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Articles and ViewsA gloomy future for war-torn, lawless, racist and stateless Sudan by Adaroub Sedna onour
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A gloomy future for war-torn, lawless, racist and stateless Sudan by Adaroub Sedna onour

01-21-2015, 04:34 PM
Adaroub Sedna Onour
<aAdaroub Sedna Onour
Registered: 01-13-2014
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A gloomy future for war-torn, lawless, racist and stateless Sudan by Adaroub Sedna onour

    It goes without saying that what we have in Sudan today can hardly be called a state, but armed groups led by unscrupulous racist criminals who exploit all the resources of the country , such as oil, gold and the entire national economy, including revenues such as ,taxes and even foreign- aid ,as we saw during the recent floods ,which ,too ,belong in this category . The different ministries and the men/women who head them are corrupt hypocrites and part of the club. At the same time all governmental departments have been vested with supreme authority that give them free hand in their respective branches. Recruitment, for instance, is confined to clannish folks of the partisans of the so-called Islamic movement led by Dr. Hassan elturabi, Who was, and still is, the mastermind who staged the coup in 1989 which brought this fascist tyranny to power. This Machiavellian man whose dream was dashed (of ruling the world or at least a global Muslim movement) is now trying to distance himself and his newly-established, camouflage, political party PCP (popular congress party) from the collapsing tyranny? But his chances of escaping unscratched, this time, are pretty slim. Because his controversial exonerating of any responsibility after the collapse of his notorious ally’s regime (general numerie 1969-85) is still fresh in the memory of the Sudanese people. And although he lately ,shyly admitted of wrong-doing by being part of this tyranny for a decade (1989-99) yet, shunning from his own regime is unlikely to find any buyers, because -unlike numerie,s dictatorship- the victims of the now ruling tyranny are millions of innocent civilians who hold the man directly responsible for all the regime’s heinous crimes , now and in the past? Of course absolute power for 25 years brings along with it some degree of nonchalance and arrogance, which is best demonstrated in the speeches of some high-profile and prominent figures of the tyranny ,who, when addressing mass rallies of their party-members, deliberately coin provocative phrases such like …lick your elbow, or bang your heads against the wall etc .. Alluding to the impossibility of bringing them to book for the capital crimes they are still consciously committing? Which confirms that insulting the helpless masses is a conscious and declared policy, if we knew that public services and public-ownership no longer exist in today’s Sudan. Because all public utilities were sold and/or privatized. …in simple English, whole fleets of ships and planes were sold and their prices deposited in personal accounts in off-shore banks elsewhere? It is with regret that today, Health and education are only available for those who can afford to pay and pay (for your kids to learn you should buy books, chalks, exercise-books, drinking-water, electricity…. in addition to countless lists of fees and 0ther compulsory contributions? likewise, the situation in the health sector brings one to tears, because you have to have money if you were to be properly attended to when hospitalized…. Firstly you have to pay for admission of the hospital itself (admission of hospitals ceased to be free in Sudan, perhaps to make for the lost revenues of entertainment places which were demolished ) Then ,secondly , you have to buy your drugs and medication, Thirdly …. you SHOULD bribe the under-paid medical staff who can’t get by on their chicken-feed wages, remembering all the while that your Islamist regime actually allocates no money for health or education.? Interestingly the hottest issue under discussion today by the regime’s top dogs is whether or not the 250 –million dowry, paid by the tyrants’ brother to a woman 40-year younger than him was too lavish? We should give a doxology I suppose, because the fabulous presidential wedding failed, for one reason or another …Thanks to face book, anyway. But the mind-boggling question remains …how come a group of public-money looters, killers, drug-traffickers and a bunch of racist, led by a clinically insane general, who is stripped of any international recognition, still hold together? It is a little hard to swallow fact, yet it is the truth, and an unpleasant reminder that the putative disintegration of the notorious Islamic movement in 1999 is a hoax? That is why I am dead sure of one thing, which is…Sudan today has all the necessary ingredients of destabilizing the whole African continent, because the now minor ethnic affrays will potentially shape into full-fledged ethnic wars that match the description of what is happening in Libya now? In other words, am talking about a creeping, inextinguishable, all out and region -wide wars , which will be a well-deserved punishment for all our neighbors who put their fingers in their ears, although they were duly forewarned by the regime’s meddling in Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Chad, central African republic, south Sudan and the now close ally… Ethiopia.
    Adaroub Sedna onour

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A gloomy future for war-torn, lawless, racist and stateless Sudan by Adaroub Sedna onour
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