Cry Azoom

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17-09-2004, 11:37 AM

Issam A/Hafiez

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Cry Azoom

    Exhibition Title: Cry Azoom
    by: Issam A. Hafeiz
    Date: 10th- 17th October, ‏2004
    Place: German Cultural Center

    Cry Azoom for all. Join it please, in your own way

    I always paint. I have painted plants, the sun and happy faces when I was a child. I did not know what pain and war was then. I grow up in a country that is characterized by prolonged periods of dictator totalitarian regimes. I got to know about war in the South, a daily accumulation of pain. It was long been scattered and not directly felt. It was the war in the beloved South Sudan. Like many artists in my generation we emerged as optimistic and full of life. We resisted all that pain in our own way yet, we painted love and we painted pain as well. Painting to me was part of my daily life, it is like waking up and drinking my morning tea…. it was normal… if living in war in normal. A dialogue between pain and paint started and intertwined. My recent paintings were a combination of conscious emotions poured out in times of death, aggression, displacement and absence of freedom. It was pain visualized. It was an expression in time when expressions were denied.

    Now the pain is bigger, the color is deeper. During the last few months I have painted “A Cry to Azoom” . Now the acts of violence and aggression are more condensed. The killing is normalized, the young girls’ innocence was stolen on horsebacks, and the journey to peaceful homes becomes a dreamy one. The color of the dresses of the mothers queuing up waiting for rations of food brought from a very far land made me cry and the dignity of Azoom also cries. I painted all these cries, the cries for justice and dignity before Azoom dries-up.

    How loud is my cry?
    This time around I want to cry loud enough to be heard at Azoom. I want to cry to reach out women and girls who have experienced violence and war in Darfur. An exhibition of 17 paintings will be displayed in the German Cultural Center at Khartoum, Sudan. A 25% of the income of the exhibition will be used to help the women and girls who experienced different kinds of violence in Darfur.

    Issam A/Hafiez
    Email:[email protected]
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