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Articles and ViewsSUDAN’S PRESIDENT MUST STEP DOWN by Ismail Abdallah Mohammed

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SUDAN’S PRESIDENT MUST STEP DOWN by Ismail Abdallah Mohammed

01-07-2019, 03:06 AM
اسماعيل عبد الله
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SUDAN’S PRESIDENT MUST STEP DOWN by Ismail Abdallah Mohammed

    02:06 AM January, 06 2019

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    The massive rally of Sudanese people that overwhelmed Khartoum streets on 31st Dec 2018 , was the greatest since the outbreak of the nation’s December 19th popular revolution , an uprising which is aiming to throw away the regime that is dominating Sudan country , by implementing the policy of (DIVIDE AND RULE) and involving racism conspiracies in politics , and also by investing in the influence of recruited members in the intelligence institution , which is known as the right hand of the ruling party (NCP) , an abbreviation of : (National Congress Party) , the Islamic organization which built it’s strategies upon Islamic fundamentalism background. And this patriotic rally which burst out on 31st Dec , is seeking a way to stop the continuation of the veteran dictator Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir of ruling the country , the dictator who remained in power for three decades , and been backed and strongly supported by NCP throughout this long period of time , the NCP is the party that brought the third largest African country (Sudan) to the phase of civil wars , unrest , state separation and poverty.
    The last day of the year 2018 revealed a very clear indication about the countdown of Omar Al-Bashir’s regime , and marked the start point of people’s marathon towards the total libration of Sudanese state’s capitals and cities , also , that date encountered a national remembrance in the modern history of this great nation , and as a matter of fact it refreshed the people’s memory and let them recall the last day of the existence of British colonialism state , after which the country had got it’s independence , and according to this very remarkable day , 31st Dec 2018 , and while the whole of the globe was celebrating the emerge of the new year , the powerful determination and struggle of our Sudanese people was taking place , and a collective hope for a fundamental change in the country was exploding in the hearts and in the minds of the oppressed citizens , and the will for a birth of a new political life was shining in the eyes of those brave demonstrators , due to the definite victory which is hopefully expected after the failure of this fundamentalist’s regime.
    The government of Omar Al-Bashir lacked the trust of it’s own people , those people who are not able to cover their basic needs , because of the horrible inflation’s consequences and the high levels of corruption which is committed by the cabinet members of NCP regime , the same government which is administrated and headed by the president who did not fulfill his promises , and these promises are such as providing enough bread for the empty stomachs of his hungry people , availability of cooking gas to be filled in the cylinders inside the kitchens of suffering people , fuel to be poured in the tanks of citizens vehicles and liquidity in ATMs and cash in people’s personal accounts in banks , these causes and factors deprived men and women from managing their daily business in order to live a better and normal life which they deserve , a life that most of world’s governments used to maintain and serve it’s citizens with a honorable sacrifice , a living life that most human beings who exist on earth are enjoying , it’s not an easy decision for unarmed civilians to stand in front of government forces , and confront severe military member’s of a terrorism state and face soldiers who never hesitate to shoot and kill young and innocent students , only because they demanded baby milk and life-saving medicines for their older family members , and above all that , these civilians are deliberately killed , and victimized as an axiomatic result of the unlawful instructions by Bashir’s (Popular Security) agents and their obedient snipers , when they receives the orders to open fire from their guns and to send death bullets , which targets these unarmed civilians putting an end to the lives of these courageous demonstrators , who humbly said : Dear mister president , our collective wish as a an ambitious nation is requesting you to step down.
    A couple of days ago I passed by BBC news , the main issue of that news bulletin was the inauguration of the new Brazilian president (Bolsonaro), when he was addressing an incomparable speech about the occasion of his new presidency , the point which impressed me much was : when he was talking about the unity of his nation , and precisely , when he mentioned the word (Ideology) and it’s negative role in destroying countries , and it’s worse impact on eliminating people’s ambitions and preventing them from achieving progress and prosperity , and improving the standard of living in their country , actually , if that speech was attended by Sudanese people of nowadays , definitely it will raise their awareness of avoiding any type of ideological , racial and religious regime that may appear in the scene , after the definite fall down of Sudan’s president Omer Al-Bashir , and it will let them understand the importance of unity , regardless of religion , race and political opinion , these are the facts that should be considered as top priority for the demonstrators and opposition alliances.
    In fact , people’s welfare and stability cannot be approached by the exploitation of metaphysics theories nor religious believes , the coming transitional government should pay it’s complete attention to the impact of the aggressive competition of trade between nations , which is happening in a very dramatic way , hence our natural resources which Sudan is holding above and underneath it’s ground , should help individuals to develop and be wealthy and motivate them to face the real economic challenges , which some countries of typical situation like our’s had witnessed , and they overcome it’s obstacles before some few decades.
    The international economic agenda’s , global warming , illegal immigration , rules and regulations of new world order , in addition to the models of political and economical messages such as the orientation of this new Brazilian president (Bolsonaro) , should encourage Sudan intellectuals , politicians and civil activists to lead a strong civil fight against NCP so as to throw away the unjust regime.
    According to our local Sudanese tradition that’s saying : (don’t chirp far from the squadron) , a social and traditional advice which we didn’t conduct and missed to follow , and as a result of that , NCP leaders benefited from the ethnical division of Sudanese tribes and regions , and in accordance with that a quarter out of the total population of Sudan , and third of it’s territory had been separated and gone away , and a new sister country (South Sudan) has been born , as an expected result of the consequences of the racial orientation of NCP leaders . all these tragedies occurred because Sudanese political opposition parties and activists had spent thirty years chirping away , and failing to unite and work from inside the zone of the squadron of people’s opposition bodies which are acting against NCP dominated regime.

    Ismail Abdallah
    [email protected]


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SUDAN’S PRESIDENT MUST STEP DOWN by Ismail Abdallah Mohammed
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