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08-03-2016, 07:48 PM
Mariak Chol Majok Kuot
<aMariak Chol Majok Kuot
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    08:48 PM August, 03 2016

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    KAMPALA, 3rd, August, 2016. When the President penned and assented his signature into the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS), hopes were at the high gear that the war which had been raging on for two good years would come to an end, there were enchanting ululations everywhere across the country, analysts had put forward that the peace would be the final silencing of the guns and we forged the way forward to re-unite and live once again as one Nation, as we would work on revitalizing and revamping our economy . Right from the word go and based on the way ARCISS was designed by the so-called International Community and its guarantors, South Sudanese with sound minds were not happy with it because of the disingenuous nature of some peace actors and the SPLM/A-IO camp. But since it was viewed as the only tangible mechanism to bring to an end the suffering of our people and abate the war of interest being imposed on us, the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) Negotiation team, with the full mandate accorded to them fully by the President H.E Salva Kiir Mayar to bring peace back at all cost, the team negotiated the peace fully till the end.
    But because ARCISS was fallaciously designed so as it wouldn’t be implemented as it was cunningly meant only to fulfill the cupidity of the enemies of our country, it made it very hard to implement some of the areas like the security arrangements such as the belligerency in the two armies that culminated to 7th and 8th, July, 2016 Checkpoint and J-1 incidents. Which country on earth that has ever had two armies, under different commands؟ That only happens in a country like South Sudan which the UN and its puppets view as a Department in their own organization because they feel they have any say in any decisions taken by our government. Having two Commanders-in-chiefs, two Chiefs of General Staff and two Inspectors of Police as spelt out by sham agreement and which I can correctly called, it was the mere transfer of war from the jungle to the heart of the city and it really came to pass were also major bottlenecks for smooth implementation of the ARCISS as it was vitiated from its point of view. But that was a gone case then because what South Sudanese wanted was just nothing but everlasting solution to the conflict though it was viewed as a bad peace.
    The president was ready and that was why he took the first bold step to welcome and accommodate the SPLM-IO Advanced to Juba in December 2016. He then went ahead issuing presidential, appointing Dr. Riek as the First Vice President of the Republic thinking that Mr. Riek would do the same but all he did was postponement after postponement, conditions after conditions but the president agreed to all Riek’s new and emerging demands though these demands weren’t spelt out in the Compromised Peace Agreement because he only wanted peace so as the war could be ended in the shortest period possible. The Peace Agreement was to be implemented both in letter and spirit but because of Riek’s and some peace actors reneging nature and based on their interests in our natural resources, hiccups emerged and that is why many provisions of the peace agreement are hitherto not yet implemented.
    The international community peace partners on the other hand are not sincere to us about peace implementation but all the do is political slander and backbiting the government. Since the conflict erupted in 2013, they have been inconsistent and partial, putting the Government of South Sudan on the same status as rebel and some of these peace actors are not clean in this conflict and I can evidently say that some of these partners are the ones who ignited this war and are still supporting it. Examples are the UNMISS which was caught in Rumbek, in 2014 with sophisticated weapons, destined for rebels in defunct Unity State. This alone is an indicator that UNMISS has been a rebel accomplice within though they spuriously tell the world that they are peace-keepers; they are simply warmongers and anti-South Sudanese peaceful coexistence. UNMISS also shot at the SPLA soldiers and destroyed their two military tanks but no one from the UNMISS top leadership came out to offer apology to the government and the people of South Sudan. All these actions from the UNMISS show that it has deviated from its mandate and therefore, it is high time our government should say enough is enough and they should not be allowed another term to finish the business they had started-continue destroying and disintegrating our people along tribal lines as we have witnessed in this crisis. UNMISS and its western allies have really vituperated our sovereignty and we must show them pellucid exit from our soil so as our nation eschews going through other troubles.
    For the continuation of our good diplomatic ties with some of our neighbors like Kenta, Ethiopia and Sudan, they should not keep harboring internet warriors in their countries like James Gatdet Dak, the Spokesperson of the former First Vice President who ignited J-1 incident should be expelled from Nairobi where he is always beating his drums of war, feeding the public with propagandized and falsified information. Well, all those ordeals have happened and these should serve as wakeup call and experience that, finding sempiternal solutions to all our problems squarely lies in our hands. Our problems need to be solved only by us, the South Sudanese because these western cohorts don’t know our backgrounds and how we deal with our things. It is high time we stop looking for foreign solutions, which are not even based on veracity and we start solving our own problems using our domestic mechanisms and techniques. This crisis has taught us that no one can win through wars and therefore, our compatriots should not continue to die for no good course.
    If the TROIKA, IGAD and our peace guarantors are still eager to see the continuation of the ARCISS smooth implementation and ensure that our country comes out of this crisis, then they should support and standby with the eximious decision taken by the top SPLM/A-IO leadership to nominate and subsequent appointment of Gen. Taban Deng Gai as the leader of the SPLM/A-IO and the First Vice President of the Republic of South. It is only through this honest gentleman and a true patriot, Gen Taban Deng where we can see smooth peace implementation based on the fact he was the one who mediated the peace on the opposition side from its onset till the end, which simply means that he knows every clause of the ARCISS and therefore, he is the right man for the job. He feels the plight of our people in the UNMISS camps and that was why he shed tears whilst give speech after his swearing last week. His major successes could be seen within the few days in the office-many defections by the IO remnants in the former unity state and rejoining of the SPLM-IO by some generals, like Gen. Gatthoth who once abandoned the rebel movement and formed his own party could be seen that H.E Taban is the man majority of the Opposition members want. The truce, peace and reconciliation will then ensue afterwards so as our people are reconciled and reunited as before.
    In this case, the JMEC Chairman, Mr. Festus Mogae should stop traversing African Countries in the name of the ARCISS and come back to South Sudan, consult with our leaders and other ARCISS stakeholders so as we find our own home-grown solution that will bring us lasting peace-he is not on honeymoon because ARCISS was not married to him BUT he was assigned merely to monitor and evaluate its progress and shortfalls. He should work hand in hand with the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) to see into it that the peace is implemented. And if he proves incompetent for the job then he should call it a quit and go back to Botswana and we get another charismatic JMEC Chairperson because who have many former African Presidents without jobs to do
    As for the SPLM-IO remnants in the Bush and on the Social Media, led by nobody, they should know that we are all bound by the ARCISS and as such, no more going to Addis Ababa for negotiation because we are in the implementation process…...period. So please, stop yapping on the internet and join Gen. Taban Deng as your legal and official chairman to implement peace fully. The recent major reshuffle made both in the executive and legislative arms of TGoNU by H.E FVP, which was then approved by H. E the president is a welcomed move because majority of those MPs have never set foot in South Sudanese soil whilst many of those ministers were double-standard dealers i.e they were ministers and rebels at the same time; making noise and beating drums of war in Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia.
    To the former First Vice President, please give peace a chance by telling your forces to stop attacking the SPLA and let H. E Gen. Taban, the current FVP continue with what you started. It seems you are not lucky in political arena Sir and therefore, I advise that you give us peace, come back to Juba or go for exile in any country of your choice and you come back in 2018 for elections after theTGoNU and then try your luck. Other rebel generals that are allied to the SPLM-IO like Gen. Gatdet, Johnson Olony etc should either stop behaving obdurately or join H. E Taban for full peace implementation.
    The TROIKA, IGAD and ARCISS guarantors should assist the TGONU by providing enough funds so as the reintegration and Disarmament, Demobilization take place immediately. It is only when we have one army that is when we will realize stable and optimal peace. Our people in the Protection of Civilians Site (PoC) are direly suffering from hunger and diseases of all sorts and they need to be repatriated to their respective states and areas of their originals and this can only happen if those so-called peace guarantors and monitors show seriousness in the peace implementation. I hear that Mr. Mogae is busy conducting meetings about the unfolding situation in South Sudan, sincerely speaking, can South Sudanese solution be found when South Sudanese are not directly involved in any decision that doesn’t involve its people, what good things has Sudan ever done to us apart from bombarding our innocent civilians at the borders؟ Perhaps someone needs to remind Bashir that we still have some unfinished businesses with him like problem of Abyei and other contested areas as stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
    The Former Political Detainees or FDs who had exiled themselves ought also to give us a break so as the true South Sudanese People find lasting peace to problems they initially caused but all the do is going around the world, running their noses and advocating for regional intervention force and UN Trusteeship. Instead, they should stop that day-dream and continue enjoying our money they had embezzled because what they are wishing will not happen even if Jesus comes back to life a second time. The likes of Professor Adwok Nyaba and Dr. Lam Akol should also go where they want and give us a peace of mind or come back and start lecturing at our public universities because that is what the philosophers do better, perhaps these few doctors with their frequent insurrections and switching allegiances, are a malediction or a curse to South Sudan because to me, it seems they have specialized their PhDs in tribalism and human-butchering. Anytime they utter words, there are always more death and suffering of our people.
    The writer is a student of St. Lawrence University-Uganda and Can be reached via [email protected] or +211956777484

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 03 أغسطس 2016

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