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Articles and ViewsA small window into a Sudanese August Abdulaziz Ali Omer

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A small window into a Sudanese August Abdulaziz Ali Omer

08-06-2014, 02:53 PM
Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
<aAbdul-Aziz Ali Omer
Registered: 01-13-2014
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A small window into a Sudanese August Abdulaziz Ali Omer

    Small events make a life, consciences' and will. I have made a diary of a few fleeting incidents to distract myself from poverty detention and the pain of a clean morning muddied with the psychiatric condition of my young brother. August rains leaked through the ceiling an on-slaught of water and sliver of moonlight. As usual, yesterday, I went to buy my favorite Newspaper, Altagyeer. I was sorry to read a death notice that mourned the passing of our journalist friend Muhammad Sidig .He was a decent chap, gifted and genuinely good man. Our heart-felt condolences to his family, friends and relatives at Taba Village.The village's café miss his humor and love.
    one of sycophant writers castigated Sudanese victims for living in flood prone areas and that will never mitigate the sense of guilt or exempt the inert officials from their dismal failure so far in provision of safe housing and appropriate sewerage. Loud whispers found their way that so and so should resign. In fact, the corrupted and sleazy are promoted rather than being shown the door. They retain their bungled jobs even if they are old and senile.
    Omdurman city woke up one clear fine autumn to the sound of biblical hymns that echoed from All Saints Cathedral that welcomed the arrival of Ezekiel Condo the newly sworn-in archbishop of Episcopal Church in Khartoum. Reverend Daniel Deng from the Upper Nile took part in a nice gesture that had shown the peaceful devolution of power within the church. In the front pew sat professor Zain El abeidin, the previous chairman of Sudan inter_religious Council. He was impressed by Ezekiel Condo, humble and scruplous deamnour. He added he was so generous that the generous men shrink like a violet next to him. Sara Nugud ,a woman attended on behalf of Sadig Al mahdi , the Umma Party chairman and other invited politicians were obviously absent for reasons un-known. The presence of Hassan Badawi, federal minister of culture, Dr.Abdel rahman Khider, the governor of Khartoum was evoked cheers from the celebrants. . The participants congratulated Archbishop Ezekiel Condo hoping that he would usher into peace in South Kurdofan as preach against violence and destruction as part of his mission.
    There was a sudden noise. People. A lot of them. A commotion. Omer, a shuttle bus driver stopped to see what was happening. "They are the Rashayda Arab tribes men. Stop! Someone warned him as his bus travelled on PortSudan-Kassala Highway. So the road is blocked. Omer said impatiently. The Rashayda's protest in wavy anger was equal to the French revolution. It is said that their angry demonstration came on the background of recent bread price escalation. According to an eye witness account, the Nazir, their tribal chief arrived on the incident scene to pacify them but he was regrettably shooed away.The police used tear gas to break up the spontaneous demonstration and to cut the 4-hour human sealing tape of vital route in the country.In the evening,an official who spoke flawless English attributed the crisis to local bakeries owners manipulation of prices and bread scarcity as result of flouting anti-flour smuggling regulation.However, one of demonstrators declared that they vented thier fellow citizens resentment about the lack of essential services at Mankoot, thier God- forsaken village that lies on the verge of Port Sudan-Kassala High way.He added in a voice filled with bitterness thier grievances need to be redressed by authorities.The political margination of Eastern Sudan is a time bomb.Solutions are needed but not justification and repression to make a dometic peace.Many of young people from East Sudan die as stranded illegal immigrants across the border with Egypt and Libya.The government now is trying to help the flood affected in Khartoum to rebuild thier lives.The protection of Eastern Sudanese is also an envitable duty.
    In the briefest interview that I have ever seen , AbdulGADIR Hilal, the Sudanese minister of Environment, announced that his minstry gotinvolved in a plant for treatment of sewage water to utilize in afforestation to prevent an acquatic pollution. On the other hand,he mentioned that with his devoted crew would launch the African Green Fence that stretches from Senegalese capital city Dakar in West Africa and and expands easterly to Jibuti to.The Green Fence extends 1,500KM inside Sudan while its an over-all length is 7,000Km.
    The mini ster reiterated the Sudanese president commitment to implememt the ambitious project in the summit meeting of African Green Fence held in Chad.The minister during the interview summed up the benefits of Green Fence in reducing un-employment,poverty and drought.well done. Please gentlemen go on. I leave you with Pythagoras to pat on your showlder saying the most momentous thing in human life is the art of winning the soul to good…"


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A small window into a Sudanese August Abdulaziz Ali Omer
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