Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Nov 8

Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Nov 8

11-08-2015, 05:30 PM

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Title: Headlines of Khartoum Newspapers on Nov 8
Author: Sudan News Agency
Date: 11-08-2015, 05:30 PM

05:30 PM Nov, 08 2015
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Khartoum, Nov 8(Suna)- Following are main local newspapers on Nov 8

$ 18 million Japanese grant to Khartoum state to resolve crisis garbage accumulation in Khartoum.
European Fund : 98 million euros for development in Sudan.
Sentencing hearing today in the case of student of Sharq Al-Neel University.

Heathrow line file referred to public funds prosecution.

*Alyoum Altali:
Preparatory meeting in Addis Ababa postponed for the second time.

Almijhar Alsyasi:
Yasser Arman denies rumor of his death and his wife in a traffic accident in Kampala.
Ethiopia: consultants failed to reach joint vision on Ethiopian Renaissance Dam .
Minister of Justice: Lift of the immunity of 4 persons charged with murder in September 2013 events in Khartoum.

*Alahram Alyoum:
Government pledges to compensate families of victims of September 2013 events.
Information Minister addresses e-Crime CISSA workshop in Khartoum today.
Yousuf Al-Koda leaves Khartoum to Switzerland.
Paris : Sudatel company wins best African communications project .

Sudan participates in the World Conference on Environment in Paris next December.

5 of human smugglers killed and 20 injured in a car accident in Northern state .

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