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Articles and ViewsSUDANESE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IN 19 DECEMBER 2016 by Khalid Hassan Samil
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12-11-2016, 05:00 PM
Khalid Hassan Samil
<aKhalid Hassan Samil
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    05:00 PM December, 11 2016

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    His Excellency; Donald Trump
    president of the United States of America,

    We the Sudanese people from all political and social spectra, including all student associations, the political parties inside Sudan and in diaspora, all the opposition parties and political forces hereby strongly proclaim our overt and outright civil disobedience against the Sudanese regime. Mr. Trump, as you all know that the Sudanese regime has been ruling this country for approximately 27 years full of killing, genocides, death and repression of the press freedom, We suffered a lot in the face of the deteriorating situation in Sudan. Throughout 27 years, the regime of Omar AL Bashir has committed all sorts of crimes; displacing people and students to seek refuges in other countries, as well as straining foreign relations with some countries like USA at the expense of the disgruntled people. We as Sudanese people are facing severe and deteriorating livelihoods, our money is being plundered by this regime day and night, and the economy is ominously crumbling while the public fund of the country is being embezzled by the supporters and subordinates of this regime.
    In this this critical juncture where our country is grappling with severe suffering and looming destruction, our people are living at this current time with extreme patience. First; I deliver this message: To our party people and public audiences, our party's central leadership, at the state, local, grassroots, diaspora and sectorial levels in the United States of America, as well as to Our patient and resilient people, and those who wish the dawn of redemption by the God's will. I hereby underscore that the ruling regime in Khartoum has pursued a despotic policy with arrogance and had committed all crimes against the citizen and the State, where the regime committed killings, displacement, torture, rape, depredation, subversion and destruction. The survival of the regime became impossible and the work to overthrow and changed it is incumbent that never tolerate postponement the time is over.
    Second; we loosed the rope of patience to this regime for 27 years seeking a secure and safe exit strategy for this wounded country to eliminate the corruption and arrogance state for the sake of statehood and citizenship. We had exerted colossal efforts for the comprehensive political solution. However, this regime pursued the policy of missing the opportunities to exit from its crises at the expense of the Sudanese people, as well as sustaining its lusts on the suffering of our people until we ran of patience and the regime didn't leave any option, but to confront and resist it peacefully until we bring this regime to the dustbin of history.
    Third; our demand and our people's demand is a fair, just and comprehensive peace, as well as full democratic transformation justice and social welfare that virtually secure our people's livelihood.
    We had been using our means of struggle ingeniously including equal negotiation that we prepared, when the regime evaded and derailed from this track. Otherwise we stage mass uprising with specific compass that we prepared for, where the regime paved the way for pursuing stupid policies. In this regard, our Umma party proclaimed its attitude repeatedly to be the side of Sudanese people and fulfil their demands, as well as the party's engagement in a wide mobilization in the way to popular uprising.
    Our comrade Imam Alsadiq Alamadi had proclaimed our call while the party likewise proclaimed the cycle of popular action culminated to public strike and civil disobedience in 1st January 2017 which is apparently targeted to change this regime and reinstate another alternative one that is based on freedom, dignity and good life. We vehemently rejected the recent decisions that call for raising the prices of commodities and we underscored that these decisions are stark violation against the willing of Sudanese people.
    Therefore, it is time for our people to reject and repudiate these policies and decisions through pursuing peaceful protests, strike and civil disobedience which are virtually deemed as legitimate means. And trialed mechanisms to crush arrogance and totalitarian. You will find us resisting in the forefront of our people's struggle line to protect and defend our people's basic rights. We are advocating for change, liberation and redemption to champion the rights.
    Mr. Trump, as you know that the American relations and engagement with African countries require are based on mutual respect and countering the terrorism groups in all corners of the world.
    We hereby proclaim our mass uprising and civil disobedience against the Sudanese government to reverse these adverse situations and reinstall new regime that respect human rights and chart new future for the new generation of Sudan. Dr. Mr. president; we are eyeing your personal support and collaboration with the Sudanese people to promptly change this regime or overthrow it by all means available. We Sudanese people have fed up with this situation and we need redemption and freedom in Sudan, we need education, better life, decent life and complete respect to freedom of speech and human rights. We have proclaimed our anticipated civil disobedience today that will be evolved to mass civil uprising against the government.
    As you know that the Sudanese government is deploying ubiquitous security forces and politically politicized police gangs and military elements to suppress this milestone day, which is scheduled on 19 December 2016, and as you know that as soon as this event takes place the government will not hesitate to kill everyone who moves or oppose or even protest against the regime, they are preparing to disrupt any disobedience or uprising.!!
    We the Sudanese people kindly request you utmost efforts to support this civil disobedience and hold the Sudanese regime accountable for any counterattacks that might occur due to these anticipated events. We the Sudanese people are in one side with the American people...

    Khalid Hassan Mohamed Samiloud

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 11 ديسمبر 2016

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