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Articles and ViewsAn Open Letter And Plea To The Honorable President Of The United States Of America
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An Open Letter And Plea To The Honorable President Of The United States Of America

10-10-2015, 01:57 AM
عاصم ابو الخير
<aعاصم ابو الخير
Registered: 08-13-2015
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An Open Letter And Plea To The Honorable President Of The United States Of America

    00:57 AM Oct, 10 2015
    Sudanese Online
    عاصم ابو الخير-مصر
    My Library at SudaneseOnline

    Dear President Obama:

    Almost fifteen years ago before leaving his office, I wrote to former President Clinton pleading to either order a presidential pardon or at least issue an immediate mandatory house arrest whether in the United States or in Egypt regarding "The Blind Sheikh", the Egyptian inmate elderly cleric, who is serving his life sentence due to his conviction in the mid-nineties

  • This urgently compelling and compassionate plea stemmed from the outrageous and immoral inhumane conduct and action of [v]iolence take[n] by [t]he prison guard n beat[en] ("the Sheikh") up for [no] apparent reason whatsoever except [a] malicious hatred, at that point in time, which constituted [a] sufficient fact and evidence to trigger awake conscience [t]o call for mercy
  • Given the undisputed fact and circumstance that the guard may have forgotten that [h]e was guarding and dealing with [an] unarmed and spiritual blind elderly man

  • Unfortunately, the former president [h]ad ignored the plea entirely, and had not [e]ven respond to the letter as an elected "democratic" president governing in [a] civilized society which would be considered not just abnormal behavior, [but] rather an unethical inaction and neglect [,] especially when "the leader of the free world" in question [is] the neglectful one
  • [H]ad the undersigned included with that letter [a] personal check for one hundred thousand dollars to giveaway as [a] "donation" for his library [,] the blind cleric ma[y] have been free since
  • This letter and plea also would have been avoided and obviated

  • Frankly, it would not be exaggerating to concede and acknowledge for someone who is known as an eloquent speaker with a background as a former law professor, as you are, that [h]ad the former president acted responsibly and professionally by considering the plea submitted to him in this regard seriously and compassionately, [t]he entire tragic event of September 11th would have been prevented and obviated
  • It would not just have been existed, but t may have never come to light
  • At least, it would have [h]ad positively given ample opportunity for [t]he perpetrators to have [a] second thought [t]o rethink time after time of their action as to whether their "merciful" hearted victims deserved such horrific attacks. [T]his undeniable reality cannot [be] ignored by anyone who [is] familiar with the culture, customs, traditions and [t]he remarkable history of this extremely religious part of the world

  • [T]he United States cannot and [shall] not keep saying that it "[must] win the hearts and minds of [t]he Moslem World" by [only] talking with[out] an approaching compassionate action [t]o implement what t really says in the real world [,] and [not] just its merely hypocritical style for which the entire world despises and disrespects us
  • It takes "moral" [courage] to act [now] and swiftly––It [must] leave [t]he U.S. caught between [a] rock and [a] hard place with [only] one corner in [one] court [t]o choose between "arrogance" and mercy

  • [W]ith that in mind, the latter would [be] the suitable choice and the proper option for the U.S. since the last horrible and horrific adventure the U.S. must remember to neutralize when it makes it[s] vital choice [t]o avoid having this elderly diabetic and blind cleric die in its prisons. [T]he Arab and Islamic world would never forgive [nor] forget the U.S. if occurred
  • Although the terrorist charges he was convicted of are [not] contested herein, the undersigned completely disagreed with the scenario and tactic that led to the charges and indictment in the first place

  • Having clearly addressed that point, [t]he argument of mercy contradict[s] and supersede[s] the core foundation of his conviction
  • The Sheikh has been in jail isolate[d] in solitary confinement for more than two decades of imprisonment in high-security detention centers on the crime of "words" which contradicts the fundamentally foundation canon of the Constitution and [t]he Rule of Law of the United States [,] and absolutely tragically shocking [t]o the judicial conscience as well to [t]he polestar justice
  • if [not] the interest of justice itself
  • This tragic judgment and fate [is] one of those which [no] reasonable person [can] condone –––– This outrageous tactic and practice must [be] shocking to the judicial conscience as well as to the administration of justice. The taxpayers [shall] not bear the burden for this kind of set up crime of "words" without action, especially when the suspect [is] "blind" [,] as [is] the case here

  • [N]o decent [one] will be proud to be [an] American until the ("Guantanamo Bay University of the Academic and Satanic Barbaric Torture and Humiliation of All Human Rights") [is] being shut down and demolish[ed] forthwith
  • With an end [t]o cease and desist [a]t once the [spying] activities and surveillance of wiretapping, tampering, intercepting, opening and delaying mail to particularly discriminate against American Moslem, except the hypocritical folks for whom the undersigned is [NOT] one of them
  • See Abulkhair v. USPS, et al, with its publish[ed] painful scandal –––– *** ["An Open Petition To The Immoral And Corrupt Judges Of The United States Court Of Appeals For The Third Circuit"] *** –––– everywhere. As [a] direct result, there can be [no] question that the ruination image and reputation of the United States together with its corrupt judicial system continue[s] to tarnish [,] day after day [,] which undermined it[s] damaged credibility around the world

  • How any decent American could be proud of his/her citizenship when he or she visit[s] his/her local library asking to borrow the "Painful Questions" book to face up with [a] strange stare at his/her face treating like [a] criminal or someone who [is] looking for forbidden drugs
  • As a matter of fact, [no] single library in the State of New Jersey carries the book –––– t comes as [no] surprise
  • This is [not] "free" America anymore as we know it, Mr. President
  • Unfortunately, people scare to speak out or even discuss any subject regarding the book in question –––– Once again –––– [t]his is [not] ("America") anymore
  • Thus, [w]here is [t]he "change" [,] Mr. President [؟]

    While the critics of foreign policy and other nations demand your administration to urge the "Chinese President" to encourage more freedom and democracy there, regrettably, we should urge you, Mr. President, [t]o encourage our stray[ed] government [t]o return back [t]he forgotten sacrificed and victimized liberty, democracy and [t]he well cherished privacy to [all] American People
  • These well-established and well settled principle[s] of any decent civilization were attacked or rather snatch[ed] with[out] consent or justification –––– where [t]he hypocritical legislators ("law makers") on Capitol Hill together with [t]he coward major ("big time") news media and newspapers all over the county [,] who lacked [t]he moral courage, and remain[ed] silent [,] preferring [t]he virtue of "silence" under their illusion of the deceptive ([Un]-Patriot Act) which designed to discriminate and deprive American People of their liberty and fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Rule of Law
  • [N]othing more –––– [N]othing less
  • They are [only] clever by attacking and criticizing other nations' judiciary and human rights violations and forgetting and neglecting their own

  • [T]he freedom and democracy [w]e tried falsely pretending [t]o convince the outside world that we have fought and still fight "them" for [,] for which in fact we do [not] have any longer in [our] society
  • How shame [is] that [!] [W]e even lost [t]he trust and confidence in our government to eve[n] conceive that this underlying message would [e]ver reach you –––– Therefore, we have [no] recourse [e]xcept to publish it, [not] for seeking useless publicity, [but] rather in order to convey our redress of grievances to the deviate[d] untrustworthy government
  • It should also remind you by your own words at the 2004 Democratic National Convention when you delivered the keynote address and declare[d]: "f there's [an] Arab-American family being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due process, that threatens my civil liberties"
  • Mr. President, the entire Moslem and Arab American families [are] "terrorist" suspect[s] in [t]he eye and mind of [t]he American Law under the unprecedented and unwarranted cruel, immoral and illegal religious discrimination and spying surveillance maliciously articulated, illustrated and demonstrated by the unlawful conduct and practice aggressively and satanically orchestrated and exercised by [t]he strayed government with [neither] due process [nor] even probable cause
  • Does not seem [t]o bother you at all to witness [t]he most heinous religious discrimination against American Moslem in [t]he absence of any suspicious activities or [e]ven charges whatsoever [t]o correct [t]he wrong policy orchestrated and exercised by the corrupt, immoral and strayed government. t reminds us with the painful racial segregation that consists with [t]he unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and inhumane discrimination against the African Americans and the most savage Slavery era. [T]he real change [is] when you really mean t with an affirmative action, [not] just rhetoric to gain votes

  • To that end, the burden and the responsibility of preventing another tragedy similar to the one occurred in Benghazi is completely laid on you, Mr. President. [W]e know very well about [t]he challengeable mentality of this fanatic part of the world as well-experienced expertise
  • [Y]ou simply (DO NOT) [,] despite the fact of your background and heritage descended from an African Islamic family roots. Otherwise, you would be reluctant [t]o support or eve[n] appease by refusing [t]o list and label them as [a] "terrorist" group in [Egypt], which [is] terrifying and terrorizing the society by killing innocent people and campaigning its "democratic" style with [a] severe campaign of car bomb on [a] daily basis with [no] comparison to [t]he decent and spiritual "blind cleric" [;] this pleading designed for him. [T]his unwise and unethical support compelled the undersigned to write "an open letter" then to alert your conscience and to persuade you to realize the undisputed and undeniable reality on the ground, which dominated all factions of the fabric Egyptian society and streets, and to stand on right side of history where the policy and changeable tune and attitude of your administration has become noticeable thereafter

  • By faxing this "second" [REQUEST] and plea for the presidential pardon for the underlying "blind cleric" to the White House and Congress since our corrupt, immoral and arrogant government tampering with our privacy by intercepting and [spying] on Moslem citizens' mail and emails –––– and publishing the same to the outside intellectual world, targeting specifically on [t]he hearts and minds of young Moslem[s] everywhere [,] the Arabic and Islamic World in particular [,] urge their leaders and governments and especially the President of Egypt and any future president to respect the will of the Egyptian People and their honorably prestigious judiciary by refusing [t]o intervene [,] directly or indirectly [,] in the judicial system and [t]o issue any pardon demand from any western country [un]less [a] mutual policy and respect for the judicial judgments [h]as been effected and implemented
  • [T]his letter probably will be published before even it reaches your attention––f it does

  • In any event, as I had made this argument clear to the former president in my previous request, that I have [no] relative connection or relationship of any kind with the Sheikh. I am extremely motivated and compelled by the overwhelming force of compassion and moral courage which driven by the principle[s] and values earned from [t]he school of life
  • The precious virtue of moral courage that encourage[s] to stand up and speak up for an elderly silent "blind" man who is compelled and coerced to accept the unacceptable sentence and fate in his late age until the remainder of his remaining life as [a] victim of betrayal, deception, mistrust and mistreatment with neither sign of relief nor [a] voice to be heard loudly and clearly on his behalf to call for mercy and his release. It is the mute voice for a silent man who distinguished himself with an extremely significant and unique resonant voice when he recites the verses of God [Allah] from the Quran [h]e memorized as [a] whole when [h]e leads the prayers as an ("Imam") to finally say –––– Enough [is] enough
  • The two decades served by this totally "blind" elderly cleric [is] more than enough under the existence of these extraordinary circumstances
  • The Sheikh [is] approaching eighty (80) years of age. More importantly though, adding to his tragic and painful blindness [,] his diabetic medical condition require[s] a special medical care and service which can [only] be provide[d] by [h]is family
  • It is about time to return him home where he came from and belongs for the sake of this argument of compassion

  • Lastly, I really hope that the U.S. would realize the reality on the ground and finally choose the right path of embracing mercy over the path of arrogance [,] which "God" [Allah] has admired, as inspired and recommended us, as [t]he loving, compassionate and merciful beloved [will] of his deepest chosen virtue of merciful choice [h]e recognized and preferred [t]o honor himself with and attached to [h]is majestic and [h]oly name referred as –––– *** ["In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful"] *** –––– as [h]e emphasized as [t]he beginning of his verse[s] in [h]is Holy Quran Book that you [are] supposedly very familiar and knowledgeable about. Thus, the Islamic World should expect him to be pardoned before leaving your office if not sooner

  • The wrong that has been done must be repaired. Atonement must be made. Justice may be slow, indeed, but it comes in the end

  • *("اللهم أنىّ قد بلغت –––– اللهم فأشهد")* [!] *[God bears witness]* [!]
    Thanking you for your merciful clemency of pardoning the blind Sheikh, I remain,

    /s/ Assem A. Abulkhair

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An Open Letter And Plea To The Honorable President Of The United States Of America
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