Beja Women

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21-12-2004, 06:35 AM

Muna Khugali
<aMuna Khugali
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Re: Beja Women (Re: Khalid Eltayeb)

    Thanks Ustaz Khalid for your contribution, Yes you are right about information, most of us know a little about Beja. when I first visited the Beja land I was stunned to see the huge differences between us in the north and them in the east, I could not believe what my eyes, how could governments leave their people suffer this way? when I sat with women, I blamed myself for that situation , but I blamed more sudanese female having leading positions in political parties and civil society organisations and those who speak in conferences, I hated our discourse, we always talk about women status in Sudan with great exagiration, it seems we talk only about ourselves in the north even when we refer to women's rights in laws, we do not know that there are differences between laws and enforcement of laws, we ignore that there are women who lead a total different life from ours, a life full of suffering, illness, illiteracy and poverty, because they did not have the opportunties we had in the centre. I feel bad when I see my sisters in the Beja continue to lead such a miserable life, and I am unable to do a thing, among the causes for that is the fact that suffering is lived by all Beja, I cannot say women live without education, while there are no schools for boys except for Basbar school. I cannot continue discussing women dying when they are giving birth while medical centres were closed in many of the villages because of political conflicts and also because of the war.
    There are a lot to be said, I will do my best to come back with some scattered information!
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