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News and Press ReleasesSudan-Advocacy- Letter to the UN on chemical weapons in Darfur - for publicising

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Sudan-Advocacy- Letter to the UN on chemical weapons in Darfur - for publicising

10-12-2016, 07:36 PM
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Sudan-Advocacy- Letter to the UN on chemical weapons in Darfur - for publicising

    06:36 PM October, 12 2016

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    TO: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
    Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,
    CC: Mr Andrew Gilmour, Mr Ugo Solinas, MR Edmond Mulet, Mr Hervé Ladsous, Mr Adama Dieng, Ms Valerie Amos, H. E. Ms Navanethem Pillay, Ms Louise Arbour, Ms Kyung-wha Kang, Mr Scott
    Campbell, Mr Craig G Mokhiber, Mr Daniel Ravindran, Mr Frej Fenniche, Ms Doris Schmitz- Meiners, Ms Kate Gilmore, Ms Flavia Pansieri, Mr Simon Adams, Dorian Lacombe
    11 October 2016
    Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Prince Zeid
    Chemical weapons in Darfur
    In 2013, the international community rightly expressed its outrage at the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. In its recent report, Amnesty International1 has documented evidence strongly suggesting the repeated use of chemical weapons against civilians, including very young children, in Jebel Marra. Their report indicates that chemical weapons have been used by Sudanese government forces more than 30 times since January 2016 against civilians in the Darfur region of Sudan.
    The alleged use of chemical weapons by Sudan directly contravenes the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997 to which Sudan is a party. We, the undersigned, as representatives of domestic and international civil society, non-governmental organisations, and the Sudanese diaspora, call on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to open a formal investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons and other illicit munitions against civilians in Sudan by their own government and to work in concert with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to push for access to verify these findings which can then be responded to via UN channels. Failure to treat these attacks with the same seriousness as those in Syria would be an inappropriate and inconsistent application of UN standards.
    For several years, some of the signatories of this letter have been aware of the alleged use of chemical weapons and other illicit ordnance by Sudanese government forces against civilians. Our attempts to bring these potential breaches of international law to the attention of the relevant authorities were left ignored and uninvestigated. With Amnesty International's detailed
    1 https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2016/09/sudan-credibl...ons-darfur-revealed/

    account, now is the moment for the international community to finally shine a light on the Sudanese government's illegal conduct in Darfur, rather than allowing impunity to continue.
    If you would like to respond, please do so to mailto:[email protected]@wagingpeace.info.
    Yours sincerely
    Act for Sudan, USA
    African Freedom Coalition, Al Sutton, MD and President, USA
    Article 1, Maddy Crowther, Head of Comms, Research and Asylum, UK
    Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur and Marginalized Sudan, Laura Limuli, Coordinator, USA
    Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, Hagir Sulieman (Bint Al-Sultan), Founder, UK
    Carl Wilkens Fellowship, Beth McDaniel, Adviser, USA
    Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Dr Khataza Gondwe, Team Leader for Africa and Middle East, UK Collectif Urgence Darfour, Dr Jacky Mamou, President, France
    DAAM (Sudanese Diaspora Network Supporting the Pro-Democracy Opposition), Ali Abdelatif, Founder, UK
    Darfur Action Group of South Sudan, Richard Sribnick, MD President, USA Darfur Alert Coalition, Ali Dinar, Representative, USA
    Darfur and Beyond, Cory Williams, Co-Founder, USA
    Darfur Interfaith Network, Martha Boshnick, Co-chair, USA
    Darfur Peace and Development, Ibrahim Musa, Founder, USA
    Darfur People's Association of New York, Motasim Adam, Co-founder and Secretary General, USA Darfur Renaissance Association, Dawelbeit Musa, Representative, USA
    Darfur Self-Reliance Organization, Mohamed Suleiman, President, USA
    Dear Sudan, Love Marin, Gerri Miller, Coordinator, USA
    Darfur TV, Jacob Berry, Uganda
    Darfur Union in the UK, Elsadig A Elnor, Chairman, UK
    DVORR (Darfur Victims Organisation for Rehabilitation And Relief), Ishag Mekki, Chairperson, UK Enough Project, Brian Adeba, Associate Director of Policy, USA
    Fur Solidarity US, Eltahir Abbo, Member of Board of Directors, USA Give Back Project, Waleed Abdallah, Founder, UK
    Genocide No More – Save Darfur, Marv Steinberg, Coordinator, USA Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide, Melanie Nelkin, Chair, USA Green Kordofan, Raga Gibreel, Founder, UK
    Group Against Torture in Sudan, Siddiq Abdelhadi, Member, USA
    HART, Corinna Loges, CEO, UK
    African Soul, American Heart, Debra Dawson, President, UK
    Alustadh Mahmoud Mohamed Taha Cultural Center, Asma Mahmoud Mohamed Taha, Sudan Arab Coalition for Sudan, Wadah Tabir, Coordinator, Egypt
    Beja Congress (Corrective), Zeinab Kabbashi Eisa, President, UK
    Blue Nile Association for Peace and Development, Omer Abdelsawi Omer, Board Member, USA
    Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy, Daowd Salih, Co-Founder and Board President,
    Darfur Action Group, Cornell University, John H Weiss, Prof of History, USA
    Face Past for Future Foundation, Abdelrahman Gasim, President, USA Freedom House, USA
    Fur Community, Mohammed Abaker, Chairman, UK

    HUDO Centre, Bushra Gamar Hussein, CEO, Uganda
    Humanity Is Us, Kimberly Hollingsworth, President and Founder, USA
    Hurriyat Sudan, Elhag ali Warrag Sidahmed Warrag, Editor in Chief, Egypt International Justice Project, Monica Feltz, Executive Director, USA
    Investors against Genocide, Eric Cohen, Co-founder and Chairperson, USA
    Jewish Federation of Greater Austin, Beth McDaniel, Chair of Genocide Awareness and Prevention, USA
    Jewish World Watch, Mike Brand, Director of Advocacy and Programs, USA
    Kampala International University, Elhadi Idriss Yahya, Lecturer, Uganda Kush Liberation Movement, Mohamed Dawoud, USA
    National Umma Party, Mohammed Elansari, Leader, UK
    Never Again Coalition, Diane Koosed and Lauren Fortgang, Co-chairs, USA
    Nuba Mountain Human Rights Monitors Organization, Alfadel Saeed Sanhory, Director, Sudan Nuba Mountains Advocacy Group, Gogadi Amoga, Chair, USA
    Nuba Mountains Civil society Organizations Global Network, Boluis Kuku, Chair, USA
    Nuba Mountains Peoples Foundation, Elrayah Hammad Kakki, CEO, UK
    Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad, Zaki Samwiil, UK
    Nuba Mountains Welfare Association, Kalu Koko, Chairperson, UK
    Nuba Peace Initiative, Adam Ismail Aleheimir, Chairman of Board, USA
    Nubia Project, Nuraddin Abdulmannan, USA
    NY Coalition for Sudan, Eileen Weiss, Co-Founder, USA
    Our Humanity in the Balance, Terry Nickelson, Executive Director, UK
    Peace Action Maine and Fur Cultural Revival, Elwaleed Alshafie, Member, USA
    People4Sudan, Mukesh Kapila, Former Head of the UN in Sudan, Switzerland
    Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition, David Rosenberg, Coordinator, USA
    Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean, USA
    Skills for Nuba Mountains (SNM), Lazim Suleiman El Basha, Executive Director, Sudan
    St Paul’s Episcopal Church, The Rev Lowell E Grisham, Rector, USA
    Stop Genocide Now, Katie-Jay Scott, Managing Director, USA
    Sudan Liberation Army–Minni Minnawi in Sweden, Abdulkarim Hamid, Chairperson, Sweden Sudan Unlimited, Esther Sprague, Founder and Director, USA
    Sudanese Congress Party, Hamza Faroug A Alabbas, General Secretary (Abroad Office), UK Sudanese Darfuri Association in Leicester, Mohamed Ishaq Ahmed, Founder, UK
    Sudanese Human rights Organisation, Mohamed Amari, UK
    Sudanese Marginalized Forum, Magid Kabashi, Chair, USA
    SUDO (UK), UK
    The Canadian Friends of Sudan, Justin Laku, Co-Founder, Canada
    The Nubian Language Society (NLS), Nubantood Khalil, Cultural Activist, Sudan
    UK and Sudanese Rights Group (Huqooq), Najlaa Ahmed, Sudanese Human Rights Lawyer, Sudan Unite for Darfur Organisation, Bahar Arabie, CEO, USA
    Waging Peace, Olivia Warham, Director, UK
    Western Sudan Aid Relief in the USA, Seddik Abdeljabbar, Chairman, USA
    Zaghawa Cultural Center, Tamte Hano Moura, General Secretary, Sudan
    Zaghawa Tribe UK, Ibrahim Hashim, General Secretary, UK
    Jews against Genocide, Sharon Silber, Co-Director, USA
    Justice and Equality Movement UK, Abdulhafiz M Mohammad, Chairman, UK Joining Our Voices, Slater Armstrong, Founder/Director, USA
    Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, William Rosenfeld, Director, USA National Sudanese Women Alliance in Diaspora, Suhair Sharif, Founder, UK
    Individual Activists
    Abdelmonim Adam, Sudanese Refugee and Activist, Egypt
    Abdulaziz Harran, Activist, Sudan
    Ahmed Elkheir, Activist
    Ahmed Ibrahim Haroun, Sudanese Refugee and Activist, Egypt
    Aicha Elbasri, Former Spokesperson for the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur UNAMID, Morocco
    Ali Yahya Abakar, Sudanese Activist, Egypt Alnur Babker, Activist
    Daoud Hari, Sudanese Activist, USA Dowlbait Alradi, Translator, France
    Dr Ahmed Idrees, Political Activist and Trades Unionist, UK
    Dr Marcia Sachs Littell, Professor Emeritus, Founding Director, Master of Arts Program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Stockton University, USA
    Dr Samuel Totten, Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas, USA
    Dr Zakria Mohamed Ali, Activist
    Elbagir Osman, Visual Artist and Activist, Canada
    Elnour Elrashid, Activist, USA
    Ezeddin Dawelbit, Sudanese Community, USA
    Fatima Gazali, Sudanese Journalist, USA
    Gaafer Ali, Sudanese Community Activist, UK
    Gafar Alsabaki Ibrahim, Activist
    Habib Ibrahim, Sudanese Activist, USA
    Hassan Adam Abdullah Eshag, Activist
    Ismael Adam Abdalla, Refugee from Darfur, Egypt
    Isobel Crowther, Activist on Sudan, UK
    Mohammed-Al Ali, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, USA
    Motaz Bargo, Activist on Sudan, UK
    Mustafa Babiker Activist
    Hawa Abdalla Salih, Human Rights and Women’s Rights Activist, USA
    Hussein Omar, Activist, USA
    Ibrahim Ali Alarbi, Activist, Sudan
    Mohammadain Ishag, Journalist and Human rights Activist, UK
    Mustafa Siry Suliman, Sudanese Journalist, UK
    Omer Mohamed, Activist, USA
    Rama Ahmed, Activist, UK
    Rasheed Ali, Human Rights Activist, USA
    Rebecca Tinsley, Author – When the Stars fall to Earth, UK
    Reem Abbas, Activist
    Salah Bakhet, Activist, USA
    Siddieq Adam, Activist
    Suleiman Mohammed, Sudanese Humanitarian Activist, Egypt
    Suleiman Sandal Haggar, Advocate, Norway
    Tijani Timma, Activist, Sudan
    Yagoub Bahar, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, USA
    Zeinab Blandia, Activist, USA

    أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 12 أكتوبر 2016

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