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Articles and ViewsAmerica's Absentia from world Arena 2 Qualms of Trust By Saeed M. Adnan – London–UK
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America's Absentia from world Arena 2 Qualms of Trust By Saeed M. Adnan – London–UK

03-03-2017, 06:52 PM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
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America's Absentia from world Arena 2 Qualms of Trust By Saeed M. Adnan – London–UK

    05:52 PM March, 03 2017

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    The Second Pernicious Ember: Fragility of the World’s Rightfulness
    The world today is vigorously shaking from deflagrations shooting from the World Order tussle in America, between the present and the upcoming Orders, and the rebounds from the international powers, big and small.
    The outburst of commotions Trump flared up, is an outburst of the Alt Right, antis to globalisation under which national borders and racial and religious tagging (entity codifiers) began to wane, at a time when entities still bore demarcations from the national, racial and religious past, particularly in societies that had not drawn enough awareness, or developed much perceptuality.
    An outburst like the one referred to here, for the world, remains far reaching, for it to come from the most powerful and intricate platform in the world, and no way of managing it other than via a strong and capable ensemble, that will be the mass of supporters that gave rise to it, but it has no teeth, and need strong biting teeth to aid with. These will be the teeth of Russia, with its superior technological and cyber bite and mastery, ready with a treasure of data, functionalistic to imbue the very American decision making (equally strengthening her grip on the players in the American field of international politics).
    This surge needed correct timing, and this is it; presently, the World Order is suffering a dismal failure, almost in every aspect, from slipping off path by the strong nations, to the abandonment in the lurch by the nations that it came to abet.
    So, in three days the elect president would be inaugurated president to the most powerful nation in the world, with the complete powers of the instatement, and a hundred days of grace to rule by executive orders before being opposed; and he will be sitting on the passenger seat in a car Putin would be driving, helping only with navigation.

    The way the world map now looks like is as follows:
    China – Politically: It is burying a grudge to Trump for his outrageous direct contact with the premier of Taiwan, which represents a recognition of Taiwan as a sovereign state the does not belong to China, a devastating blow to China.
    Commercially: A militant scuffle of Trump’s intention to impose a huge tariff up to 45% (a commercial wall) on Chinese imports, unless China manufactures American needs in America, would inevitably be met by the same by China, a scuffle damaging to both sides.
    Strategically: The renewed endangerment in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) will now be in an upgraded hostility circumscription from the east by Japan after being enarmed and from the west by Russia, at a time when South China Sea is already darting fire everywhere in confrontations against her claims of its ownership.
    Europe – Politically: Europe is in a weak state after the Exit of Britain and the fluttering of other European exits, and the growth of the Alt right, which makes it resembling the Trump’s extruded model suitable for his rhetoric, and preferable to Russia, as Europe’s growing involvement with the Alt Right “identity search” brings her closer to European Russia.
    Commercially: He expressed preference of trading with Britain per his commitment to Brexiteer (Britain-Exit-from-Europe) campaigner, Michael Gove. This, together with placing Europe at the bottom of the list of trading partners, with a tariff on their products of 35% (another wall) or, alternatively, European Goods for America’s consumption to be manufactured in America itself, left Europe fuming with outrage.
    Strategically: The Divorce of America to NATU and Trump’s holding its finance and equipping, added to depicting the European Union with failure and his preference of dismantling it, caused anger and enmity within Europe, which is food for a civil scuffle with the Alt right that will suit his administration and Russia.
    Israel – politically: Despite his promise to make Jerusalem a capital for Israel, and his silence over the renewed settlements on the West Bank, Trump appears less enthusiastic towards Israel, of which some accused him of anti-Semitism and anti-globalization, that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner fervently defended him. Israel in the past was not an ally, on the contrary, the Jews were discriminated against before WW2, but since, it changed to an alliance when president Truman came to power in 1948, in his strategy for the Jewish state to serve America’s interests in the Middle East. With the return of America to isolation as seems to be the strategy for Trump, Israel will have no role of value for America. As America’s only international concern would be to push back the religious extremism, a common aim amongst his Alt Right supporters and all the Evangelicals and other orthodox churches, and which Russia is already committed to and so is the growing European Alt Right, being blessed by the internal front of Trump’s move.
    Strategically; Russia will continue, and most likely expand, the handling of the Middle East conflicts when America is out of the play, the steering wheel being in the hand of Putin and his partner Al Assad. Israel will benefit nothing from that, may even be the only disorder there, unless she modifies her aggressive strategy and defines her stand in the arising World Order, observing the red lines of the United Nations, which she overlooked before. With the shaken kaleidoscope for a New World Order, the home decreed to her by the World Order would be annulled, otherwise, and would have no teeth to bite with. In addition, its indulgence in politicized religion while Christian Europe, the centre of democratic reform and World Order, accepted to abandon politicization of religion, then surely Europe would not accept the religious armoury of Israel implanted on its side.
    Iran – Politically: Trump did not show much concern over Obama’s peace deal with Iran, despite the standing of his party to that, as the threat of Iran to Israel is not felt, except through Israel’s claim of that in fear of acquiring the nuclear weapon, and not because of its actual threat to Israel in political rationale. Only calculated to make Israel superior with the atomic bomb over the rest of the Middle Eastern nations. Again, the Atomic Bomb Proliferation argument held out by Trump’s party, The Republican Party, has already been breached by Trump’s promise of the nuclear bomb to Japan, to place in play his policy of isolationism, or for a New World Order to crystallize in case of America’s exit.
    Totalitarianists (including Sudan) – Politically: those countries would literally be handled a commodity agents, given as much as they could give, but would not be given a role in international politics that America would foot the bill of in case it went into isolation. America’s vantage will be in tune with America’s partner, Russia, who would be taking the role of America in steering the World Order afters. Putin then would not slight the blood in the hands of the Muslim Brothers in their massacres of communists in Sudan, and in destroying their party in that aborted coup, nor the Islamists’ blatant animosity to Russia. As to politics, Trump already classed totalitarian states as still in slavery, under regimes renewable by force and servitude in kleptocratic decrees which they called constitutions.
    Commercially: Trump may benefit from some of those regimes (without indulging in their corruption) to invest his family’s big fortune under the administration of his family, and there would be no deterrent for him accepting cheap labour in veiled servitude, or cutting off stretches of land to own, so long these nations do not hold high the World Order that prevents their exploitations and preserve their borders, for they do not contend much with their entities as countries (inherently seen through their non-representation of their fragmented societies), nor refraining from displacing or mass murder their citizens. They act for the international Mafia by proxy, establishing mercenary trade, trafficking or money laundering. Trump did voice it out before in a speech in Indiana Polis, in an attack on South Africa, where he laid a blanket accusation on African countries of rearing veiled slavery.
    Strategically: Those nations do not have a strategy other than trade, and which America would not need if it went into isolation.
    Islamic Nations – Politically: From Trump’s resolve, America will revise its reading of any Islamic nation in terrorism, how its faith co-ordinates bear on its politics.
    Commercially: That, as expressed by Trump’s team, will be the main and most strict indicator on dealings with any of these nations or societies, or barring them.
    The American Nation:
    All what we discussed here is what Trump’s policies indicate in him choosing America’s Isolation, which seems to be his top choice. That depends on how much the Republicans would make of the choice of the White majority that gave their verdict by electing Trump, for them to come up with new principles to match, that may at least unite the internal front, not to mention isolation was experienced before. No doubt also of their conviction of the deterioration of the World peace because of the struggle of the present World Order, and the absence of cause to be enemy to Russia when in isolation.
    These reverberations caused severe repercussions on the world from day one, spewed from Trump’s declared abrogation, because of the stalling of the international will in the New World Order; that is caused by the waning out of the ingredients for confidence: the fruit of a frail trust, the second pernicious ember in the frame of the World Order today.
    This order had been established for peace under a canopy of legitimacy, to eliminate reasons for expansionist, racist and religious wars of aggression, by virtue of cemented common grounds from the contestants’ experiences and from their heritage of wisdoms and morals in their religions and civilization. Yet it wound in with it a few embers that were still aglow, from prejudices that did not heal, and from insecurity that always accompanied man, which required attending to honesty, resounding justice, firm administration, transparency and neutrality, to fortify trust with credibility so as to avoid it developing to chronic embitterment.
    With hindsight now we realise: the most important building blocks of the of the World Order after laying its moralities, are:
    The Geopolitical acceptability, to realise and secure civil societies that cohabit and interact in peaceful dialogue, we all to realise and forgive past mistakes and most important, to address our compunctions with a solid resolve, whence:
    Finding homes for ethnicities who lost home for empires formation;
    Drawing of international borders and instituting the International Court to handle geographic disputes;
    Formation of Military Courts in Nuremburg and Tokyo that gave rise to the International Criminal Court;
    Establishing an international legislature, the institutions of the United Nations to take by the hand the wronged societies in the past order;
    Establishing and instituting Human Rights;
    That these milestones were imbrued with wrapped in embers that grew into one huge pernicious ember: the qualms of Trust.
    This could have been cured, had it not been for excesses in true commitments to abandon prejudices and greed, which dragged with it insecurity and distrust, becoming live embers in the body of the order; they remained in a contiguous activity, developing to a malignant cyst of non-credibility and festered that necessitated a New Order.
    For the barbaric taint remained stagnant, not much cured by the prevalent religions; in the contrary, many forms of it camouflaged in a mask to slip through the defences of the fragile ethical resource of conservatism after unrobing with religious distorted teachings enacted in the power race and racial supremacism.
    But if Trump staggered in applying his programme (which will face resistance while Russia is included), there will be various scenarios, most important of which is how to save and bring life to the present World Order, and whether there are enough common grounds to establish a New World Order؟
    And would America survive another Civil War with its qualms of trust amongst its sectors of the American society؟ The heritage from the grandparents who drew for her its constitution and path, would it survive the squall؟

    This is an English script of the same in Arabic published here on 18.01.2017 under the link:

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 03 مارس 2017

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