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09-02-2013, 03:43 PM


    2013-08-31 20:23:00
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    The unprecedented floods and real down-pour of rains which hit Sudan recently put the poor infrastructure and the country's ghost ngos to a real test. The catastrophe revealed that all government ministries and pro-regime ngos were not sufficiently prepared to deal with any on-setting disasters, which angered the victims seeing their ministers watching events from a distance and looking upon them down from windows of low-flying helicopters?? It became generally known fact that the regime has no capacity or inclination to meet its people's needs or priorities. Thus, all masks came off and the massive levels of state-sponsored corruption were in full swing, when some food and non-food items donated by charitable foreign donors found their way to the local market??though, it is far from clear how the regime is going to tackle the knock-off effects of the disaster{contaminated drinking-water and water-borne diseases }, but there is one thing I could not rightly understand …how is it that 4000 registered HUMANITARIAN ngos failed to stretch a helping hand to the victims of the disaster occurred meters away from their head-quarters? I know they are under-funded, and are not donor-funded… {donors are far too wise to fund pro-tyranny ngos which staffing is restricted to security elements and partisans of the ruling tyranny whose prime task is to organize rallies in support of the regime} but my point is purely about the technical expertise, the know-how and the mantra or mission other than staging rallies? Because the sad floods tragedy proved that the rulers of Sudan were all rivals in one team who consider governance as a tool/ladder that gives them access to a bottomless pool of money. Therefore, The regime's top priority now should be stopping the unethical #####ng of donated food items..Before other prospectus donors refrain from providing assistance to the needy victims, whom the shameless ministers blame for building their humble mud-walled houses in khor-beds and water-courses. ??Aside from those who embezzle funds and donations and their unscrupulous deeds..The big hope is that a new light glimmers at the end of the dark tunnel, to prove that the age-old Sudanese indigenous values are still very much there..when a group of patriotic youngsters put their country's interest above their own by launching a glorious initiative under the name NAFEER{mobilization} the staffing and the organizational structure was set up in a flash moment from like-minded and dedicated girls and boys{fresh graduates, doctors, engineers ,students etc} all patriotic not partisans ,which rapidly gained them undivided populous support-base and acceptability..Thus donations rained on the newly- found spontaneous communal -body from all sectors of the Sudanese society who were exasperated by the corrupt regime and everything that stood for it. their voluntary human-to-human and help-one-another attitude rapidly rang in the ears of the whole world in a relatively short pace of time ,that some donors stipulated their contributions be entrusted to NAFEER , a notion with which the regime was uncomfortable because it was already eying NAFEERA with accusatory looks and was trying either to tame it or ban it from operation altogether, which is not a low probability any way? But the firm fact remains.. NAFEER,s precedence is here to point towards global values and unstoppable trends from which no country is immune{transparency ,social justice , freedom of choice ,equality and accountability}but the one harshly taught lesson by NAFEER for the regime and the paralyzed opposition parties whose inaction and impotence breathe life into the ailing regime..Is that the younger generations are at axis with both the regime and its domesticated opposition, and if NAFEER ever developed a desire to organize themselves in populous structures or joined those already up in arms. .I bet many seemingly stable conditions will change , particularly given the inter-gang disputes and the ever- widening gap of distrust between the regime and the Sudanese masses who will not be moved to tears if the deplorable tyranny was ousted by anyone..on the personal level am very much concerned by the multiple failure and lack of adequate foreign policy of the regime ,for when interest should be the key-factor in shaping the foreign policy ,the current insane attitude of those commanding it is probably not going to go down that path ..As long as policy-making remained in the hands of the self-centered politicians and ideologists who are not diplomats by profession. Take their short-sighted assessment of what happened in Egypt, not to mention their staying in the sino-iranian block, when that hapless block donated virtually nothing to the floods victims, despite the buzz generating within the regime's chain-of-command about the strategic ties linking Sudan to china and Iran. ?



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