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21-11-2004, 02:51 AM

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Re: Imama Maryam Mirza (Re: Tumadir)

    وهذه الرسالة منقوله من درب الانتفاضة كتبها د. محمد القاضى فى نفس الصدد

    Women Rights Activists,
    The 'Progressive Mosque' group has started few months ago in
    Philadelphia as a secret underground movement of rebilious moslem women who
    were seeking a safe place where everyone, especially women, can worship
    with dignity. They advocate for an equal role for women and men in the
    house of worship. They made history when for the first time a woman led
    the prayer as Imama, a word never found in the Arabic/Islamic
    dictionary before and we had to coin it during one prayer!.
    Women and men prayed together next to each other on one solid line, and
    sat after prayer in one Halaqa (small circle) to interprete and discuss
    Koran in a contemporary progressive way, the same as it was originally
    revealed to Prophet Mohamed 1500 years ago in Mecca. In brief, the
    taboo around women leadership in Islam has been broken by this brave group
    of womenb and men!

    Now, the struggle continue... the moslem women are no more holding it
    to themselves. Another progressive group is making history (see message
    below) when a Caribean mosque is letting a woman to give the Eid Khutba

    I'm glad that I lived until I saw this historical moment for 1.2
    billions of the world population whos religion has been stolen over centuries
    by moslem fanatics, the equivelent of the evagilican political right

    Take a moment and stop by room 31 tomorrow at 6:30pm (in the AFSC main
    building) in Center City Philadelphia to meet with the Progressive
    Masjid group after their evening prayer.

    Mohamed Ibrahim Elgadi
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Imama Maryam Mirza Tumadir21-11-04, 02:07 AM
  Re: Imama Maryam Mirza Tumadir21-11-04, 02:51 AM
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