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Articles and ViewsWhat is happening in Sudan؟
Sudanese Professional Association, leaders of change by Ashraf Ackoud

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What is happening in Sudan؟
Sudanese Professional Association, leaders of change by Ashraf Ackoud

04-24-2019, 08:55 PM
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What is happening in Sudan؟
Sudanese Professional Association, leaders of change by Ashraf Ackoud

    08:55 PM April, 24 2019

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    Sudan is governed for the last 30 years by the ugliest dictatorship ever known in Africa, lead by ‘’Omar Al-Bashir’’, who took over power by a military coup in 1998, backed by ‘’Islam Extremist’’ under the leadership of ‘’Hassan Al-Turabi 1932 – 2016’’.
    ‘’Bashir – Turabi’’ regime caused a harmful crisis to people of Sudan in many aspects, from provoke of one of the longest civil wars in Africa, to the genocide crimes in ‘’Darfur’’.
The head of the regime and many of assisting leaders, accused and facing war crimes allegations, many are listed as wanted criminals by the ‘’International Crime Court’’, many are also listed on ‘’The Office of Foreign Assets Control - OFAC’’ sanctions list.
    Systematic destructive method followed by the hybrid regime, started early by replacement of existing government institutions and personnel, with a substitute or parallel institutions, just to serve none but the fundamentalist regime and its’ ruling party.
Under the cover of ‘’Privatization’’ many of ‘’Sudan Government’’ productive entities and assets have been either sold in a corrupted way or managed poorly to allow its’ market share to be held by companies owned by tycoons related to the ruling regime, Gezera Sceme, Sudan Railways, Sudan Airways are few examples of such practice.
    ‘’Empowerment Policy’’ applied at the early years of the regime life, designed to replace qualified personnel especially in government sector by others; with no or limited capabilities, personnel chosen only to secure loyalty and obedience. As result, thousands of people have been terminated their jobs, hundreds of families lost source of income, government performance became poor and many sectors became idle and out of the economy cycle.
    In December 2018, despite of massive power used against peaceful protestors (more than 80 martyrs and hundreds of injured) the strong wave against Al-Bashir regime, succeeded finally to remove the head of the regime after 4 months of continuing protests, people of Sudan are still fighting to protect their dream towards ‘’ Freedom – Peace – Justice’’ the slogan of Sudan Revolution.
    Jan 6th 2019, people replied a call by ‘’Sudanese Professional Association’’; the organizer of the protesting activities, to a ‘’sit-in’’ in front of ‘’Sudan Army’’ headquarter in Khartoum, asking army to protect and to align with people demands. Jan 11th 2019, the ‘’Security and Defense Committee’’ announced holding the power and removal of ‘’Al-Bashir’’, also announced the composition of ‘’Transitional Military Council’’ to lead the country in a transitional period of 2 years or less.
    The ‘’TMC’’ lead by ‘’Adm. Awad Ibn Auf’’, a listed ‘’OFAC’’ for genocide allegation in ‘’Darfur’’. Next day, under the pressure of people in the streets, the ‘’TMC’’ announced removal of ‘’Ibn Auf’’ and some other members, naming ‘’Adm. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan’’ a new chairman.
    Protestors looked suspiciously at these steps, believing that the behavior of ‘’TMC’’ is just an extension to the previous regime, considering it an attempts to overcome real demands of people which is clearly stated and declared; ‘’ A complete handover of power to a transitional civilian government to run the country for 4 years’’ a demand highly supported by the international community. 
Later the opposition alliance announced freeze of negotiation with the ‘’TMC’’ due to tricky behavior felt, many of opposition allied political parties, declared unwillingness in participation in the ‘’Transitional Government’’ that will be announced soon, an appreciated step showing good intent.
    Thanks to many political opposition bodies efforts, that vary from peaceful protest to armed resistance, in sake of reaching the ultimate goal, removal of 30 years dictatorship, but it is remarkable the role played by ‘’The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA)’’ in Sudan recent people movement.
    According to ‘’SPA’’ website ‘’The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) is a continuation of the long history of Sudanese professionals’ persistent attempts to form independent trade unions and bodies to defend their rights and seek to improve their working conditions. Several attempts to form such bodies were made in the past; most notably the attempts to form a professional alliance in 2012 and 2014. Both failed to achieve their goal because of the regime’s opposition which extended to the persecution and arrest of key founding members.’’ www.sudaneseprofessionals.org
    Composed of about 15 syndicate and professional body, ‘’SPA’’ succeeded to gather and mobilize people towards change.
    In Jan 2019, along with more than 20 political, social and civil society bodies, ‘’SPA’’ singed what known ‘’ Declaration of Freedom and Change’’ an undertaking by ‘’Sudan’’ people to unify efforts to remove what called in the declaration ‘’Totalitarian regime’’.
    Generally, the unique performance of ‘’SPA’’ draw attention of many observers, especially the impressive way in mobilizing people and the ability to well organize protesting events.
    ‘’SPA’’ well understands and relies on what called ‘’New Media’’, established a simple website, an active and rapidly expanding Facebook page, a Twitter account, beside a great contribution of some activist in a live broadcasting and streaming on Youtube, thru these channels ‘’SPA’’ succeeded in transmit and deliver their valuable product ever ‘’Awareness’’ and give directions to people on the ground, communication also enhanced by naming (8) spokesmen to deal inclusively with traditional media like TVs and Newspapers.
    Despite the organized campaigns against ‘’SPA’’, lead by the previous regime in an ‘’Information Battle’’ between what called Electronic Chicken ‘’The Electronic Army’’ of the previous regime, ‘’SPA’’ achieved a remarkable penetration and became a reliable source of information related to the movement.
    It is obvious that ‘’SPA’’ has a well understanding of ‘’Sudanese’’ character, a deep understanding of local communities needs, a careful diagnosis of the country illness. Targeting niche segments, delivery of thoughts and ideas reached smoothly using amazing different language levels and styles.
    People trust gained, referred mainly to the professional way ‘’SPA’’ is handling challenges.
    Direct, transparent, and honest speech, highly contributed in facilitating communication, lead to change achieved so far, but the fear of stealing the ‘’Revolution’’ by another dictator is still existing.
    A.K. Hamed, CMA


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What is happening in Sudan؟
Sudanese Professional Association, leaders of change by Ashraf Ackoud
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