Interview with Sudanese Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Mohammed Zayed Awad

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Interview with Sudanese Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Mohammed Zayed Awad

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  • Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Oct 22
  • Sudan starts releasing blocked Unamid supplies
  • UN: 30,000 South Sudanese Near Death by Starvation
  • European Union Ambassadors visit refugee camps and discuss human smuggling and trafficking in Kassa
  • Umma Party opposes Sudan’s participation in Yemen war
  • Sudan security summons journalist over IS report
  • Hundreds of Sudanese troops arrive in Yemen's Aden
  • Soaring grain prices in Sudan, famine expected
  • Sudanese ambassador elected to UN food security post
  • AU lauds Sudan-South Sudan cooperation progress
  • South Sudan Security interrogated Editor – in –Chief of (Alrai) Newspaper Wazir Michael
  • European Union and Sudan agree to further in the fight against human trafficking and irregular migr
  • US opposition as Sudan’s Al Bashir visits China
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  • An Open Letter to the General Secretary of the United Nation:The Justice and Equality Movement Suda
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  • UNHCR and FAO launch a new initiative with the Government of Sudan to strengthen refugees’ self-rel
  • ICC President addresses Bled Strategic Forum
  • More Than 8,000 African Refugees Who Left Israel Returned to Dangerous Countries
  • Sudan's Consensus Forces not invited to Addis
  • An Open Letter from Sudanese Civil Society to AUHIP
  • Sudanese civil society sends Open Letter to AUHIP team
  • 44 pardoned Sudanese prisoners still in Egypt’s prisons
  • AU mediation to meet with Sudan Appeal signatories on Friday
  • Sudanese Islamist killed in Sirte fighting
  • U.N. bases sheltering 200,000 S.Sudanese
  • Death toll of northern Sudan heatwave rises as temperatures reach 48°C
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  • Pastors not allowed to leave Sudan
  • Sudan calls Libya military attaché over support for Darfur rebels
  • AU calls on Sudan govt. for Unamid exit plan and new peace talks
  • Sudan’s Split With Iran Boosts Saudi Camp
  • Prices of consumer goods double in Sudan’s capital
  • First African signatory to the Deed of Commitment protecting children in armed conflict
  • The London Symposium Organized by: British Friends of Sudan (BFOS)
  • Statement to the United Nations Security Council on the Situation in Darfur, pursuant to UNSCR 1593
  • ICC Pre-Trial Chamber II refers to the UNSC Sudan’s non-cooperation and failure to arrest Mr Abdel
  • statement from SLM Minawi
  • South African’s government promises to probe into Al-Bashir’s leaving the country
  • The President of the Assembly calls on States Parties to fulfill their obligations to execute the A
  • UN expresses its grave concern over the security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan
  • Sudan participate in African neighboring countries conference
  • Russia supports Sudan militarily to combat terrorism
  • Sudan president to visit Beijing in response to his Chinese counterpart invitation
  • Sudan may be supplying arms to the rebels in South Sudan: report says
  • Ki-moon calls on South Sudan to reverse its decision to expel UN chief coordinator
  • Sudan accuses organizations of seeking ban on the gold exports
  • Sudan’s president makes significant changes in the army
  • Sudan’s Parliament stresses the importance of the national dialogue
  • EU concerned about violence, calls for calm and humanitarian access in East Darfur
  • ICC judges hold roundtable meeting with United Nations Special Representative for Sexual Violence i
  • Sudan’s ruling party announces its commitment to the national dialogue
  • UAE is expected to boost its investments in Sudan: Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce
  • We are satisfied with any rate of participation in the next government: Sudan’s Democratic Unionist
  • Sudan’s ruling party describes EU and US stances on the elections as “unjustifiable”
  • Saudi King congratulates Al-Bashir on winning the presidential election
  • Sudanese-Egyptian Qustul port to be opened on 30 April
  • Sudan pauses fishermen’s trial
  • Nearly 8 million children in Sudan to be vaccinated against measles
  • Sudan’s president fails to get clearance to fly in airspace to travel to Indonesia
  • The national dialogue will resume in the coming days: Sudanese Minister
  • Egypt and Sudan to discuss the integration projects in Khartoum
  • Sudan participates in the Spring Meetings in Washington DC
  • Sudan used cluster bombs in South Kordofan: HRW
  • One-third of Sudanese people vote in the elections: AU
  • AU announces stability of Sudan's elections
  • African Union sends 50-member delegation to observe Sudan’s elections
  • Sudanese embassy in Yemen attacked by Houthi rebels
  • Schlumberger fined $232.7mn for breaking Iran, Sudan sanctions
  • U.S. calls on South Sudanese parties to resume peace talks
  • South Sudan Rebel Group Releases Child Soldiers
  • Nine medical students were born in UK and studied medicine in Sudan
  • Missing British-Sudanese medics had humanitarian motives
  • Sudan, South Sudan joint border commission accord
  • Nine British medics enter Isis stronghold to work in hospitals
  • Sudanese popular and official delegations conduct dialogue with U.S. lobbies on sanctions
  • Norway and UNIDO launch a € 4,8 million project for the sustainable management of marine fisheries
  • S. Sudan Braces for Sanctions as Economy Limps
  • The Secretary-General Remarks at the opening session of the Commission on the Status of Women
  • South Sudan:76 organizations call for publication of AU Inquiry Report as deadline for peace passe
  • A partnership between Sudan and Arab Union for Human Resources Development
  • President of Sudan offers release of political detainees
  • Russian helicopter hit by anti-aircraft fire when it crashed in South Sudan: UN
  • China announces that it will continue to support South Sudan peace process
  • Three die in militia attacks in South and North Darfur
  • Sudan and Kuwait negotiate help Zain repatriate $280 million worth of Sudanese pounds
  • Darfur displaced invite US Deputy Secretary of State to visit their camps
  • South Sudan Rebel Spokesman Defects
  • U.S. Treasury Allows Personal Communication Exports to Sudan
  • South Sudan Warns Media Not to Publish Rebel Interviews
  • Sudan investigates rape of girl in Darfur by UNAMID officer: Source
  • Sudan and Kuwait sign a number of agreements to upgrade the level of relations
  • Kuwaiti, Sudanese FMs mull bilateral relations
  • Launch of Sudanese electronic gateway project
  • Activists oppose Sudanese govt. officials visit to USA
  • US, UK and Norway calls South Sudanese factions to reach a final peace agreement
  • Director of UN Economic Commission for Africa visits Sudan
  • We give priority to our relations with Sudan: Chinese ambassador says
  • Military spokesperson reveals deployment of army in tense areas to maintain prestige of state
  • Sudan to participate in an international conference on combating human trafficking
  • Sudan acknowledges significant increase in human trafficking
  • Sudan and Egypt to launch border trips on Monday
  • Stray missile kills ten Sudanese in Tripoli, Libya
  • Khartoum and Juba agrees to put an end to smuggling
  • Sudan intends establishment of human trafficking attorney
  • Sudanese defense minister threatens rebels of military solution if reject peace
  • Trade cooperation committee to hold its first meeting
  • Ransom paid for abducted oil workers in Sudan: sources
  • US Threat of South Sudan Sanctions Not a Hollow Warning, Envoy Says
  • Secretary of State John Kerry met today with the South Sudanese Minister Awan Riak
  • India’s ONGC shows interests to expand oil investments in Sudan
  • Halawani, Sudanese ministers discuss closer economic ties
  • Al Tayer receives Sudanese Minister of Finance and National Economy
  • Sudan grants Bahrain 100,000 acres for agricultural investment
  • Sudanese Defense Minister to visit Cairo on Tuesday
  • Sit-in in front of the Italian Parliament and Petition Contesting the
  • Sudan praises the depth and durability of Sudanese-Egyptian relations

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