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Articles and ViewsDoom of Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness By: Saeed M. Adnan

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Doom of Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness By: Saeed M. Adnan

05-17-2019, 02:56 PM
سعيد محمد عدنان
<aسعيد محمد عدنان
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Doom of Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness By: Saeed M. Adnan

    02:56 PM May, 17 2019

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    Those two ghouls were on a date to haunt the vibrant youths of the December revolution of the long oppressed Sudanese people.
    In the night of Wednesday the 15th of May 2019, and during the celebration of the breakthrough agreement of the Revolution with the Transitional Military Council, by the picketers who licked their wounds of murder and aggression by entrusting its investigation to the promise of the Transitional Military Council (TMC). In that regrettable night, the TMC, unprovoked, concocted weak and rather fake reasons to accuse the revolutionists, like school kids, of provocation of the military staff, and further inculpating them of the violence that erupted from the witnessed armed military-dressed combatants and the military four-wheel drive vehicles carrying them, thereby suspending the almost sealed agreement with the picketers for three more days.
    Paired with a demonstration of the religious supercilious diseased counter revolutionist block of the censured democracy abortive parties who traitorously imposed the infamous past regime deposed by this revolution, they set to offensively intimidate the picketers. That venture could have resulted in violent bloody clashes, of which that block is famous for, and loudly threatened of.
    That is notwithstanding a credible other culpability of foreign powers using money and probably blackmail of figures still in power in the military or prone to the military to abort the revolution, only to secure their own interests, or perhaps to avert this catchy reform from their neighbourhood. In this way, Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness sprang to raise from the coffin the undead regime thirsty for the blood of the most recognised peaceful movement for freedom crowned with a bouquet of ready sacrifices.

    Military Narcissism in Sudan had early been grown from the infectious Nasser’s coup d’état in neighbouring Egypt, the infection of which spread all over the Arab countries pushing abreast with it a new Arabism cause. It provided an exemplary success of power gain via a coup d’état, which was swiftly copied in almost every Arab country, including Sudan.
    The military magic fascinated the aspiring youth, and an easy power ladder unfolded before them, driving a barrage of military coup attempts, some making it and others lost life or sent in scholarships to temporarily absent them!, just how pathetically received by the naiive establishment in power then. The driven ego of military posture with its accompanied culture became a trendy political placard. Accrued social competence of the military wholesome ascension shrouded it with intense egoism, that effected a social credence, which in turn added more competence to trigger more egoism. With the disdain hovering over its conflict with the meritorious democracy pledged by the international community, a rejoinder of persistent aloofness began to precipitate a psychology of narcissism, masking an outward contention of civil rights intimidating face.
    Likewise, in another field, the self-righteousness of inherent sectoral groups in Sudan and their ilk of patronization was staked high via a sweeping tide of Muslim Brotherhood’s trendy politicized Islam, which, too, was globally in disdain via the violation of its ideology of the global democratic civil rights.
    The Politicised Islamic model was soon attested in Sudan in the decrepit forced model, brutally imposed and superciliously cut-throat adventure ridden. Thirty years of solitary confinement of the people of Sudan, in which Al Bashir’s regime calculatedly planned, and rigorously observed to implement, a program of identity forging, in a crucible tainted with 63 years of undercurrents of myth and protracted selfdom. The Sudanese people’s subtle blend of valour and forbearance shaped their comportment despite underlaying perils of contention. Those perils had been lapped ever since independence through a journey of theological corrections of sectoral heritage and a fence-mending ascent from tribalism and underlying racism.
    Sudanese people are now showing the symptoms of identity disorder afflicted by the rogue regimes since independence. Sudan’s diversified anthropological weave, and moral, even theistic, culture, had been the most revered gift bestowed that enabled its vast land of richness to invite neighbouring communities to share in peace and friendliness, that built its population and moulded it in the most civilised trough for cultural and ethical convergence. A history of grandeur traversed along its aggregation of identity formation peppered its people with wisdom and perseverance.
    With Sudan undergoing a condominium colonisation by Egypt and Britain, Britain administered its role via its Foreign Affairs Department, unlike the cases of its other colonies being administered under its Colonial Dependencies Department. This sourced a rich stream of enriching civilisation to the Sudanese people from the grand Civil Service Britain had, which cultured a fine political vigour in the Sudanese people and a hot pursuit of education. That is in addition to the bonus of a robust civil service and stately structured schemes.
    Now in the lived dream of the December Revolution by the people of Sudan, having endured a five-months march of forbearance in which they generously paid their dues in forfeiture of lives, limbs and all that’s dear, they gave humanity a beautiful example of how to combat violence and brutality with restraint enarmed with a solid will and perseverance, to which the world raised hats and blew kisses to the young brave Kandakas (Nubian Princesses) in the fore lines of the revolution, and many paid a pilgrimage visit to Sudan to take selfies in the demonstrators pickets in the grounds of the Ministry of Defence HQ. in Khartoum (which the picketers elected in a gesture to the Armed Forces of utmost reverence and trust.
    That beauty was abruptly spat on by the military chiefs, whether in a calculated mask lifting of Deep State attempting a coup, or whether it was forced by regional powers instigating a coup in Sudan. The picketers went calling the Transitional Military Council’s bluff by answering to all its demands, including that of a softly-softly address to the TMC demanded, but sending in turn a stern message of not backing off.
    Meanwhile, The Sharia’ advocates, together with the ousted regime’s party, the party’s other half inculpated in the coupe then conned, and some remnants of ISIS and other extremists, all staged a tumultuous demonstration threatening and warning against ousting Sharia’ laws.
    People read into it a threatening message to the TMC
    It may be helpful now to further read into some media reportage:
    In Al Jazeera News Bulletin at 14.35 GMT yesterday, Thursday16/05/2019, an interviewee named Mujahid talked of the TMC being disdained over the picketers’ barricades (!), that neighbouring governments were putting them under pressure, namely Saudi Arabia and Emirates. He quoted Saudi Arabia ambassador to have claimed the onus of triggering that revolution (!)
    He interpreted General Al Borhan prolonged absenteeism then his sudden resurgence as carrying the hallmarks of a coup d’état
    Nur El Din Babikir, of the Sudanese Conference Party, on the other hand, demanded an immediate investigation on the recent security slippages.
    He then refuted the legitimacy of the TMC (not sure whether he was conscious that that legitimacy had been naively entrusted upon it by the protest negotiators, most likely unknowingly)
    This is where it became handy to softly invite a deluge of the narratives in the heading of this essay.


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05-17-2019, 11:31 PM
Saeed Mohammed Adnan
<aSaeed Mohammed Adnan
Registered: 08-26-2014
Total Posts: 295

Re: Doom of Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness By: Saeed M. Ad (Re: سعيد محمد عدنان)

    Beaing Women in the Shaiaa demonstration todayWhat Egyptian news media say about the current mess in Khartoum

    Urgent .... Warning ... last sedition: the last card of the UAE
    The UAE summoned some armed movements with the representative of the Umma party, Maryam Sadiq, for a meeting in the Emirates in order to prepare for the preparation of the latest card of sedition ...!
    The statement of evidence was not coincidental came from the inspiration of the Government of the UAE to prepare for the announcement of this new mobility .... Sudanese national movement by preparing someone we hate called Mahjoub Ahmadi ..... !!!

    In order for this announcement to take place in the political scene of the Sudanese crisis .... The movement claims that it includes 46 armed movements and 120 parties .... We do not know what these movements and parties that call them .... ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    The slogans raised by the movement is citizenship and justice .... ؟؟؟ And The movement demanded on the Arab TV (without the emergence of a leader) that the Authority of Freedom and Change to accept the other .... ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    As the Arab says that the movement rejects the agreement that was between the military council and the Authority of Freedom and Change .... !!!!
    All these deviations, which is intended to create a new sedition was announced in the Arab TV without the emergence of a leader or a political team to announce it to the people ... !!
    It is a desperate attempt by the United Arab Emirates-Egypt alliance ... to create a new atmosphere of sedition that impedes the democratic transition in Sudan .... !!
    Please allow my brothers and sons to publish this warning to all the groups and forums of communication in order to reach the largest number of people .... !!

    For an Arabic version click on the link below::


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Doom of Military Narcissism and Religious Superciliousness By: Saeed M. Adnan
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