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22-12-2004, 04:44 PM

Muna Khugali
<aMuna Khugali
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Re: Beja Women (Re: هاشم نوريت)

    Dear brother Noreit,
    There are many causes for me and for my partners in this post to write about Beja, all is based on our fight against marginalisation and discrimination. I have other personal reasons although related to the previously mentioned one, but still remains personal. Which is my personal relation with Beja people, I have developed a profound love for Beja especially in Garora, among them, I lived some of the most beautiful time in my life, they have added a lot to me and to my concept of rights, especially women's rights. As a human being and as a woman I became obsessed with Beja, their customs, style of life, way of thinking and all other details, I became a member of many families and they gave me a lot of love. I was shocked when I first saw the way they live, eat and struggle especially in Hamsh Koreb but I was also amazed by the women’s ability to produce and the way they earn their family living without showing their real main role in doing that. I was devastated by their meaningless sufferings and the hard life they live, unable to lead a stable life because of the war, their animals die and increase the suffering of their children, no milk will be available, no jobs for their husbands and the fight forces most of men to leave their families alone, the absence of health service, education, transport, the drought that affected agriculture and animals lack of water, spread of TB and other diseases,
    I can talk the whole night about the Beja suffering. When northerners visit Beja for the first time, the first question will be, are they Sudanese like me? Do we really live in the same country? How come they have such a difficult life and still struggle? Some of my southern female colleagues visited some villages in Beja land and they were shocked, at least south Sudan had rains that brought some fruits or vegetables, but also one cause behind their shock, that they thought they were the only marginalised in Sudan! Now, we have a strategy and tactic, whenever we are in a conference, we talk about the Beja

    Once in Garora, early morning my friend was telling her brother to get up it was time to go to school, his answer was full of despair, he said why should I go? My life will never change since I will continue to live like our donkey! But children in Garora were more luckier than those in Hamsh Koreb, and Hamsh Koreb is the name given to a number of villages, about 32 villages, Please correct me Noreit if I am wrong, one of them is called Hamsh Koreb and another called Hamsh Koreb sageer (little hamsh koreb) In Basbar another village, existed the only school in the area, of course for boys, girls are not allowed to receive education, students in this school use the rooms as classes during the day and as bed rooms during the night, they only take tea with milk in the morning and lentil for lunch, all paid by donation from some families beside some help from Beja Congress.
    I saw children collecting dome, mothers use it to make porridge with water for children meal, if they are lucky they might get a little bit of milk for this porridge.
    We continue
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