be revolutionary when he starts such line of conspiracy!
    The Sudanese society greatly developed during the period between October 1964 revolution and the 1985 upraising, where many with human values start believing in the need for a change, such line clearly emerged during the popular uprising, while voices that increased the disintegration of the Sudanese people started receding, but due to the resources and organized status, characterized this group, it’s why they always wins in their confrontation with the forces of change, and the consequence of these were always terrific on the progress of the Sudanese societies, that is the situation when SPLM/A was established in May 16, 1983, the politicians in both the Northern and Southern part were surprised, for the unfamiliar new attitudes of this new Southern opposition, because Northern were familiar with separation call, each time a new voice emerged from South Sudan, its why the Sudanese in both divide asked, why the SPLM diverted from the traditional call؟ Are they really serious in that or just hollow slogan, intended to disintegrate the unity, similar to what the Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) did.
    The Sudanese political parties have reservations towards that slogan, and no official contacts took place between political parties and SPLM before the upraising, except some individuals visit by some elements of northern and southern opposition parties.
    Within that tense situation, engulfed with cautious and lack of confidence the leadership of the United Patriotic Front (UPF) decided to communicate with the SPLM, where I was asked by Ustaz Mukhtar Ebied, the well know politician and one of the leaders of the UPF, currently he is the chairman of the Social Justice and Progress Party, which is an extension of the Labor and Farmers Party (LFP) established in 1963 (2), and was the secretary general of LFP after the upraising, he gave me an assignment to communicate with the SPLM, upon which I decided to approach Edward Lino, for his revolutionary background, and our friendship, particularly his with my elder brother Mustafa to the extend he was his representative in Rumbeck during the elections of the Southern Sudan Regional Parliament in 1974, for the intellectual constituency. I think, that was in June 1985, and I gave him UPF program, he promised to deliver it to Dr. John Garang de Mabiour, who replied within two months through Edward, asking us either to join SPLM/A or to contribute financially. The UPF decided to send me to Addis Ababa to meet with Dr. John, but due to other activities that didn’t materialized, and after the upraising of April 1985, Ustaz Mukhtar asked me to join the LFP, I apologized because I already decided to join SPLM/A, unfortunately I couldn’t be ready till the third quarter of 1991.
    After joining SPLA, Edward worked in western Equatoria then represented the movement in some countries, before heading the external security of the movement, although he used to visit Uganda, but never contacted me, despite our strong relations in Sudan. I didn’t thought much about that, but I was surprised for lack of response to my repeated applications to join SPLA, several months after arriving Uganda in September 1991, then Nairobi 1995, during that period many strange things happened, which I couldn’t get logical explanations for them, till 2006, when it came to my attention that Yasir could have been introduced to Dr. John Garang as the person who contacted the SPLM in 1983, for that reason they don’t want me to meet Dr. John Garang, so their scheme couldn’t be exposed, reviewing what happened to me since I arrived at Kampala the capital of Uganda in 1991, I realized a strange conspiracy was carried against me, the followings are some, and upon which you can judged:
    - When Dr. John visited Kampala in 1993, I submitted an application to his office manger Deng Alor to join SPLM/A, he promised to take me to South Sudan in his first stopover in Kampala, but that didn’t materialized.
    - A senior Ugandan official told me in December 1994, that Dr. John Garang doesn’t trust me! How Garang can say so and he doesn’t even know me؟ Unless the external security of the movement made such allegation, then why؟
    - I came to Nairobi in January 1995, and met Deng Alor, several times seeking necessary documents to join SPLA training in Sudan, after five months, he advised me to seek for resettlement in USA, so as to look after my son. When I returned from Nuba Mountains in 1998, Deng Alor apologized to me saying they don’t trust me when I first came, but who created that misgiving؟
    - When I met Arman for the first time in 1995 at the house of our friend Bashier Ahmed Selman in Nairobi, he took my UN passport in a strange manner, and read its details, I was surprised of such odd conduct; but why he wants to know the details؟ Or the above suspicion raised by Deng Alor was the reason for knowing that details؟
    - I went to Nuba Mountains in September 1997, and stayed at the headquarter of the late governor Yousof Kuwa Makki at Changaro, traveling to the areas was too risky at that time, when Yasir Arman unexpectedly arrived there to attend the meetings of the Nuba Mountains legislative council at Gidel in November 1997, which I also attended.
    - When Yasir returned back, Edward Lino suddenly arrived at Kauda in December 1997, Yousif Kuwa was very surprised when he was informed, and he asked me “what do you think Edward wants from this visit؟” From the above background, it’s clear their arrival was connected to my presence in the Mountains, and both of them wants to know what I was doing in the Mountains, and whether Yousif Kuwa was preparing me for any position. (Such as been trained which could allow me to meet Garang!)
    - During the visit of Mulana Mohamed Osman Almargani, the Union Democratic Party leader, and the Chairman of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to Nairobi in 1997, with Dr. Masour Khalid, they held a meeting with SPLM/NDA members, in which I asked Mulana how he could help Muslims in New Sudan areas, he replied, then asked me to meet him privately, he delayed for more than one hour, while I was waiting in the room of Dr. Taj Alsir, when Mulana entered with his son, he was completely changed, the meeting only took less than five minutes, he was not friendly, and it seem he communicated with someone who gave him bad impressions about me, who that could be؟
    - In May 1999, I was informed by Deng Alor that Dr. John Garang has appointed Edward Lino as SPLM representative to Libya, and suggested to write a letter to Moamer Gadafi to help the Council, and he requested me to coordinate with Edward Lino; who supported the idea and suggested to appoint Omar Abdulrhman (Fur) as our representative in Libya and North Africa, in addition I wrote another letter to the Islamic Call Society of Libya. Edward returned in December asking me to write another letters, because he forgot the previous at home! I refused, requested him to show me the previous letters before writing a new ones.
    - In that meeting, I gave Edward Lino my UN travel Document for renewal, he refused returning it back.
    - When Abdulaziz arrived Kampala in December 2000, to take over from the late Yousif Kuwa, the later asked me to return so he can introduce me to Abdulaziz, unfortunately I failed to do so because I was with him till midday, then I will be back at evening with some friends for the super which he prepared for Abdulaziz. At evening while greeting Abdulaziz, Yousif reminded me “I asked you to come back so as to introduce you to Abdulaziz,” we replied with Alhilu “we know each other’s,” he said “no, I wants to introduced you to each other,” months after he passed away, I realized why he was keen to introduce us to each other, particularly when Walid Hamid told me “Of course you are going to commit suicide,” know I can understand how Yasir was too worry! That also showed me how Yousf Kuwa was been informed about many allegations, and he knows how powerful the group were, but his personality was so strong, he was a man of principle, he investigate before acting, it’s why he wants to introduced me to Alhilu.
    - Regardless of my relation with Yousif Kuwa and as the chairman of NSIC, Edward and Walid didn’t include my name among the delegate accompanied Yousif body in April 2001, to avoid meeting Dr. John
    - In 20003, we were entering SPLM office at Lavinghton in Nairobi with Malik Agar, when we met Gier Chuang Aluong emerging from the building with Edward Lino, after greeting Malik, Gier greets me warmly and said “congratulation Mahmoud, Dr. John accepted to appoint you the director of SPLM radio,” Edward face turned pale, showing his disapproval, and that was the first and last time I heard about that post.
    - In 2003, I was crossing the road toward Yaya Center in Nairobi, by chance with Yasir Arman, who surprised me when he said “You are elder and supposed to be ahead of us, but what can we say,” I was greatly surprised, but didn’t put much attention at that time, later I analyzed it as a remorse.
    - In 2004, an Islamic medical organization contacted SPLM expressing intension to work in its controlled areas, Edward coordinated with Mohamed Maragan, who took the delegation to Rumbeck and Kauda, with an intention to visit Kurmuk, but Malik refuse giving them permission. I came to know this by chance from SPLM delegates in Naivasha during a visit to Malik Agar, all the group were surprised from Edward behavior.
    - In that year and due to another odd behavior by Edward, I reported him to Nyal Deng, who was the secretary for external relation and head of Nairobi office; he said he doesn’t have authority over Edward, who is reported directly the Chairman Dr. Garang.
    - In January 2005, I travelled with members of the Liberation Council (LC) to Logichoki town in northern Kenya carrying three satellites receivers to install for Dr. Garang in Rumbeck, at Lokichoki LC members changed the airplane, and I went with the airplane to New Site to take Dr. John and Madam Rebecca with the guards, before landing at Rumbeck, Dr. Garang sent Aboky, his body guard who died with him, telling me not to descend with them from the airplane! I stayed in the plane for nearly half an hour, till they left the airport. Why Dr. John mistreated and humiliated me like that؟ Who mislead him with such wrong information, except the external security؟
    - In the following day and for continual three days, I was subjected to sleep in a soldier small tent of one of Dr. John guards within the second enclosure as if it was a punishment, on the fourth day Dr. Garang directed James Kock to take me to a hotel, during that period Madam Rebecca insisted to service me with her food instead of eating with the officers, it’s her generosity one can still remember from that awful trip, after three weeks I left Rumbeck suddenly without taken permission.
    - On July 26, 2005, four days before the death of Dr. John Garang, I was asked to buy satellite receiver for him, after buying I refused to travel to New Site, giving an excuse that I already trained an officer in Rumbeck, the adjutant of Dr. John, colonel Amat, convinced me after a lot of argument to travel the following day with Dr. Cerino Hyteng, the refusal was very odd at a time when everyone dream was to fly through New Site, arriving there I was well treated, and Dr. John Garang also treated me with great dignity, even Madam Rebecca told me at his presence, they wanted me for bigger post than the head of Islamic council, maybe he realized he was mislead, at least that trip restored his Rumbeck distorted image.
    - Edward Lino refused to enlist me with the delegation to New Site in August 2005, claiming it was full, Rev. Clement Janda who was with me, called him after an hour, he enlisted him.
    - What draws my attention in 2006, writing that Arman was NPF representative to SPLM. It’s the same NPF which I represented when I met Edward Lino in Khartoum in 1983.
    - I presented some suggestions to SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amom in March 2008, he asked me to prepare it as a study, which I brought while his timetable was full, he asked me to have a lunch with them because he is leaving to Khartoum after the meeting, at the table, he was sitting facing me, Abdulaziz Adam Alhilu was on my left and sitting opposite to Alhilu was Yasir Saied Arman. Among my suggestions was the creation of both the Religious Desk at SPLM and an Advisor for Islamic Affairs at the office of the Chairman, both Pagan and Yasir praised that. In less than two weeks Pagan chased me from the hotel and in May Sheikh Algaili Alkabashi was appointed an Advisor of Salva Kiir for Islamic Affairs as I suggested. That happened with full knowledge of Alhilu who used to think Arman was an ideal brother and preacher for the New Sudan, meanwhile Arman was slaughtering us and our intellectuals capabilities, one after another since Abdulaziz took over from Yousif Kuwa in December 2000.
    - Before the start of the SPLM second Liberation Council Convention in May 2008, I thought my name will be among the attendant, or at least the opening secession, unfortunately that didn’t happened, I tried calling Alhilu who didn’t pick my calls as he knows my intension, is it his own decision or an advice by Yasir؟
    - The Sudanese first Vice president and the president of South Sudan and the chairman of SPLM Salva Kiir, presented Yasir Saied Arman as SPLM presidential candidate to the population in Yambiyo during the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), attended by president Omer Hassan Albashier, Kiir said “nomination of Arman follows his great input during SPLM struggles, and Arman among the first northern who joined SPLM at early stage since its establishment, among them were the late Yousif Kuwa Makki, Dr. Mansour Khalid, Malik Agar, Abdulaziz Adam Alhilu, and others,” (3) how could Yasir joined SPLM while in 1983 he was in secondary school؟ Who created that relation with SPLM for him؟ Did he ever know the Southern cause at that period؟ And whom did he knew among Southern politicians؟ The reality of the matter Yasir was just fugitive in 1986.
    - In a brief about Arman in a site (4), the following is mentioned: “Arman belong to the Arabian Galien tribe in northern Sudan, he was born at Tabat town in Algazira, and joined SPLM early between 1983/86, and he early gained the confidence of the late leader John Garang when he joined SPLM, and became military leader and its official spokesman.”
    I wish Edward, Yasir or both of them apologized to me when I first appeared in Kampala in 1991, and explained what they did, I could have kept their secret, and appreciated and accepted it for the general interest of the movement, instead of that, what I got from them, doesn’t have an equivalent word in my vocabulary!
    What been mentioned is either witnessed by me, informed about or published in websites, what about the unknown؟ Thus I supposed, what is known is just tip of the iceberg. Imagine when you are fought by the director of the external security and the assistant secretary general of the party, for nothing except they stolen your own efforts, and tried to hide their crime by exploiting their power and that of some members and the institution of your own movement to eliminate you existence! I only survived due to the grace of the Almighty God.
    Edward Lino delivered my struggles till 1986, as a gift to someone whom he doesn’t know, what gain he go؟ And what can he do if time took him back؟ As he is watching Yasir Saied Arman manipulating SPLM and SPLM-N objectives and resources, and worked on the diversion of its goals, to fit his own interests, then I may have a legitimate question, what is the difference between what Arman did and government policies؟ Was it a plan by Edward, or there are others behind that؟
    Yasir followers like Walid Hamid worked very hard to undermine Darfur upraising since 1996, when the late Haj Esmaiel Altog with others tried to meet Dr. John Garang, Walid Hamid undermined that, claiming it will anger Umma party who were our partners in NDA, leave alone many wrong advices to Abdulaziz, till the current status been reached.
    I have been urged by some to write what troubled me more in the movement, I refused avoiding any cracks on the Sudanese opposition body, while Prof. Ushari advised me two years ago, that “Never allow any aggression, by any party, without replaying, with strength, at a time chosen by you,” I decided to do this now, after the reactions by some, towards the resignation of Abdulaziz Adam Alhilu, and the related resolutions by the South Kordufan Liberation Council (SKLC). I never spoke with Abdulaziz since I left Juba after my resignation in November 2008, except once in 2010, by phone, requesting an interview with Sudan Radio Service (SRS) in Nairobi, which didn’t materialized, as it is clear from the past paragraphs, Abdulaziz was aware with many of what was going on, but he had great confidence in Yasir Arman and his inner circle, I don’t know how his impression would be after reading this injustice, although he witnessed some of it, for sure he heard many imaginary tales from this group; for all these I think this part represents a hidden and dark history of SPLM and SPLM-N, investigating it will bring the truth out, it’s also a chance for any journalist who care about human dignity, to investigate these information, particularly with the presence of Ustaz Mokhtar Ebied and Abdulmunim Shadad in Khartoum, may Almighty God extends their life. I have sacrificed greatly, without any regards to personal interests, mainly for the dignity of the Sudanese people, unfortunately with the existence of some, who cheaply climbed over the shoulder of their victims, to steal their sacrifices and created imaginary heroism, such people are driven by spirit of conspiracy and betrayal, which got no limit. These are some of aggression which I have faced for a period of two and half decades, I have been treated with great hardness, without any regards to the least of human values, I will leave it upon the reader to rule on those individuals, based on reader’s consciousness. Finally, we will never build that New Sudan unless it’s based on truth, and genuine Sudanese values, and God is my witness.

    Mahmoud E. Yousif
    Ex-SPLM member
    Ex-Chairman of New Sudan Islamic Council (NSIC)
    Ex-Chairman of South Sudan Islamic Council (SSIC)

    1- http://kitabat.com/index.php؟mod=pageandnum=5813andlng=arhttp://kitabat.com/index.php؟mod=pageandnum=5813andlng=ar
    2- http://www.albayan.ae/one-world/2002-07-05-1.1336095؟ot=ot.AMPPageLayouthttp://www.albayan.ae/one-world/2002-07-05-1.1336095؟ot=ot.AMPPageLayout
    3- http://madaninet.net/vb/archive/index.php/t-971.htmlhttp://madaninet.net/vb/archive/index.php/t-971.html
    4- http://www.al3asefah.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t23693-50.htmlhttp://www.al3asefah.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t23693-50.html

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 11 ابريل 2017

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  • حينما يُفسِدُ الوِدُ قضية .. !! بقلم هيثم الفضل

    المنبر العام

  • اسئلة حارة قد تبدو محيرة....مفتوحة للنقاش هنا للوصول لأجابات
  • الفرق بين الجلابة و السودانيين .. !!!!
  • شيخ وداعية وهابي يعذب ويغتصب بنته ذات الأربعة سنوات مما يتسبب في وفاتها ما رأي الشغيل والبرنس المصد
  • قطعة ارض - اركويت
  • يا أخونا Hassan Makkawi أبو سناره تعال ورينا طول السلامة دي ضمنتها كيف؟ عايزن فهمك
  • هههههه...بالله ده كلام ده...
  • يا الشغيل والبرنس سيبو بوست أبو الحسين وتعالوا هنا أنا أي شبهات اثرتوها سوف أجيب عنها هنا بأذن الله
  • الدعاء الى الله عبر الواتساب
  • مخططات وزراء الغفلة "حميدة" "أكد" وابوقرده تتواصل لأجل تدمير المنشآت الصحية ميز أطباء بحرى مثالاً!!
  • اسدك طلع اسد من كاتشوب يا ودالباوقة
  • عاصفة ترابية وتقلبات جوية بمدينة جدة (صور) ..!!
  • الخلاف بينها ومحمد حاتم اتسع بصورة كبيرة.. مها الشيخ زوجة محمد عطا تعتكف بمنزلها وتقاطع نشاط حزب ا
  • طلاب الميكانيكا بجامعة الخرطوم يتخذوزن من حفل تخرجهم منصة للاحتاج على اعتقال الدكتور مضوي
  • حزب المؤتمر السوداني يسعى لمحاسبة المتورطين في تعذيب المعتقلين
  • السودان يتسلم ودائع من السعودية والإمارات
  • الاتحادي الأصل يعلق مشاركته في الحكومة
  • تعديل لائحي يقر مساءلة جهاز الامن أمام البرلمان والتحقيق مع رئيس الوزرا
  • في حادثة خطيرة أمس. اختطاف طالبتين وموظف استقبال مدرسة القبس الانجليزية بحري
  • الأغبياء لا ينتجون حلاً ( سنار ولاية فيها رجالات يسدون قرص الشمس )
  • !! الكوتـــــــش دا قالوا من كوستي .....!!
  • فيك يامروى شفت كل جميل (صور)
  • الفرق بين الجنوبيين والغرابة
  • الكشف عن مسؤولة الاعلام بالأمن الشعبي(صور)
  • خالتي حاجة المؤتمر الوطني تهاتف الرئيس الامريكي ترامب عبر جهاز الامن و المخابرات السوداني
  • المطلوب: إلغاء نظام الرعي التقليدي في السودان .. مصدر الجهل والتخلف والمشاكل القبلية
  • السودان: المعارضة والحريات.. ومخابرات مصر ونسف الكنائس وغدا المساجد...؟!
  • شهيد تعرسو مرتو وشهيد تسجنو اختو وشهيد تجرجرو امو !!!!


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