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Articles and ViewsThe Repercussions of America’s Absentia from World Arena
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The Repercussions of America’s Absentia from World Arena

03-01-2017, 03:29 AM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
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The Repercussions of America’s Absentia from World Arena

    03:29 AM March, 01 2017

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    The New World Order’s First Pernicious Ember - Apartheid

    By: Saeed M. Adnan – London – UK
    The truth is unmasked, and it is time to go over the log books on what the World Order achieved, what it attained and what it detained.
    Human tragedies in the old world are précised to an excessively weighting in exploitation, aggression and ignorance, which led to a travail of the sharp human intelligence and its animal instinct of slay, servitude and oppression interaction. It inevitably gave rise to the present World Order via integration of philosophies; and within which it evolved the Constitutional State which cared about the balance of liberties with accountabilities to organize rights and duties. With this flourished the Enlightenment Era, where human thought developed to achieve a scaling of the flaws of human relations, and paving of common grounds, which in turn, participated in a religious awakening that wised up the mixing faith with politics, and exploitation.
    The march began with the abolition of slavery blessed by the Church in the ninth century, and which was the most gruesome kind of exploitation by servitude; this abolition started by a vivid motion from a group named the “Quakers” (that is, Friends), of whom twelve members met in a print in London on May 1787 to issue a decree to stage war against slavery. This bore fruits two centuries ago (1807) after a difficult march against greed and aggression in pursuit of the wealth accrued from slavery, condoned by the church’s blessing on grounds that slaves were the curse of Jesus for their sinful spirit (extruded from the story of the curse on Ham, son of Noah, and the curse of his offspring from his father’s for watching his father on the nude then telling his siblings of what he saw) – Genesis 9:24 – 27 (for which the church apologised later); and twined with the discontinuance of expansionist aggression, instituting freedoms and human rights with the philosophies of the Enlightenment Era fortified by rationale in dialogue and the rule of the law.
    Eventually, the march settled on an order that realised huge achievements in dismantling the empires with arbitration, dialogue and regulation to redraw the international borders, resettling of the minorities displaced in the empirical expansionism, realising an antecidency to mentor disputes, (the United Nations) and to pass judgements (the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal court), and achieving the abolition of slavery. But it stood up on a weak resolve affront of the inherent frenzy, and of the abysmal failures to address injustices, or help neutralize bitterness and malice: failures in the line of nations on the lead who prompted the formation of that order, in fulfilling the spirit of its rules to halt injustices to include compensation: whether be that for sufferance of the servitude, and in this the church explained its reasons for blessing slavery that in the Old Testament and in the New Testament the clauses on slavery were not clear; even carrying the two meanings, of blessing and condemning it at the same time (letters of St. Paul, referenced here later). Yet when agreed compensation was due, the church compensated the owners on what they were made to lose their toll-free workers in servitude, that including the churches and some of the clergy. That had not passed without opposition from some, like father Tom Butler, archbishop of South Wark Synod in a dialogue over a compensation for the enslaved after abolishing slavery saying “Profits from slavery is part of the core of our nation’s industrial development. None of those who entered in this practice, financing it or benefitting from it and from its revenues, may claim their hands were clean of its sin”
    Or be it (the compensation) for the colonisation damage of robbing those communities of their wealth (or alternatively considering a commitment to them to secure help to them to stand on their feet, except for the meagre allowances it forwarded to develop these communities and which did not solve its problems more than worsening them by burdening them with a levy of ecological disasters of desertification and drought from the continual abuse of the planet via their industries)
    Or be it for the disasters and genocides incurred in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Boer wars in South Africa, the Holocaust on the Jews, the war of attrition and genocide in Algiers or the Black War between the Aboriginals in Tasmania and the British invaders, which wiped the citizens of Tasmania in the 19th century.
    Despite all that a low profile was maintained to avoid having to account for any of it, or for the stalling the peoples wronged by the New World Order and via a deterioration of their fabric, shackled by corruption, ignorance, a destruction of their environment and mass displacements.
    By that failure to act from the nations on the lead, and the poor support or pledge of allegiance that was rife in display coming from the rest of the nations that the whole order came to protect, and the spread of corruption and disinformation, its fate was sealed.
    All of that sought a causation to kindle underlying fires from illnesses of the old order into pernicious embers in the body of the New Order. It remained inside, buried under the ashes of its past brawls, posing a threat to draw the world towards a fate we see the sentencing of before our eyes now: a collapse of the West forces of reform, from which delivering its first signs: the American departure from the world stage, and stifling the European march.
    Those pernicious embers materialised as follows:
    The first pernicious ember: failure of the Western societies to free themselves from their implicit rejection of equality because of the supremacism endured from the Ten Commandments heritage, and which came to limit Noah’s descent from Shem to the Jewish race, from Ham to the black race and from Japheth to the warriors (the Europeans). Despite the inconsistency of these with rationality indicators, which what the New World Order required displaying to enable dialogues and extend the common grounds to aid them, followed by the call of Genesis of linking the dark skin with the dark sinful spirit through son of Noah Ham’s myth, with which the dark skinned are elect to persecution in punishment. Even in its best writings (St. Paul’s letters), the church called the black slaves newly converted, to obey their owners in their cruel treatments (1 Peter 2:18 – 25), even though some of those letters of his called the owners not to be cruel to the slaves as they were brethren for them.
    That did shape the symptoms of the Atlantic slavery brought about via the blessing of the church to abuse the African communities to help build the Western economy, then later in using it to sacrifice the lives of its men in their warring adventures.
    As to the rest of slavers, their aim was only driven by greed and exploitation, for those believing in the Hamites’ sins had no place in their Islamic orientation, and did not condone enslaving the dark skinned only, but also enslaved whoever they captured in their invasions as was seen rife in the Ottoman Empire which gave birth to the subgroup of Mamelukes, all in the name of Islam, creating misrepresentations to the Islamic codes on human equality, like distorted forgings of Jizyas which Islam charged to the prisoners of war towards their participation to defend the nation – as the fact in Islam is no war or killing is permitted except in defence against an ongoing attack (not just in pre-emption of for protection against a non-ongoing attack), and it thus makes it mandatory that any war Islam should have entered need be solely a defence war, whence Jizya would justify as a tax to fending such an attack.
    As to the African nations who participated in the flourishing of slavery by slavers (most of whom being from an Afro Arab descent), and whose business was to stage surprise attacks to abduct local indigenous people, tame them on obedience and groom them for sale in the Atlantic slave auctions or marketplaces, or from Mohammed Ali Pasha’s Turkish missions, trickling from which still are some brawls with dark-skinned communities.
    Regarding the input of that on the repercussions of America’s Absentia from the Arena has two flanks:
    For America: it was the call of the majority that brought President Trump to power, supporters of the racial separation which was inherited in their religion, which bore the major motive to flee the religious persecution in Europe, and of Jewish discrimination (yet only allowed them of collecting donations for the Jews in the Diaspora), but again disallowed it as soon as the issue of Lord Belfour of his promise of a home to the Jews; eventually president Truman reversed the strategy to employ the Jewish State a Pernicious Ember in the Middle East to serve America with the power it needed in that hot region, after entering the world stage subsequent to its past hibernation.
    The scars from slavery have not been erased yet, instead, they surfaced once more, especially in the recent movement of “Black Lives Matter” and which burst ablaze after the relationship between the African Americans and the “Whiteman’s” Police regressed a lot, with a simmer under the surface. So, they entered bitter clashes, enraging other Europeans to join in sharp protests, that the state leaped to dangerous. So, if Trump meant what he had been saying, especially with appointing members of his present administrational team from some of the xenophobic white supremacists, of whom an outspoken supporter of the enemy of the dark-skinned organisation, “The Ku Klux Klan”, is Jeff Sessions, his Attorney General nominee, then the deliverance achieved from the past American Civil War does not seem to have ripened then. A new uprise may ensue, with the wings of a bitter racial conflict fluttering on the horizon of a divisive America, which can rip its federal union apart in the worst scenario, or may put in flux in one crucible to re-melt, cure and shape anew, but away from the flux and reflux of the rest of the world and its preferences, and America will thus benefit from its revamp, which will shield her with a strength of unity it lacked for long.
    Clear too from Trump’s statements is his intention to avow Jerusalem capital for Israel. Yet, in his appointment of Steve Banon, famed of his anti-Semitism, in the post of Senior Strategist in the White House, he is setting that conflict as a slighting of Israel, especially that, from his evident choice of isolationism, Israel will not be of an immediate concern to him. Israel is not welcome by the Alt Right, which is able to ladle for him a depth in Europe and in Russia, and which will take the task of beleaguering of Zionist and Islamic Jihadist extremism, with the support of Russia.
    As for the World, resolving racism would be much easier, as the African nations have developed and mastered their basic issues, and the rest of the world populace has matured in the way it views them. Only the Alt Right (that is represented by Trump’s change, and which flourished at Trump’s election), are the indignant people discontented with the class distinction, the rising immigration and birth rates, while the giving of the planet is dismal, so these groups are answering their historic heritage by sticking to their kind and assuming seclusion aloof from the flood of migrants, no wrong in that either or any betrayal, only a systemic passivity, which has its positive side of resolving the problem of masked slavery, the white slavery and the child slavery, which all would have a clear space to die out, apart from their confrontations with the religious extremism. All that lays a rich soil to bring about the elements of a New World Order other than the American Order.
    As to the illegal immigration of the Latinos, and to America’s suffering its negative effects from drug addiction, to its fast spread and to the weakening of the rule of law, building of a wall between America and Mexico will not be a solution, and I do not see it was ever meant that way. I see it a confrontation with Mexico to co-operate with the USA on a relationship which matters to America, mainly to cease its harm to America, while America offers the best of neighbourly relations options, to co-operate to root out drug trafficking gangs and control illegal migration via a strong rule of the law, launching it through the aid and supervision of America in a program of helping Mexico develop its statehood, and serving as the southern barrier for isolationism for America.
    This way, America’s isolationism safety is linked to America’s protection by friendly Russia, with whose benefit of a free world arena for her to dominate, from the Atlantic in the east and Alaska in the North West, and by protection by Japan with its new strong military and nuclear might from the West, while the southern border is sealed via Mexico and Latin Central America’s partnership.
    This is an English script of the same in Arabic published here on 26.11.2016 under the link: تداعيات خروج أمريكا من الملعب 2 جمرة النظام العالمي الخبيثة الأولى – الفصل العنصري بقلم سعيد عدنان

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 28 فبراير 2017

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