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Articles and ViewsChuor Deng is a Suicide Bomber: A rebuttal to his Article By Simon Yel Yel

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Chuor Deng is a Suicide Bomber: A rebuttal to his Article By Simon Yel Yel

01-19-2017, 07:19 PM
Simon Yel Yel
<aSimon Yel Yel
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Chuor Deng is a Suicide Bomber: A rebuttal to his Article By Simon Yel Yel

    07:19 PM January, 19 2017

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    To prologue this response, I would like to accentuate that my response shouldn’t be translated as a flattering response aiming to achieve something. My response to Chuor’s article is merely propelled by his incoherent presentation of accusations and lack of evidences and it is fairer enough to say his psychosis has dragged him to undertake this suicidal mission.
    Everyone who has read his article on Sudan Tribune might have possibly posted some questions to himself or herself, like, Is Chuor Deng Chuor a real or an imaginary person; where does he work; how did he get the information he claims in the article; is he an insider who wants to replace Ateny; is he a student from the department of political science at the university of Juba who was a friend of Ateny but broke up; and so forth.
    However, the fact of the reality is, he is a camouflaged suicide bomber who has been given a bomb by Ateny’s enemies to detonate with Ateny.
    Having personally gone to the University of Juba and asked Mr. Jacob Dut Kuol, the head of political science department and Mr. Givan Ali, the registrar about Chuor; I can assure the readers that he is not a student in the said department as he claims. He has no file in that department, and if he was really once a student, then he is one of the two students who had rebelled with the former head of department and their files were burnt.
    However, it doesn’t bother me so much and I will precisely respond to his accusations not his masked identity.

    To respond decently to your article Mr.Chuor, as you dishonestly called yourself for the fear of unknown. It is an open secret that you were innocently given a bomb by dark forces to step on the toe of the Presidential spokesman and fraudulently maligned him by publishing unfounded accusations, flawed by envy, morbid hatred and jealousy against him with a clear intention of achieving a hidden goal for dark forces.
    In your own word, you confidently wrote. "Ateny has no access to the President as he claims to represent”. I am perplexed and not surprised by this unprofessional and unethical investigative writing of somebody who lies to the public that he is a student at the University of Juba to have spoken to reliable sources in the Presidency about its state of affairs and accurately dig out that the Presidential official spokesman Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny has no access to the President.
    To be honest, Mr Ateny Wek doesn’t claim that he represents the President; nevertheless, he is indeed the official Presidential spokesman appointed by Kiir himself. If he doesn’t has access to the President as you claim, then, How can he be called Presidential spokesman if he doesn’t has access to the President; whom does he speak for; What does his job description say about the nature of his job and its boundaries؟ I think the common sense can’t buy this accusation at all as truth.
    You went further and write "Ateny’s frustration of late have come to the public and I bear witness to how he tore into the President during one of the evening I spent with him and few others that were accompanying him at Juba Grand Hotel in Juba”
    Dear brother, your mere presence in that hotel can’t sell your accusations of having caught Ateny red-handed. When Americans and the world at large accepted the Press accusations against Trump that he has lust for women, it was only when the Hollywood video tape was played featuring him bragging about how he forcibly grabs women by private parts.
    To educate you further about the importance of evidence, the Kenyan Parliamentary Majority Leader Hon. Aden Duale, is now being investigated by NCIC for having incited Somalis to expel Akambas from Garissa before General election in August. The evidence of this is also the video tape featuring him inciting.
    Therefore, without a video tape of Ateny uttering what you claim to have said; it is next to impossible for your accusation to buy brain of any sound minded person who has noggin. Your mere presence in that crime scene can’t be an evidence to convince anyone that you caught Ateny red-handedly.

    Intellectually speaking, your accusations in the article didn’t meet the set minimum logical threshold for any accusation to be considered as truth nor did your article attain the set minimum threshold for cerebral thought to be called “investigative article” and be published in noble media houses like Sudan Tribune. In fact, you didn’t blow any whistle if you think so but you have blown up yourself.
    In other words, you have inadvertently revealed how gullible you are. The thirty (30) characters aphorism of Roosevelt which goes “small minds discuss personalities” is perfectly suitable for the description of you. No wonder your article is motivated by the dictates of your mind.

    The appointment of Ateny Wek as the Presidential spokesman was contingent on his qualifications and his wealth of experiences but not to silence him as you put it for having been a fierce critic on the government policies and actions. The appointment to whatever post cannot deter a learned person like Ateny to pin-point where the mistakes are if any and the way forward. He still has the same abilities that you claimed he was appointed because of and he is conscientiously displaying them now in his day-to-day activities.
    Possibly, the rise of Ateny Wek to his current job must have coerced you to have issues with yourself given the hysterical complexes noticed in you. It can also be understood that the glaring successes of Ateny Wek in the Presidency might become a source of your discontent and bitterness because you wish it could have been your uncle.
    As you are thoughtlessly held hostage by your unreliable self-made pseudo source, you again wrote, “the same source revealed that Ateny was seen travelling with the President on two occasions only; one trip to Paris in 2013 and the last one was to Kampala in 2014.” Just read here what your source told you again in another paragraph, “Ateny was banned by the President in 2013 through directives of the former minister Hon. Awan Guol”
    Look how miserably you failed to cross-check your contradictory information! How did Ateny again accompany the President to Uganda in 2014 while he was banned in 2013 by the President from accompanying him abroad؟
    Readers will use reality check to gauge how liar you are. You tore into Ateny out of jealous without putting your accusations right.
    If you were in a court room to be cross-examined by the prosecutor, believe you me, you would have been put in custody for lying because your accusations are contradictory.
    However, It don’t mind letting you go free though you indubitably proved that you are a pathetical liar in my cross-examination, but please, call it a quit.
    Your delusive accusation that he was banned by the President from accompanying him on foreign visits is not a big deal for a person of Ateny’s caliber. After all Ateny doesn’t accompany the President abroad to do his own business, but to aid the president if he needs him and Ateny can’t envy the President if he decided to drop him.
    In reality, Kiir can’t even decide to resort to banning him from travelling with him abroad if the once useful Ateny becomes useless now. If he doesn’t want him, with a stroke of a pen, Kiir can fire him using the same constitutional mandate he used when he appointed him.
    Methinks the work of any Presidential spokesman is not always about travelling abroad with the President, but actually conveying President’s message to his person, clarifying the stance of the President on some national and foreign policy issues, correcting the lies concocted and heaped on the President, and others.
    I concur that if Hon. Awan Guol had some personal issues with Ateny Wek leading to the plot to demoralized and banned him from travelling with the President when there was a need, then it is crystal clear that, the Minister did not know his official duties and his incompetence could explicitly explain why some senior officials in the office of the President found themselves living at Her Majesty's pleasures now.
    Mr. Ateny Wek abandoned the luxuries and comfort of the West and decided voluntarily to come back home to serve his people. He has dedicated his life to serving his President and people and he will never be demoralized by character assassinations authored by your likes to give up.
    Thank God that there are many people out there including the President himself who appreciate and applaud Ateny for discharging his duties competently as required of him by the President as per his job description.
    ACA JAL CHOOR as your name literally means, and wrote unashamedly “Ateny was asked by the President to leave the meeting hall for him to meet one-to-one with his Ugandan counterpart, but, stubbornly, Ateny insisted that he should attend whatever meeting with the President. This enraged the President and Ateny was left to stay on”
    I can’t imagine the authenticity of your source whether it is Kiir, Museveni, Ateny or meeting hall itself. Do you think President Kiir can let Ateny stay in the meeting because he refused to get out؟ Who is Ateny to say NO if the President tells him to do something؟ Methinks, Ateny can say NO to the President if only if the President tells him to lie down and he walks over him.
    After all, the simple truth is that, Ateny is a lawyer by training and well versed in the State protocol, there are no two ways about it that he can attend any meeting without Kiir calling him in. He can only attend the meeting of the two Presidents if other Presidential spokesman of the host country is involved.
    He knows the boundaries of his job description very well and I believe there is nothing Holy that can attract Ateny to force in his attendance in the meeting of two presidents. Readers will judge you.

    By your sheer ignorance coupled with your intellectual disability, you went even further to attack the very personality of the President whom you in your article appear to love the most as you crucified Ateny for double speaking. Little did you know that you too talked bad about the President in your article؟
    You described his office Manager Mrs. Ritah Kiden as having “close relationship with the President which no one knows than two of them and their God.” In a simple term, what does it mean؟ I will leave it to the readers to break it down and see if you didn’t double speak. Actually, Ritah is the office manager of the President and she is just an employee like other women, nonetheless, she has no any private relationships with the President as it is hanging on your mind.

    I think if Ritah is really as close to the President as you claimed, and had she exploited her closeness to undermined, mistreated, and bullied her senior officials like Ateny Wek and the President kept quiet about it, I am certain that Ateny Wek would have broken the record to be the first employee in the Presidency to resign.
    Ateny can’t allow a junior employee who was appointed by the Executive Director to bully him at the watch of the President.
    I don’t even think President Kiir can condone such behaviors (if exist) of Ritah to mistreat and bully senior officials who were appointment by presidential decree and gets away with it without paying price for it.
    The other accusation you also made is about the appointment of Gen. Paul Malong. In your article you wrote “Ateny Wek circulated the rumors that he recommended Gen. Paul to the President”
    Come on man! Everyone knows that Malong is a longtime friend of Kiir .Ateny can’t be that stupid enough to brag around and say that he has pushed the appointment of Malong and expects people to believe it.
    If in deed there are people who recommended Malong to Kiir, then it is Riek Machar himself with his rebellion and the SPLA soldiers whom Malong had joined (before his appointment) to liberate Bor from Riek.
    To correctly define you according to your article, you are very far from that Human rights activist, but you are a parody of a consummate liar, middleman and a suicide bomber.
    In conclusion, Ateny’s relations with the President are cordial as per now. He enjoys all his privileges and has full access to the President by the virtue and nature of his job anytime.
    According to my reliable source not like yours, Ateny always briefs the President twice a day. He is always in the team with Mamur, Chief protocol, Chief administrator, and Executive Director that always welcomes the President to the office in the morning and sees him off in the evening. He is discharging his duties diligently and he is the Presidential spokesman.

    Simon Yel Yel can is reachable via [email protected]

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