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05-26-2004, 08:39 PM

Ahmed Elsharif
<aAhmed Elsharif
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Re: Sudanese Developers Association (Re: Abo Amna)

    al3aziz Abu Amna,

    I'm so glad to have you on sudadev. I know you'll be a great help to all of us over there with all your experience and knowledge. I hope to see your work soon. And I hope we can work together to do good projects inshallah,

    I also invite all IT people to join in and share their ideas and knowlegde. Last day I was reading about india and how they started their computer revolution in less than 10 years. Now india gets $4 billion dollars a year out of IT industry alone. I don't think even the oil can bring to sudan such amount of money every year (all sudan's exports now including oil brings $1.8 billions a year and the expenditure is $1.9 billion) . Immagine that a company like Micorsoft has $56 billion budget which is more than 30 times that of Sudan's whole budget (also inlcuding oil).Each of Google's owners (still phd students under 35 years old)has a $1 billion in their bank accounts and their company is not even public.The company started 6 years ago and now they 're opening offices in India.
    So I think when we speak about IT we're talking about wealth and prosperty to the whole nation, it's not just a matter of lofty talking any more.

    For 3 years we have been talking about that but just no one listens at all. US and some European countries are starting to outsource some IT jobs to cheap countries and I think if Sudan was able to reach peace it can be a good market for such IT businuss. I know that Sudanese are very eager to learn the new stuff and they 're fast learners indeed, so why not we start something now and let it grow.
    with best wishes.

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    (عدل بواسطة Ahmed Elsharif on 05-26-2004, 09:40 PM)

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