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Articles and ViewsAn Open Admonition To Mr. Oscar By Assem A. Abulkhair
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An Open Admonition To Mr. Oscar By Assem A. Abulkhair

02-04-2016, 06:36 PM
عاصم ابو الخير
<aعاصم ابو الخير
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An Open Admonition To Mr. Oscar By Assem A. Abulkhair

    06:36 PM Feb, 04 2016

    Sudanese Online
    عاصم ابو الخير-مصر
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    Dear Mr. Oscar:

    Despite the fact that I care less about your fake hysteria and illusionary paranoia by divorcing and [not] watching your event, and my second request sent to your organization shortly thereafter your show was over last year has proven and is clear indication of that, I made, however, an eloquently compassionate endorsement in (2014/2015) for an exceptional and one of the greatest ever known actors to the world in the last century, the distinguished so-called legendary [OMAR SHARIF], to be considered for one of your achievement awards, for which request and consideration was apparently ignored, not once, but twice. It stated [:]

    "I am writing to you in concern of a great man, an excellent movie star and a courageous human being for which I do not have any link of relative or relationship with, except we share the same place of birth. This unique man called himself [OMAR SHARIF]. It is about time to award him the Oscar he deserves. His achievement on the international stage and his homeland is beyond remarkable. Without his undeniable moral courage and vast contribution that melted the ice between Egypt and Israel, the Camp David Peace Accord would have never come to light. This unprecedented and unparalleled deed alone, has, indeed, distinguished him among all other great actors and actress combined. OMAR SHARIF's OSCAR AWARD is long overdue. It may or may not improve his dire health at this critical time in his life. But at least, it will assure him and other stars that the Academy would never forget its own people. The unabashed compassion and generosity of the historic Academy is greater than an Oscar Award."

    Although living in the U.S. for the last three (3) decades, still does [not] know what the direction or principle, if any, your award is based on or even stands for. All I know and I am certain of is –––– the obvious diversity remaining the basic fabric and factual criteria that formed and shaped the American cultural society. This fundamental canon does [not] exist within your discriminatory and partial organization, Mr. Oscar, despite your useless effort to trick or deceive to convince otherwise. [T]here can be [no] question whatsoever that your award deviated and fell outside of this diversity standard. It brought forward the stigma and shame for your academy itself to transfer it to [a] (Kangaroo) "academy"
  • It is clearly obvious that the stereotype phenomenon filled with ugly hatred discrimination and discriminatory selection and election [h]as distinguished your award
  • I strongly believe that your award does [not] belong to, nor represent the true identity of America as a whole, not just American Movies. It should be removed or rather relocated to [a] synagogue in somewhere in Sydney, Australia to accommodate the "usual" winners of actors and actress, who mostly are receiving your awards in order to save their time and travel

  • OMAR SHARIF has passed away recently; and we ask God to rest his soul together with the true love of his life, who has [no] match in drama category in the entire world to earn her the title of "Lady of Arabic Screen" with merit, has also left the world shortly before his departure. His last wish was to see her before her death, [not] to see you, Mr. Oscar. She was the main reason compelling him to abandon his Judaism to convert to the "true religion" of Islam. OMAR SHARIF was [a] legend in the eye of the entire world that by far more and much greater than the Oscar and its spurious academy themselves. OMAR SHARIF will [only] be remembered by your award when the "Camp David Accords" reaches its "End" and final destination into the trash can for which he was successfully the mastermind of its initiative from his place in Paris

  • I do not personally blaming you, Mr. Oscar, for not offering OMAR SHARIF your award since the free and democratic society we sing day and night of, had banned his movie with the lovely Barbra Streisand for his eagerness [t]o kiss her in that movie as evidenced by her [own] admission recently during her interview with one of the late night shows host. It meant that it was really a very heated and romantic (hot) kiss lane to trigger the ban. To the contrary, it should have qualified him for an Oscar Award for (the best kisser) at least [,] Mr. Oscar. Conversely, you [are] implying [h]ow dare [h]e ([a] son of an Egyptian) may win your award by giving another romantic "sizzling" [kiss] on the stage for the whole world to witness (the sexiest man) [a] Middle Eastern finest and best actor who possessed the most attractive, magical, glamorous and fascinating bedroom eyes that has ever been known in the modern world, [t]hen kissing another American or Australian fake "blonde" actress [!]

    More importantly though, OMAR SHARIF, notwithstanding, [h]ad remarkably "kissed" every Egyptian actress he acted with regardless of her "religion" or native "origin" since his establishment in the movie field during the late (40's) and early (50's) in the black and white cinema before even his conversion to Islam –––– Even though, there was [no] single movie ever banned for him by the "fanatic" world –––– Meanwhile, the "free world" and "democratic" America was still living in its shameful dark era of (Slavery) with its full speed of biased, discrimination and prejudice alive in operation against its own African American citizens, ordering them, men and women, to sit on the back of the bus, besides banning them from entering restaurants and other public places –––– How great modernized freedom and "equal justice for all" was that؟؟؟ –––– Where are you, at that point in time, Mr. Oscar؟؟؟ [Y]ou likely preferred to uphold the Constitution in order to remain shamefully silent because you do [not] have the moral courage to speak out against the wrongdoing and the wrongdoers among us

  • After all, in the meantime, we criticize the same people who we labeled them "fanatic" and dream to win the war against them. Please make it happen, Mr. Oscar!!! –––– You have already built the great Egyptian Pyramids in your dream, illusion and imagination with[out] our knowledge or eve[n] permission –––– so you can do it

  • OMAR SHARIF was a genuine decent human being when others thought otherwise. When he converted to Islam, as was [a] condition to marry the genuine love of his life, the majority of the critics of him thought that he was entering another movie role and/or character of love by deception to play as an extraordinarily excellent, gifted and talented super movie star and artist –––– But, in fact, it was [not] the case at all
  • Long after his divorce while living in London, far away from his ex-wife, [h]e hired a Moslem cleric to teach his son how to read the Koran properly and academically. He was speaking fluently five (5) different languages, and needed [no] translation to either Koran or Torah. He knew the difference to be convinced of the "genuine religion" he admired regardless of his gambling addiction, which caused him a great loss in a high-stakes single game of BRIDGE in 1970s worth £4.5 million historical mansion on the Spanish Island of Lanzarote. OMAR SHARIF had gone, and need [not] your meaningless recognition, Mr. Oscar, since he had created a popular name and famous personality better than your 88-year-old name. This false and useless picture you hypocritically portray to the outside world [no] longer exists and is bogus

  • Although he was punished and discriminated for that passionately historical "kiss" by the "free" and "democratic" America, Hollywood producers and you, Mr. Oscar, he never discriminated against any of his lovers –– from the one he was punished in retaliation for her, together with cinema star Sophia Loren –– to –– the beautiful Brigitte Bardot and lovely Claudia Cardinale, including his other mistresses he kept out of the spotlight and the frenzy media. He was a humble artist and myth who lived and enjoyed his unique and remarkable life to the fullest extent possible in his generation that beyond the reach of any other movie star anywhere in the world. He never dreamed that anyone would think of him or remembered his well-done legacy to make such a complimentary eulogy on his behalf, even when he was alive, or after his death. Notwithstanding, [h]e deserved for the great entertainment he possessed

  • As a matter of fact, OMAR SHARIF was living in [a] Hollywood film of his own. His intended style and desire to eventually end it on his own time and term for which he masterminded and succeeded as [no] other has before him
  • He was not like typical Hollywood actors who love to live with their double secret life until foolishly get caught in [a] scandal for chasing street prostitutes –––– He was the [only] actor and artist ever known in the entire world to be faced with an armed woman who demanding to have sex with him by force under the threat of her gun in his hotel room in Texas until the police finally came and rescued him from her wild adventure style and desire. Oddly enough and more bizarre, the world has never heard of any "generous" king or billionaire ever paid more than half a million dollars for purchasing all flower in an Europe well-known renowned town to satisfy and please a woman for one single night stand –––– [Only] the master OMAR SHARIF [h]ad. This kind of remarkably unheard unique mentality of overwhelming generosity, supreme passion and revered personality –––– does [NOT] dream or even think of [a] piece of junk trophy, precisely named "Oscar" that almost worth [nothing] regardless of the "red carpet" show that comes with the deceptive celebration (with all due respect, Mr. Oscar)

  • Regrettably, Mr. Oscar, this lecture or rather an admonition brought to you via fax [only] because our corrupt government [is] (spying) on its own citizens (Moslemeen in particular) in an ongoing and relentless campaign of intercepting and tampering with opening regular mail and monitoring email[s] in addition [t]o wiretapping home, cell phones and bugging home and business computers. I understand your formal familiarly knowing cowardly position in keeping you silent, protecting under the virtue or rather seeking a refuge from the vice of satanic silence, which is noticeable, but inexcusable as unforgettable. You cannot even condemn the barbaric and inhumane practice of torture and humiliation of all human rights taken place and boldly exercised in broad daylight by the giant master of all time ("police state") the so-called "United States of America" within its unique, unprecedented renowned ("University Of Guantanamo Bay For The Academic Technology Of Sophisticated Barbaric Torture And Humiliation On The Cutting Edge") –––– (Despite [T]he Forgotten [V]ow To Shut t Down Ten [10] Years Ago) [!]

    Nor did you speak up about the "Iraqi farce" of "Weapons of mass destruction" comedy that recently franchised and brought forward by the former ignorant and corrupt old evil previous secretary of defense, who came forward now to all joke shows, as well as the serious ones, in order for him to educate the American with the rest of the world about the complicated definition of [h]is remarkable and imaginary achievement of distinction between "intelligent analysis and fact" –––– [h]e deliberately ignored with his other bullies within the American Administration. [H]e must forget the famous phrase made repeatedly by the arrogant former vice president when he stood up to deceive the world by telling them: –––– "[T]here Is [NO] Doubt That Iraqi Dictator [H]as [A] Weapon Of Mass Destruction" –––– Referring specifically to "nuclear", [NOT] "chemical and biological weapons" as falsely claimed thereafter. [H]e emphasized then the distinguishable notable indication of declaring –––– "[NO] Doubt" –––– for clearing the way for the "fact", and [NOT] an "intelligent analysis" [NOR] "judgment" inference –––– as misleading and misrepresentation as misled and misrepresented now. Otherwise, there would [NOT] have been imaginary talks and/or scary tactics discussion regarding what was described then to the Americans and the world as [a] ––"Mushroom Cloud" –– which does [neither] arise nor stem from the "chemical and biological weapons", Mr. clever, evaded (Satan) outwork [!]

    To insist constantly of using the dramatic, moving and operative familiar phrase –––– "[NO] Doubt" –––– in a country supposedly enduring and embracing the model and ideal of the "Rule of Law" –––– for which its criminal judiciary's foundation standard based [only] upon the principle theory of conviction that must [be] met by evidence that [is] "beyond reasonable doubt" –––– cannot and must [NOT] be interpreted other than –––– "FACT" –––– since [a] deceptive and decisive language and slogan of effective words –––– "[NO] Doubt" –––– namely, clarifying [only] what [is] –––– "FACT" –––– (beyond all doubts) –––– regardless of what evasive or illusionary answer as usual comes from that creepy "War Criminal" old man who and other colleague gangs must [be] held responsible for the death and murder of million innocent men, women and children all over the Middle East –––– for their intentionally and willfully unwise judgment, conduct and action of deception and misrepresentation preceding invading Iraq on their own basis of false presentation regarding their hidden mask of "Mushroom Cloud" under their ugly unrealistic conspiracy theory of "Weapons of mass destruction" that disappeared and vanished under the clear water of "Digla and Al-Furat" (Tigris and Euphrates) Rivers. t must [not] be [a] joking matter anymore for all talk shows in the "free and democratic" society. nless [h]e will be arrested and prosecuted with [h]is "bully" [ARBAGY] boss and the rest of his gang team, which orchestrated this miserable episode, to be literally charged and convicted with "War Criminal" offense, [h]e and others, along with whomever may be trying to repeat the same in the near future, will then learn how to distinguish and differentiate between ("fact" and "false") –––– therefore –––– their deliberate deception and misrepresentation upon their own people would be eventually prevented and obviated
  • It would rather remained useful wisdom of an exemplary consequence to make an example of them to deter them and other ("War Criminals") with the rest of the wrongdoers out there from engaging in similar wrongful conduct and misjudgment [t]o finally prevent and obviate [t]he unrealistic pretending notion of [an] illusionary [confusion] in the future between ("fact" and "false") –––– (right and wrong) –––– precisely –––– "intelligent analysis" and wrong "judgment" –––– involved [!]

    To that extent with this end, [t]his also would have served and remained as [a] powerful wisdom and reminder about disrespecting and degrading the "Rule of Law" in particular. t would have remained to be an example and an exhortation for every consider[ed] discerner
  • But, unfortunately, they are very lucky war criminals since [t]he (cowardly) "International Criminal Court"––(the Court hunts [only] for "small fish")––let them escaped from facing justice which let the entire world down in this unforgivable and unforgettable matter –––– for which miscalculation and misjudgment led directly to a disturbance and chaotic unrest dilemma turned Iraq to the Stone Age and transferred the entire region into [a] heaven for terrorism afterward

  • You never even bothered with all of that, Mr. Oscar. Simply, because you know and understand [t]he inevitability severe consequence that would bring an end to your show and award, as happened to others before. Though, diverting attention elsewhere in pretending hypocritically an open arms and heart for those gay and lesbian, is the better and more liberal to present and represent in order to cope with your unexplained silence toward the other important issues facing America. [T]his [is] the most "hypocritical face" –––– as it usually called as famously cognizable and identifiably known by the outside world, Mr. Oscar [!]

    We are not oblivious regarding your manipulative process that selected and elected the frequently known winners long ahead in advance –––– Therefore, Egypt [shall] not participate in such [a] familiar sham and scam, and if there is a movie already pending, it should be withdrawn forthwith for the sake of the Egyptian oldest cinema, and more importantly though, for the integrity of the Egyptian film makers. Since when was Mr. Oscar awarded the cinema that exist[ed] eve[n] before [h]is birth –––– As[k] OMAR SHARIF!!!–––– Unfortunately –––– [H]e buried [t]he answer with him
  • –––– [T]he rusted mentality that molded with a "deep hatred" inside to ["ban"] a (movie) for which stand[s] for the "freedom of speech and expression" on the [only] basis of [a] romantic [kiss] –––– cannot possibly possess [t]he intellectual [nor] talent of an open, moderate and liberal mind to award the [kisser] any prizes other than the ultimate punishment
  • Hopefully, those folks who live with integrity will speak up to flood every show starting from now until you go away and disappear for good with this mindful admonition of publication via your E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to expose you to yourself in order to open your blind eyes and see others who are neglected by your mean races dimension

  • By publishing this concise lecture, admonition or reprimand, I shall offer my deepest sincere apology to the most legendary, intelligent and brilliant actor and artist, who I made the previous requests on behalf of his honor without even his authorization, knowledge or awareness. I also urge the Arab and Islamic World to join with all other foreign nations around the world along with particularly the Egyptian hundred-year-old Movie Production Institution whose first movie played on the big screen in (1925) before even [t]he birth of Mr. Oscar –––– to boycott Mr. Oscar and his event entirely, and ban broadcasting his show inside Egypt and throughout all of the Arab World, including the Internet and the social media

  • With that in mind, if you deny your award to the Egyptian actors and actress along with foreign movie stars in general, especially minority, we urge you to respect yourself and other culture [t]o cease and desist steal[ing] the Egyptian History
  • t must [be] acknowledged and declared loudly and clearly –––– [t]he unparalleled, unattainable extraordinarily spectacular and sophisticated greatly glorious Egyptian Pyramids –––– cannot [be] built by those idiotic and moronic (paid) "servants", "butlers" and "valets" –––– who eve[n] could [not] recognized the way they came from when they decide[d] to escape and flee –––– whether the dreamers and the perverters of the truth and history together with the arrogant directors and producers in (fancy and fanatic Hollywood) would accept this define definition and determination or reject

  • Thanking you for disregarding my request by accepting my unique admonition with or without your consent, I remain,


    /s/ Assem A. Abulkhair

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