Moslems Moral Failure on Darfur - Muhajroon as an example

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التحية و الانحناء لشهداء الثورة السودانية ...شهداء ثورة ١٩ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ المجيدة
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مكتبة دارفور
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26-08-2004, 04:48 AM


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Moslems Moral Failure on Darfur - Muhajroon as an example

    Moslems are normally very loud in their condemnation when it comes to
    Israel, Serbs or America but normally conspicuous by their silence when the abusers
    are Moslem governments or Moslem groups. Some even go further -as the
    example attached below- to claim "the current problems in Darfur are fueled
    firstly, by the Muslims in the region having become subservient to the enemies of
    Islam led by the Jews who live in the region".
    They are now blaming the handy work of a blooded Moslem regime on the
    Jews!And they wonder why many in the civilised world see Moslems as terrorists
    and rights abusers!


    A complete Analysis of the situation in Darfur, Sudan
    Darfur ­ Sudan

    Darfur is a large province in the west of Sudan with a purely Muslim
    population; a mix of Arabs and Africans. One of its unique distinguishing features
    is that the percentage of people who are hafiz ul Qurآ¹an (those who have
    memorized the entire Qurآ¹an) in Darfur is the highest in the world.

    The current problems in Darfur are fueled firstly, by the Muslims in the
    region having become subservient to the enemies of Islam led by the Jews who
    live in the region. These Jews have met with the militia in Darfur a number of
    times, supplied them with weapons and even given them training.

    Second, is the Eritrean government known for its relationship with Israel

    and led by a Christian Asyas Aforgi; He is backed by the Jews and the
    American to play the role of stirring the fitnah.

    Third are the Americans. All of these are forces playing a part in igniting
    the fitnah in the south and west of Sudan to serve the western and Israeli
    interests. Furthermore, there are also other local forces working for the same
    western interests, the role of USA is clear like the sun in the middle of the
    day and hardly needs elaboration.

    What is known by necessity in Islam is that the kuffar will be happy and
    satisfied from the suffering of the Muslims and they do not wish for them any
    goodness, this is evident in the saying of Allah,

    آ³The disbelievers of the people of the book and the mushrikeen do not wish
    for any goodness to come to you from your lord.آ² [EMQ 2: 105]

    If we know that the people harmed in Darfur are Muslims, we will know for
    sure about the lie in the tears shed by the kuffar for those إ’immigrantآ¹ and
    the oppressed Muslims.

    Looking to our television screens, we are reminded of the situation in
    Somalia; of the time when the kuffar spread similar images and slogans, when the
    west with their إ’softآ¹ heart cried for the suffering for the Muslims and
    called for a necessity to enter Somalia in order to help and they called for the
    international community to rise and help the Muslims in Somali, all for إ’
    humanitarianآ¹ reasons.

    Subsequently, the ugly face of the Christians came out full of hatred for
    Islam and Muslims as all the forces of the kuffar began to invade Somalia and
    control the African horn. They came to control the passage of mandub in order
    to counter Sudan from the south and in order to control more resources and to
    interfere more and more in the Muslim lands.

    Today the tears shed by the west are the same tears that they shed for the
    afghani women and their children before the US crusaders invaded Afghanistan
    leading to more than 5 million men, women and children to be misplaced and to
    the killing of tens of thousands of children with their excuse and claim of
    rushing to their aid. This was the same excuse used by the Soviet forces to
    enter Afghanistan and these are the same tears shed by USA before entering Iraq
    and before their killing of 5 million children by their embargos and
    besieging of Iraq. She shed the same type of tears for the Kurdish whom Saddam
    killed with her weapons gifted to him by USA. She killed from the Iraqis over a
    hundred thousand in the Iraq-Iran war that was ignited by her while she
    supplied weapons to both the Iraqis and the Iranis.

    However, we did not see the Americans ever shed any tears for the children
    of Palestine who are slaughtered everyday at the hands of the Jews and
    Zionists by the money and weapons of America. Where are all those tears when it
    comes to the children of Afghanistan that she displaced and continues to do so in
    its villages and cities? Where are the tears when she is forcing them to
    become subject to the extreme hot and cold weather without any shelter, making
    them a soft target for the highway robbers also allied with her? Where were
    the tears for the woman and children of Iraq when her planes bombed them with
    her foolish and un-smart weapons? Moreover, where are all those tears for the
    neighbours of Sudan who have been killed on a monthly basis in tens of
    thousands in a bloody race between various African tribes for control of land and
    resources in the black continent? Verily in this respect, Darfur is nothing
    more than a typical state among the rest of Africa.

    The matter is not the matter concerning Darfur as they claim; it is a matter
    regarding Sudan, it is a stage and a part of the global crusade against
    Islam and Muslims. The problem is that most of the so-called political analysts
    start their analysis by certain doubts sparked in their minds failing to
    understand the facts that have been extracted from the divine text; this makes
    them fall down in their false calculations far from the profound reality of this
    crusade against the Muslim Ummah.

    Therefore, we must start from these profound facts which we believe in as an
    aqeedah, to understand the political issues and the reality around us. If
    the Muslims today understand those aqeedah facts and make it a start for all
    analyses and reading of every reality, that understanding will be sufficient
    for them; it will be enough to have proper research and study in looking for
    the intention and hidden crusader plot against the Ummah. It will help them to
    know what the enemy has planned for them, what the enemy targets and will
    enable them to prepare all the necessary tools and preparation for it.
    I would like to lay down the most important facts that Muslims must bear in
    mind when dealing with the kuffar, they are as follows:

    1. A Muslim who reads the word of Allah must not believe a kafir whether
    from the people of the book nor any others if they claim to wish for him
    goodness and help; nor to believe that they will be happy to see him developed;
    nor to believe that the enemy wishes for him any goodness such as democracy,
    rebuilding, development, humanitarian aid nor any others as Allah (swt) says,

    آ³The disbelievers of the people of the book and the mushrikeen do not wish
    for you any goodness to come to you from your lord.آ² [EMQ 2: 105]

    1. A Muslim must believe beyond any doubt that the kuffar, whether the
    Jews or Christians will never be pleased with Islam nor with the Muslims even
    if any munafiq (hypocrite) were to lick the feet of the Christians or if he
    were to make 1000 sajdah for the Jew. They will never be pleased with him
    until he apostatized and became a Jew or Christian and that they will look down
    to him and discriminate against him because of his nationality or race and
    colour as we see from the white men among the racists in the west and in
    particular in the UK and USA, Allah (swt) says,

    آ³The Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow
    their religion, verily, the deen of Allah is the guidance, and if you follow
    their religion after the divine text has been revealed to you, you will not
    receive any help or support from Allah.آ² [EMQ 2: 120]

    1. Muslims must believe that one of the greatest causes of the war by
    the kuffar against the Muslims is to make the Muslims apostate and that that is
    for them a foundation of all wars, they will never compromise on that for
    Allah (swt) says,

    آ³Most people of the book wish that you turn your back to your deen and
    become apostate after you believed, as a matter of envy from them after they come
    to know about the truth of your religion.آ² [EMQ 2: 109]

    1. Muslims must believe that when the kuffar advise us or offer their
    consultation, we must believe that it is a form of harming you whether
    explicit or implicit, and what their chest conceals is more than the grudge and
    hatred than what they announce publicly and Muslims are not needy for their
    announcement to know what is in his chest because Allah informed us about that,

    آ³O You who believe, do not take as Bitana from other than your ranks, they
    wish for you nothing but harm and wish for you to suffer and they enjoy your
    hardship, hatred has uttered from their mouths but what they conceal in their
    chests is greater, we make clear for you the signs after it was hidden, if you
    have sanity.آ² [EMQ 3: 118]

    1. Muslims must believe that the disbelievers do not like the believers
    and if they show any sign of sympathy, we must believe that it is a form of
    hypocrisy because their hearts are different because Allah (swt) says,

    آ³You love them and they do not love you, and you believe in all the books,
    when they meet you they say إ’we believeآ¹ and when they are alone they bite
    their fingers with rage, say: آ³die in your rage.آ² [EMQ 3:119]

    Allah finalized this issue that they do not like Muslims and whoever denies
    that, has disbelieved in Allahآ¹s word and not to mention that whoever loves
    them and allies with them against Muslims is a kafir apostate, it has been
    reported in the collection of the fattawa of Sheikh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah v27

    آ³Whosoever does not forbid people from the deen of the Jews and Christians
    after the prophethood of the messenger Muhammad (saw) nor declares them kafir
    nor hates them, he is not a Muslim by the consensus of ALL Muslims, their
    scholars and the general public.آ²

    These are five Qurآ¹anic facts and foundations for anybody who wishes to talk
    or write about any current affairs, in order that his writing is based on a
    particular divine knowledge, not just based on human shortcoming and doubt,

    Since the animosity of the kuffar, the Jews and Christians is not open to
    debate and whoever denies it is fabricating against Allah; hence it has been
    decided that the kuffar does not love the Muslims nor wish for them goodness
    and they wish for them all the hardship, it will become clear for the Muslims
    the purpose for the intense media coverage and floods of crocodile tears shed
    for Darfur.

    Abaآ¹ad mushkilat darfur
    The Various Dimensions of the Darfur Problem
    In Conclusion we can summarize all the causes of those crocodile tears from
    the disbelievers for the Muslims in Darfur in the following points and

    The situation of Darfur is divided into many dimensions:

    - AL BOآ¹UD AL DEENI The Religious dimension

    - AL BOآ¹UD AL SIYAASI The Political Dimension

    - AL BOآ¹UD AL IQTISAADI The Economic Dimension

    - AL BOآ¹UD AL ASSKARI The Military Dimension

    - AL BOآ¹UD AL ISTRATIJI The Strategic Dimension

    There is no single Christian in Darfur, the motivation for the split in the
    south from the north is the fact that the Muslims are in the north and the
    Christians in the south want protection from the Muslims in the north.
    AL BOآ¹UD AL DEENI The Religious dimension
    There are no Christians in Darfur, they are all Muslims, all 6 million of
    them, 85% of them are hafiz ul Qurآ¹an and they are composed of Arabs and
    Africans. The people of Darfur never called for independence and do not believe in
    division, whereas the Christians in the south are the ones who call for
    independence. This gives the entire problem a religious dimension.

    Furthermore, Darfur had one of the biggest training camps for Jihad in the
    time of Sheikh Usama Bin Laden and weapons are available in the hands of the

    Darfur is a place that has the biggest number of hafiz ul Qurآ¹an in world
    and this area was and remained a difficult area upon all the Christians and
    Jewish missionaries that have been rejected by the Muslims and refused them to
    enter their countries, Therefore for them, it is necessary for military forces
    to enter to guarantee and enable those missionary organizations to work to
    make the Muslims Christians the way it happened in many other areas under the
    pretext of إ’humanitarian aidآ¹, and in fact some missionary organizations have
    already started to enter under the banner of humanitarian aid under the
    protection of the Sudanese forces and it has been declared by the head of the
    American Evangelic organization Mr. Trent Hagrid,

    آ³It is our opportunity to reach the Muslims in the name of Christ,
    especially when they are suffering from the ethnic cleansing in Darfur.آ²

    Bearing in mind the evangelist movement that is considered to be one of the
    most important political bases for George Bush, for which he is needy for
    them in order to gain the votes of big portions of the US people, their reason
    for announcing the killing of the Africans is nothing but a plot to convert
    the Muslims by using it to turn the Africans whom the Arabs brought to them
    Islam, by breaking them away from anything to do with the Arabs, including their
    Islam and their Arabic book the Qurآ¹an.

    That is the same as they had done in Afghanistan, and which they succeeded
    to a certain extent in the tribalistic areas that started to capture the
    Arabs, to rape their women and to hand them over to the US.
    AL BOآ¹UD AL SIYAASI The Political Dimension
    USA is attempting to gain some American public opinion from by achieving any
    political success in any part of the world after the disaster gained by the
    fools of the White House and playing the card of racism to earn the vote of
    the black Americans in particular by propagating the solution to a problem in
    Africa that they call the black continent, that is because the republican
    party is known for their racism and the only way to gain the African people in
    USA is by shedding some tears for the African people.

    However, it is so clear that the announcement of the western powers that
    they want to help Darfur and elevate them from poverty is just a fabrication
    that anyone can comprehend if he has the least amount of information about the
    reality of the poverty of the very countries who claim that want to help the
    poor Muslim people in Africa.

    Also, If the total of the inhabitants of Darfur is 6 million and the total
    population of Sudan is 34 million, where is Bush when 36 million of the
    American people are living below the breadline in his own country, 12 million of
    them homeless and over 1 million child do not enjoy any health service and 1
    million children in USA are misplaced, living and eating from the rubbish bins.

    If the totality of the people who are refugees in Darfur is estimate to be
    800,000 men, women and children, who do the Americans not help the million
    refugees in his own country from his own people, let alone the misplaced men and
    women instead to cut all of the distance and shed tears for people who never
    asked for her help nor is pleased or happy with her help, whereas the
    American people are crying for their help. What is the American government doing
    for the 2 million young American girls working as prostitutes under compulsion
    of poverty?

    As for the claim that the Arab janjaweed committed crimes against the
    Muslims in Darfur, we ask, where are you for the crimes committed every 3 second in
    USA? And for those 35,000 killed annually from gun crime in USA, whereas
    there is a maximum of 3,000 killed in Darfur? If Bush wishes to capture the
    votes of the black people, where is he for the 627,000 racist crimes committed in
    one year 1993? Particularly, bearing in mind that this is an old statistic
    and is more than likely on the increase today.
    AL BOآ¹UD AL IQTISAADI The Economic Dimension
    The establishment of the huge oil reserve in Sudan by some western companies
    have made the politicians in the white house and the European countries
    salivate, and made them eager to interfere immediately and if necessary to change
    the entire political infrastructure there, it is important to note here that
    Hamid Karzai who was implanted in Afghanistan is still an employee of the US
    oil company chevron, also Mr. Iyad Allawi in Iraq was working in a petroleum
    company, and it seems that they wish to replace the leader of Sudan with
    another employee of their oil companies.

    Also, after the end of the cold war and the collapse of the soviet union,
    USA tried to make more financial deals with the European community, in
    particular Britain and France and let them share and divide the goodness of Sudan in
    order to earn their consent and silence about Iraq, in particular for France
    who initially rejected the entrance into Iraq, that is why we see the first
    army to enter Sudan is from France and the second to declare their entrance is
    Britain, that is the bribe of USA to side with her and not to be an obstacle
    for her. Bearing in mind the dark history of France with this Ummah and her
    role in the crusades in the past, Muslims should not forget that history or
    ignore it, because we know that the kufr of USA and UK and France is the same,
    the matter between them is disputing over their roles in the light of their
    own joint interest or reconciled interests or conflicted interests.

    Controlling the oil of Sudan and Iraq means grabbing more control over OPEC
    and making OPEC a weak organization because it is the one who controls the
    oil price and that because of the presence of some non-muslim countries whom
    are not subservient like the leaders of the Muslim countries in the Arab and
    non-Arab world.

    If the west controls the oil of Sudan, most of it will go to the Jews in
    Palestine via a safe way i.e. the Red Sea. That is one of the main reasons why
    the Jews of Israel support the Christians in south Sudan.
    AL BOآ¹UD AL ASSKARI The Military Dimension
    To cover up the failure and loss of the US government in Iraq by focusing in
    another area and creating a new event keeping the whole world in general and
    the American public in particular busy before the upcoming US elections. In
    fact, George Bush is a complete failure, he failed in Afghanistan and he
    failed in Iraq, so now he wants to score a military point against a soft target
    like Sudan. Also, USA wishes to divide Sudan

    Furthermore, the UK forces are already on their way to Darfur and French
    forces are already there to collect their bribe.

    Also, they wish to cover up the crimes of the Jews in Palestine and their
    plans of occupying more settlements and to destroy Masjid ul Aqsa by changing
    the focus of the International community to another part of the world

    More than that, they wish to attack one of the strongholds of Al Qaآ¹ida in
    Sudan, where many of the followers of Sheikh Usama Bin Laden are still there.
    AL BOآ¹UD AL ISTRATIJI The Strategic Dimension
    Moreover, controlling Sudan directly means controlling the entire Red Sea
    and Muslims should not forget the plot of the Jews in relation to Makkah and
    Madinah, the city of rasulullah (saw), which they claim is property of the
    state of the إ’greater Israelآ¹

    Forcing the Sudanese government to be fully subservient, which they consider
    not to be in full submission to the western power compared with the rest of
    the Arab world, even though Jaآ¹far numari was the ex-president of Sudan who
    helped the Jews of the fallasha tribes to reach Israel, now if the red sea is
    under the control of the kuffar, it will lead to access for both the oil and
    the Jews to reach Israel.

    In Addition, gaining full control of Sudan means gaining full control over
    Egypt and to weaken Sudan and take it under the direct control of the western
    power is the best guarantee for the entire region, just in case there occurs
    any dispute in Egypt, especially the sudden illness of their puppet Hosni
    Mubarak which will cause a problem for USA with regards to his successor.

    They are drawing their plan to divide Sudan to small states and small
    provinces as part of the crusaders missionaries in order to re-draw the map of the إ’
    big middle-eastآ¹ as they call it, which in fact is the Muslim world, it is
    meant to divide the Muslim countries more and more and make it weaker and to
    increase its border and racial and nationalistic problems.
    We are not concerned about the American invasion of Sudan, our concern is
    for the humiliated silence of the Sudanese government and her subservience to
    all their pressure and commands, it is not the first example of her
    subservience, she was subservient when ordered to exile Abu Abdullah Sheikh Usama Bin
    Laden, and she was subservient when she was ordered to stop the mujahideen
    when they fought against the Christian separatists in the south of Sudan, and
    when she obeyed the order of USA to negotiate with the enemy of Allah John
    Garner, now she is obedient to the order against Darfur. Didnآ¹t the Sudanese
    leaders read the verse of the Qurآ¹an?

    آ³If you obey the disbelievers, they will turn you away from your deen and
    you will become a failure.آ² [EMQ 3: 149]

    Verily the Sudanese government failed from the first day that she obeyed the
    kuffar and permitted them to interfere with her affairs, if she had refused
    the first time they wished to interfere and if she rose the flag of jihad,
    all the western countries would have calculated a thousand times before they
    tried to interfere, but Allah made Sudan face the worse consequences of her
    sin, verily dignity cannot be achieved by subservience to the kuffar, and it is
    not part of the political policy to bow to the kuffar, rather the political
    policy and all the politics in Islam is by obeying Allah exclusively and
    seeking the dignity for Him and His commands and not for anyone else, because all
    dignity belongs to him exclusively, for He (swt) says,

    آ³Do they seek from the kuffar dignity? Verily, all dignity is with Allah.آ²
    [EMQ 3: 139]

    The Sudanese government must reject the interference of the crusaders in her
    internal affairs, whether it comes from USA or Europe or the UN. The issue
    of Darfur is an Islamic issue among Muslims, who must look for an Islamic
    solution for it. It is astonishing that the Sudanese government never learnt from
    the lesson of the problem in south Sudan, verily subservience to the command
    of the kuffar brings no good in fact it is absolute evil. Allah (swt) says,

    آ³If you obey the disbelievers, they will turn you away from your deen and
    you will become a failure.آ² [EMQ 3: 149]

    The Sudanese armies must enter Darfur and get rid of all agents of the
    crusaders and prosecute all those agents be they Jews or Christians, and
    announcing that they have gotten rid of all people who instigated that strife in the
    region, and to keep forces from the Sudanese army to guarantee security and to
    distribute the weapons for the people of Darfur and the jihadi movements in
    order to be prepared for any foreign intervention and moreover, not to permit
    any international observers to enter into the province of Darfur as they are
    nothing but spies, they have the American and European agenda. As for the
    barren policies and their running behind the Arab, African and European summ
    its, I think that the Sudanese government are more aware about these countries
    and their capabilities, in other words they know about the intention of those
    countries not to mention their failure to make a stand against the crusaders
    will manifested in America, France, Britain and the Jews in Palestine.

    Furthermore, all the media slogans and campaign, is a means to put pressure
    on Sudan, in order to make her concede some of the matters such as
    facilitating and protecting the missionaries in Darfur and to concede some of its share
    of the oil to the American a European companies. It is beneficial to the
    American government in its upcoming elections. We the Muslims must be fully
    prepared for every eventuality.

    It is a duty upon Muslims in Darfur and all parts of Sudan to start to
    collect all forms of weapons and to prepare training to be ready for any
    emergency. They should start now in campaigning and recruiting on an aqeedah level and
    instilling some facts such as, Al Walaa wal baraa and Jihad, in order to be
    prepared before the enemy attacks because it is not allowed for us just to
    await the attack of the enemy, we must prepare for the attack.

    In addition, the Muslims in the surrounding areas to Sudan, they must be
    prepared to support their Muslim brothers in case Allah opens the borders of
    Sudan to be a passage to paradise because paradise is under the shades of

    I ask Allah to raise the flag of jihad in the earth today, to support Islam
    and Muslims everywhere in order for Allahآ¹s deen to prevail and for the
    Muslims to fulfill their duties.
    Al-Muhajiroun...The Followers of Ahl us-Sunnati wal-Jamaaآ¹ah

    P.O. Box 349 London N9 7RR

    07956 600 569 or 07956 572 162 ­ Fax: 0208 803 4541 - Internet:

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26-08-2004, 08:19 AM

تاريخ التسجيل: 03-10-2002
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Re: Moslems Moral Failure on Darfur - Muhajroon as an example (Re: Roada)

    تقصدي شنو يا رودا؟؟؟؟؟

    كان مرا قولي النضم دا بالعربي
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26-08-2004, 01:48 PM


للتواصل معنا

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Re: Moslems Moral Failure on Darfur - Muhajroon as an example (Re: سجيمان)

    طبعا ياسجيمان انته عارف أنو قصدى (شريف)

    و اما ماكان من أمر المرا فردنا:

    المر (بكسر الميم).

    وأن كانت لديك تعليقات على هذة القراءة، كلنا آذان صاغيه.
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26-08-2004, 02:27 PM

تاريخ التسجيل: 03-10-2002
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Re: Moslems Moral Failure on Darfur - Muhajroon as an example (Re: Roada)

    Quote: المر (بكسر الميم).

    وكسرتي الميم كمان؟....كاسراها ليه؟

    ما كان تتنيها ساكت

    انا كنت ما داير اعلق.... عشان ما تفتكري داير ابوظ لك بوستك.... لكن كسر الميم دا وجعني

    رودا...... مفروض تعتذري
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