الحكومة السودانية تدفع مبلغ مليون دولار للنيويورك تايمز

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مكتبة نصر الدين الهجام(Kostawi)
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27-03-2006, 03:58 PM

تاريخ التسجيل: 04-02-2002
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الحكومة السودانية تدفع مبلغ مليون دولار للنيويورك تايمز

    الحكومة السودانية تدفع مبلغ مليون دولار للنيويورك تايمز ثمنا للداعية ضد الحملة الطلابية لمقاطعة كل الشركات الأمريكية التي تستثمر أموالها في السودان.

    Monday, March 27th, 2006
    Blood Money? As Divestiture Movement Heats Up, Sudan Government Pays Close to $1 Million for New York Times Supplement Advocating Investment and Praising "Peaceful, Prosperous and Democratic Future"

    As a student-led campaign urging divestment from companies doing business in Sudan gains momentum in the U.S., the Sudanese government pays close to $1 million for an eight-page supplement in the paper. The ad advocates investing in companies operating in Sudan. In response, Sudan activists flooded the New York Times with demands for an apology. [includes rush transcript]
    On Saturday, the government of Sudan urged the United Nations to stop sending what they called "negative signals" to rebel groups in the country's Darfur region. While anti-Khartoum rebels have long urged UN involvement to counter what many consider state-sponsored genocide, the Sudanese government has claimed a UN presence would only worsen the conflict. Over the past three years tens of thousands of people have been killed in the region and over two million displaced. The violence in Darfur has worsened in recent months, and has now crossed into the neighboring country of Chad.
    While the international response has been criticized as lethargic, it was recently exposed that a man accused of being a key architect of the Darfur genocide met secretly with senior British and American officials in London earlier this month. Major-General Salah Abdullah Gosh was granted a British visa to receive "medical treatment" but it was later acknowledged that while in London Gosh met with U.S. and British officials.
    Meanwhile, a largely student-run divestment campaign is gaining significant momentum. The mutual fund Citizens Advisers recently became the first US fund to back a growing campaign urging divestment from companies doing business in Sudan. The decision followed the University of California's decision two weeks ago to divest from all companies working with the Sudanese government.
    • Iain Levine, program director of Human Rights Watch.
    • Jason Miller, a graduate student at the University of California San Francisco and co-director of the UC Sudan Divestment Taskforce.
    There's at least one company that apparently has not joined the Sudan divestment campaign. Last week, the New York Times ran an eight-page advertisement taken out by the Sudanese government. The ad advocates investing in companies operating in Sudan. It appears as a news article with a small disclaimer across the top of the page. It praises Sudan's "peaceful, prosperous and democratic future" and complains about international media coverage that is "focused almost exclusively on the fighting between rebels and Arab militias" in Darfur.
    In response, Sudan activists flooded the New York Times with demands for an apology. They have so far refused. The New York Times also declined to appear on Democracy Now!, but did give us this statement: "The Times has vigorously reported on the Sudan and our editorials have condemned the actions the Sudanese government has taken against its citizens. We accepted this special advertising section, however, in our strong belief that all pages of the paper's news, editorial and advertising must remain open to the free flow of ideas. In accepting it, we do not endorse the politics, trade practices or actions of the country or the character of its leaders. Just as we print advertisements that rebut New York Times editorials, news articles or critical reviews, we print ads that differ from our editorial position. We do so in the belief that it is in the best interests of our readers for our pages to be as open as possible."
    The ad cost close to a million dollars, and was produced by the PR company Summit Communications. Summit claims to hold an exclusive agreement with the Times, where it has ran ads for several foreign governments

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27-03-2006, 09:45 PM

Khalid Kodi
<aKhalid Kodi
تاريخ التسجيل: 04-12-2004
مجموع المشاركات: 12366

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Re: الحكومة السودانية تدفع مبلغ مليون دولار للنيويورك تايمز (Re: Kostawi)

    كوستاوى سلام،

    الحكومة السودانية لن تستطيع تحسين صورتها حتى لو انفقت مليار دولا.

    فالناشطين يتبادلون صور أهلنا فى دارفور باصرار وايمان لن يهزمهما مليون دولار، أو بليون...فعدة مقالات مدفوعة فى التايمز لن تغير صور المأساة التى انطبعت فى اذهان الملايين ممن هبوا لنصرة من ظلموا فى السودان على أيدى نظام فاشى...

    النظام السودانى له تاريخ فى دفع أموال الشعب السودانى الى مؤسسات الاعلام لتحسين صورته، فقد وظفوا David Hoile قبل أعوام ليقوم يهذه المهمة لهم.

    هنا مقال Eric Reeves:

    Monday, March 20, 2006

    Eric Reeves: An Apologist for Murder (by David Hoile
    Sorry to say, I agree with most of what David Hoile writes in an opinion piece at Media Monitors Network

    (MMN) March 20,

    2006 and am glad someone has spoken up against Eric Reeves' dangerously naive warmongering rants.

    It seems clear (to me anyway) Eric Reeves is biased and on the side of the Sudanese rebels. His relentless pushing for military intervention (an act of war) in Darfur can only be because it furthers the rebels cause and gives them what they want. Invading Sudan would cause aid workers to be dismissed from the country and disasterously affect the lives of millions of defenceless women and children dependent on aid. The rebels have been against Africa Union troops from the start and have used Western media at every opportunity to denigrate the efforts and capability of AU troops. Khartoum might be against international troops in Darfur because it would give the rebels what they've been pushing for all along.

    It makes one wonder who is funding the rebels and why. Surely if they were interested in peace, and really cared about the women and children of Sudan, an agreement would have been reached by now. Excerpt:

    "Reeves' white middle-class naivety about Africa would be fairly amusing in its gaucheness in any other context. Eric Reeves, in his crass selectivity and grotesque distortion of events in Darfur, however, is clearly intent on attempting to get the United States militarily involved in western Sudan on as questionable a series of pretexts as those used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Any such intervention will resulted in another Iraq-type quagmire in another strategic part of the world, and the loss of thousands more American lives together with the lives of the very Africans he claims to care so much about".
    Well said Mr Hoile.
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28-03-2006, 05:02 AM

Adil Osman
<aAdil Osman
تاريخ التسجيل: 27-07-2002
مجموع المشاركات: 10193

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Re: الحكومة السودانية تدفع مبلغ مليون دولار للنيويورك تايمز (Re: Khalid Kodi)

    شكرآ كوستاوى عل نشر هذا التقرير الهام. ولقد شاهدت فيديو الحوار مع احد مسئولى "هومان رايتس وتش" حول غلطة النيويورك تايمز الاخلاقية بقبولها حوالى مليون دولار لنشر اعلان ظهر فى شكل مقالة صحفية عن السودان والسلام! والاستثمار وهلم نفطآ!! وهى نقود ملطخة بدماء السودانيين الذين قتلوا ويقتلون فى الحروب الاهلية. ودونك دارفور الان..

    الاخ خالد كودى.. تحية طيبة.. المقال الذى نقلته انت هنا كتبه ديفيد هويل، مأجور حكومة السودان فى بريطانيا، وماسح وجهها وحذائها الملطخ بالعار والدماء. فى هذا المقال يشن المأجور ديفيد هويل هجومآ مسعورآ على الاستاذ اريك ريفز المنافح والمدافع عن حقوق الانسان فى السودان. والذى اقض بال السلطة السودانية وعميلها هويل بمقالاته ومثابرته فى فضح اليات القمع والاضطهاد فى السودان. وبحق اريك ريفز خبير فى شئون السودان ويعرف عن السودان اكثر مما يعرف الحاكمون السفاحون. وهذه صورة البروفسور اريك ريفز، استاذ اللغة الانقليزية وادابها فى كلية سميث فى بوسطون.

    البروفسور اريك ريفز، صديق السودان والمدافع عن شعبه ضد القمع والاضطهاد
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