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Articles and ViewsMy thoughtfulness towards people and perceptions of antagonists in my indictment of adultery by Mak
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My thoughtfulness towards people and perceptions of antagonists in my indictment of adultery by Mak

11-26-2016, 08:40 PM
Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial
<aAjang Malueth Ajang Nhial
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My thoughtfulness towards people and perceptions of antagonists in my indictment of adultery by Mak

    08:40 PM November, 26 2016

    Sudanese Online
    Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial-Kampala, Uganda
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    My thoughtfulness towards people and perceptions of antagonists in my indictment of adultery by Makiir Gai Thiep and his World dreadful wife Awut Garang
    By Ajang Malueth Ajang Nhial
    Column; endorse or leave it

    I am a natural optimist, and prefer to spend time focusing on the angelical than looking at the diffident and dwelling in the fast past. However, each experience is an involvedly erudition to me, and able to take the rough with the smooth as a result. Indeed I use the feeling to build my cheerfulness and strong bonds with friends, family and that is the reason they love being together with me. All I do are purposely for maintaining relationships with acquaintance contemporaries and family. I love the supreme times we usually spend together, as I frequently praise ever human being as living creatures since are all equal in the eyes of almighty God and that makes peaceful world. The world is the sweetest planet to everyone regardless of whatsoever you have at a halt we die and bury in the same grime and leave wealth on earth.
    Every dog has its day; our opportunities aren’t for a day accomplishment, today satisfied your necessities, this will not make the end of our chucks for the reason that tomorrow is in favor of other person and will be at a standstill, live mutually with you in this world. There isn’t self contained human being on the world of ours and for this reason I value whoever has property and whoever doesn’t have because no one is entitled to impertinence and depress anybody based on moneyed classes and take advantage of exploiting the rights of middle class as I am experiencing it here. There isn’t a need of using your wealth for threatening my life to admit what I didn’t do and think is a solution to exploit my life as he is manipulating the court. A fool and his money are easily parted; imagine person like him who got money overnight in dealership is man-slaughtering cash to win simple case that could be judged in one minute by optimistic judges. The investigation of his wife was done in the office of Makiir Gai. Does it mean that people in south Sudan aren’t treated equally because of wealth؟ Is this country justice for rich people minus those who are poor؟ Is this the justices south Sudanese want؟
    With all the degree of importance I paid to dearest friends, family and whoever, still there are in attendance antagonists who are working 24/7 for creating ill reputation against me. It was a shocking news to my relatives and friends when they heard of my imprisonment and incriminate accusations filed against me about adulterous act of which am not well-known for by them. ( Makiir Gai thiep the government dealer who claims himself to be business tycoon without goods in the market and has no a single daily income but just conning government just to get contracts, previously or early 200s known as hoof seller and his world ugliest wife Awut Garang to destroy my worthy reputation though this was black lies. He is such a human being without hearing sense and selfish which is unhealthy and his obligations from day one are dreadful and always contented with villainous acts and pretender in doom to be generous to those who don’t know his awful background. He is such an evildoer human being who escalates baseless lies to people. A person who is lacking angelical conscience in him is a sample of egotistic being but not really human being, always consider false enemy as the worst of all. I came to realize that GOD isn’t mistaken to let him not pass at any learning ground standstills he is escalating black propaganda without sufficient evidences produced which speak louder before court.
    At this juncture, I have sufficient reasons why I say this accusation is unsubstantiated and rubbish since my angelic conscience is confident at all point that I DON’T know Awut Garang wife to Makiir Gai and doesn’t also know me until she was accompanied to prison by those who know, therein they lied to policeman who was holding keys they are my relatives and wanted to me about the matter, the police called out in the prison and he told me your relatives are out you go talked to them. I was pleased when I heard it, I went where they were I failed to recognize any face except one university colleague and greeted them including this woman(Awut) here was the time she came to know me. They began their statement, you better accept the fact we know between you and this woman they pointed at her about the adulterous act. In attendance of police and accompaniers I ask her do you KNOW me. She vowed down her head until police took me back to jail. Where can you fuck a lady without knowing yourselves even prostitutes selling their bodies doesn’t do that؟ Where on this world can you fuck someone you don’t know؟
    The truth about my imprisonment remains untold by them as am speaking to you right now. There isn’t reason that permitted me to date Makiir Gai’s wife meanwhile I am in love with his in-law. Dear friends and relatives who know that am in love with girl still my stand point. The fact remains that I haven’t committed adultery but this was a deal to create awful reputation against me before my girlfriend whom they want to marry a person of makiir’s choices not what she desires. This is the focal point of the case of my incarceration; the girl I am dating happens to be in-law to him and doesn’t want me to date the girl. I have been in love with the girl for half a decade in Uganda. The issue of warning the girl to leave me began earlier this year 2016 when there was other man of their desire wanted to marry the girl but because of love between me and her she redundant the verdict they came up with. Their disagreement with the girl resulted to my jail with the case of adultery filed against. The buried truth that I know is for the reason that the girl rejected the man of their wish not because I have unswerving adultery this remains baseless and false accusation. As they said that I have talked to her telling that I will remarry you (wife of Makiir Gai) by paying your parent 100 head of cattle. Sincerely speaking there is no reason why I should be in love with someone’s wife meanwhile there are girls, also if I have cattle why should I look for women. This meant to create vacuum between me and my girlfriend his in-law whom he wanted to marry person of his desire not for the girl.
    A fool at forty is a fool for ever; imagine old man couldn’t think that adulterous act is a double arrowed crime which is also ill to his wife. Makiir Gai gave only two choices; to spend my time in the prison or accept it. If not because we are in a country where law is on sell and all innocent people don’t have rights before court because of their lower income subsequently this will be the reason to accept all kind of judgments whether proven guilty and if not in that case I will be freeman preceding in court.
    Furthermore, I had requested for traditional swearing as a way of handling our cases as dinka community if someone is accused of adultery at that moment there’s mercement of seven cows and before cows are handed over to adulteress and her husband by adulterer they should first be taken to traditional swearing if one side isn’t convinced on judgment. Here they have rejected my request because they know very well it will not favor their side since they are not converted and I am confident I haven’t fucked his wife they accused me of adultery. How does he want this case to be handled؟ Is adultery case equal to life imprisonment or death penalty؟ Does law convict an innocent person because of lacking wealth؟
    Conclusively I thought this country belongs to all of us regardless of dynamic cultures, wealth and clans but I came to comprehend why south Sudanese are not living peacefully is because of injustices people are facing all over the country. I felt bad detention in the prison and shock when policeman called me criminal without proper justification in my accusation since not everyone who is accused is guilty. Agreeing with great philosopher Samuel Huntington where there are good governance citizens always get equal justice which contrary to what have in south Sudan. Lack of accountability in all arms of government is the major problem many people are facing here. The procedures in handling this case are not well defined measures because the judge rejected my defense lawyer of which is illegal for her to deny a certified and legalized advocate.
    The writer is a south Sudanese residing in juba
    Contact; [email protected]

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  • دولة النحس السعودية.. الكجاها منو؟؟ طبعا البشير
  • مقال جعفر بانقا: عزيز أنت يا ريس (يا رمز الكرامة و الشموخ)...

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