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Fresh Government Attacks in Darfur-The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

3/4/2006 7:46 pm

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)
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Fresh Government Attacks in Darfur

There can be no doubt that the Government of Sudan (GoS) is still engaged in the current Abuja Peace Talks. Yet, and at the same time, it continues to exercise its cherished military solution of Darfur crisis. For the GoS, Abuja Venue is nothing but a show case staged for fooling the Sudanese people, the AU and the international community. In the last ten days, the GoS and its janjaweed have destroyed numerous towns in Darfur. Death and displacement resulting from that are yet to be counted. In Eastern Darfur, towns that have been burnt down include Andarab, Iyal Ameen, Jabir, Umhoosh, Kilaikil and Habeeb Darma as well as Giraida and its surroundings in Southern Darfur. In West Darfur, Goz Baqar Town has been completely gutted and destroyed. The new Comprehensive Military Offensive or more precisely Massacre and Burn Offensive that produced the above carnage has now taken a new turn with the aim of completing its job before the arrival of International Force. Five waves of army/janjaweed battalions are now on the move:
(i) From Elnuhood in Kordofan moving westwards Eastern Darfur
(ii) From Nyala moving towards Giraida
(iii) From Ginaina moving north towards Jabal Moon, Tina and nearby areas
(iv) From Umkeddada moving towards north and northwest of Northern Darfur.
(v) From Kebkabya moving towards Darbat

While JEM reminds the Sudanese people, the AU and the international community of this serious development and its ensuing suffering, hardship, death and instability, JEM states the following:

1. Our forces have been closely monitoring these military moves and will strike back at the appropriate time.
2. The AU and international community have to realise that the GoS has never chosen peaceful solution for Darfur crisis as a strategic option in the first place. Its presence in Abuja has always been a mere disguise for its security approach to the problem. The Government’s new offensive will undoubtedly endanger the current talks in Abuja.
3. The Government mobilisation of the Sudanese people and its frenzied publicity against replacement of the AU Forces by International UN Forces lack any grain of logic. It was the irresponsible behaviour of the Sudan government and its policies of genocide and atrocities that ushered in the intervention of the AU in the first place. The international community has no choice but to shoulder its responsibility and intervene to prevent continuation of the genocidal campaign of the Khartoum Government. The current Government campaign against international intervention in Darfur should be seen as a camouflage for its comprehensive military offensive in Darfur.
4. The Khartoum Government must recognize that its military campaign will only harden the stands of our negotiators in Abuja and make them more determined to insist on obtaining all the just demands of the people of Darfur.
5. JEM remains committed to signed ceasefire Agreements and Protocols. It, however, reserves the right to protect itself and its people and to pre-empt any evident aggression without hesitation.
6. JEM appeals to the AU and UN to assume their full responsibility regarding the current Government breach of relevant Agreements and Protocols regarding Darfur. It equally appeals to all, to take every necessary measure to protect our innocent people and to put adequate pressure on the GoS to abandon its futile military approach to the conflict in Darfur.

Ahmed Husain Adam
Spokesperson for JEM Delegation in Abuja

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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