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Articles and ViewsThe predicament of Mr Bushara Gamil Allah is an enough evidence for Darfur suffering. Written by

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The predicament of Mr Bushara Gamil Allah is an enough evidence for Darfur suffering. Written by

06-05-2018, 08:09 PM
حسين اركو مناوى
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The predicament of Mr Bushara Gamil Allah is an enough evidence for Darfur suffering. Written by

    08:09 PM June, 05 2018

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    Written by Hussein Arko Menawi

    Many thanks to the advanced technology without which the international community would have been held hostage to the NCP government's false claims over the progress of human rights situation in Sudan.
    The world، for a long time has relied entirely on the reports of human rights organizations in Sudan. Numerous human rights organisations occasionally convene, and adjourn meetings and hold conferences one after another in Geneva then they report regularly on the situation of human rights in Sudan through the independent expert and every movement a single incident is reported, the international community is taken by surprise because of the inconsistency over the content of the report and lack of consensus on information obtained by different organizations on the human rights situation in Sudan. This conflicting situation of the reports is either because the government prevented the concerned organisations by various means to reach the truth or because of weakness of fact- finding mechanisms, or the evidences have been hidden and blurred by the government before the organisations put their hands on them. Violation rates kept increasing at an accelerated pace as organizations have failed to obtain evidence that the crime has been established and as a result, the rates of suffering among civilians also have increased significantly in war zones and in Khartoum.The crime of the town of Tabet in 2014 marked the government's extraordinary success in hiding the evidence of the crime. Militias and the regular army were accused of rape crime against more than 200 women in Tabet, but when human rights organizations tried to get to the area to investigate the facts, the government imposed an extremely blackout on the incident and denied access by the organizations. And even it denied UNAMID from approaching the town until only a few days later. UNAMID therefore failed to provide a single evidence of the crime.
    In this world in which the NCP government practices terrorism in absence of vigilance, the international community has almost surrendered to the government and is about to recognize that Sudan is a country free from violations, while the efforts of the local and international human rights organizations have done nothing. It is a situation a disappointed person can simply called, zilch, nada,nothing but for many Sudanese, it is like the Arabic common saying ( ALHARTH FI ALBAHAR ) which means plowing in the sea. But eventually the smart advanced technology and the bravery of Mr Bishara, were able to draw world attention by recording a live audio-visual incident of a tortue that unveiled the regime's false claims and the inability of the international community in detecting violations Against civilians in Sudan
    What happened against Bishara at Khartoum airport on Saturday 2/6/2018 by the Sudanese security men is almost daily phenomenon practiced behind the seen against many Sudanese, but the way and degree of torture against individuals vary according to the ethnic and regional affiliation of every individual. Bushara Jamilallah, according to his profile in the social network sites is from Darfur, belongs to the Zaghawa tribe one of the major tribes of Darfur. The government has been targeting individuals from Zagawa tribe and sometimes goes beyond the individuals to punish the whole tribe, as happened against the forced IDPs and refugees. Targeting is not limited to the Zaghawa tribe, but it also included many tribes in Darfur and today almost every component of the Darfur community faces systematic targeting and young Bushara today stands as a symbol for a depth of human tragedy that became well-known as victimization by a racial discrimination in Sudan.

    That small obscured room in which Bushara has received lethal doses of torture and humiliation stands as symbol of the NCP government and it constitutes the real factory in which the Sudanese crisis is multiplying and exacerbating. In such obscured rooms called ghost houses, many Sudanese, especially the people of Darfur, are subject to torture between physical and psychological toure and eventually, they are stripped of their dignity through verbal abuse and rape.

    The brutality reported by the media on the morning of 3/6/2018 from Khartoum airport, is in fact a daily practice in many sites of similar ghosts houses spread throughout Sudan. They are horrific countless torture centres that could outnumber the total of schools and kindergartens across Sudan. What has been on the media is a closely related picture of the current humanitarian situation in Darfur and is not very different from the humanitarian situation that made the world rushed together to save lives in Darfur following the outbreak of the crisis in early 2003. It is the same crisis that forced the planes of the world leaders and the UN Secretary-General to land at Al-Fasher Airport, the (symbolic capital of greater Darfur) in an unprecedented solidarity of the human conscience.
    The situation in the troubled region of Darfur has not changed since 2003, displacement, murder, rape, burning of villages and torture. What has only changed despite the ongoing horrible scene in Darfur, is the sympathy shown by human conscience towards the disaster at the beginning of the crisis.
    In addition to other factors, what is going on daily in these hellish rooms is a major fuel to the crisis and its implications are evident in the increasing number of displaced persons, escalation of resistance and the flight of large groups of young people across arid deserts and dangerous seas to Europe in pursuit of a safe haven.However,
    those who believe that,the need to coordinate with the criminal in order to reduce the forced migration of young people to Europe, is no more than an attempt to send false signals which are definitely received by the NCP regime as an implicit consent to commit further violations.
    Darfur witnesses daily horrific crimes far away from international media. Now it's 12.30 pm GMT in London, the time I am writing this article, I have received fresh information from Darfur, about other ongoing crimes being carried against civilians at the Hejer Tonneo village , 30 kilometers south of Nyala city, where the militias called Raid Support attacked the village market and killed a number of innocent civilians and wounded others. The dead are- Ibrahim Al-Saeb Adam - Al-Khair Tibn Ishaq - Adam Zakaria Hussein - Yahya Jibril - Abdullah Abdulrahman - Abdulaziz Saleh Hamed. In addition to killing, there is a number of the wounded and looted properties. In another urgent news, Yusuf Khalil from Nebraska of the United States mentioned that a young guy named Abdulla Abaker Yaqoub, nicknamed Abdou from the Murni region of West Darfur, belongs to Tama tribe carrying an American passport, arrived in Sudan a few days ago was tortured by the Sudanese security apparatus, and died yesterday as a result of that torture. Those who want to make sure they can contact Yusuf Khalil at 40270701385.


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The predicament of Mr Bushara Gamil Allah is an enough evidence for Darfur suffering. Written by
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