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Sudan’s Nuer politicians should withdraw from national union govt

9/25/2005 6:06 pm

Sudan’s Nuer politicians should withdraw from national union govt
Sunday 25 September 2005.

Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA)

Press Release

September, 24, 2005

The Council of Union of Nuer Community in North America (UNCONA) has met today on Sept. 24, 2005 to discuss the formation of the Government of National Unity (GONU) in Sudan as stipulated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed on Jan., 9, 2005.

The Council has noticed that the new government is devoid of essence of equality. It is instead a beacon for the perpetuation of inequality in another form. There are major ethnic groups in the Sudan which are not represented. Unlike the former government dominated by Northern Sudanese of Arab descent, the council of ministers of GONU is dominated by the Dinka and riverian Arabs. On the SPLM side, 95% of Ministers and State Ministers are Dinka. On the other hand, the National Congress Party (NCP) portfolios are dominated by riverian Arab tribes in exclusion of marginalized African Muslims in the North.

Besides, the positions awarded to Southern Opposition are also controlled by the Dinka making GONU a mockery of justice. The ministerial posts awarded to Sudan African National Union (SANU) and South Sudan Democratic Forum are filled by Dinka. The Dinka also got more positions from National Congress side than any other ethnic group from South Sudan. From mathematical point of view, the Dinka dominate the GONU.

The Supreme Council of UNCONA has been informed of conspiracy between Jalis (Bashir’s tribe) and Dinka (Salva Kiir’s tribe) to exclude the Nuer and other ethnic groups in Sudan from position of power. It’s undisputed fact that 80% of Sudan oil is located in Nuerland. The marginalization of the Nuer is a deliberate act to preclude the Nuer politicians from participating in decisions that are connected to oil wealth-sharing. Kiir and Bashir are now bent to treat the Nuer like Ogoni of Nigeria whose oil is looted while they live in extreme poverty.

The rejection of ministerial posts by John Luk Joak and Timothy Tot Chol of the SPLM is welcomed by the Council of UNCONA. However, the Council demands all the Nuer politicians to withdraw from the government of Jalis and Dinka. The Council urges all Nuer in the North to go to Nuerland and focus on defending Nuer oil from any one whose aim is to deprive the Nuer of development. Nuer are dissimilar from the Ogoni in population and military might. Out of Four million, three million Nuer are well armed to defend themselves and their interests in the environment of the survival of the fittest. According to the United Nations estimate, the only weapon lacking in Nuerland is helicopter gunship.

The domination of GONU by the Dinka defies the logic of Sudan ethnic composition. It’s documented by the UN that the Nuer population in South Sudan is greater or equal to Dinka. The UN estimate is also supported by NGOs operating in South Sudan. This means the Nuer and Dinka are the two largest ethnic groups in Sudan that are equal in population. However, when Sudan population is considered as the whole the Dinka population is a drop in an ocean. The composition of ministerial posts in the new government misrepresents the Sudanese reality.

It is willful blindness on the part of Bashir and Kiir to fill the stomachs of Jalis and Dinka before considering sharing food with the rest of Sudan ethnic groups who make up 88% of national population. There is no way that one tribe in the South can take 95% of power-sharing. South Sudan has 51 ethnic groups. There are more tribes in Equatoria than in Bahr-El-Ghazal. The Azande and Lotuka population, let alone other Equatorian tribes, is more than three millions. The question that can be posed is whether the Dinka, who are only 20% of Southern population, should make up 95% of GONU. Mathematically, 20% of Dinka population in the South goes down when Sudan’s population is computed as the whole. Dinka do not make 20% of Sudan population.

Based on inequality revealed in the GONU, the Supreme Council of UNCONA has therefore passed the following resolutions: 1. The Nuer politicians in the SPLM and the NCP must withdraw their memberships effective from Oct. 1, 2005. They are free to join other parties which are not driven by tribal conspiracies. 2. Maj. Gen. Paulino Matip, Chief-of-Staff of SSDF, must immediately cease cooperating with SPLM leadership under Salva Kiir Mayardit. 3. The Council urges the guardians of Ngundeng’s Pyramid to sacrifice ten bulls in a ritual so that Deng (God) should punish Salva Kiir as it did to Garang when the guardians killed ten bulls on July 29 to God of Ngundeng to end South Sudan suffering under Mabior. 4. The council urges Dr. Riek Gai and Brig. Gatlwak Deng to follow John Luk by abdicating positions awarded to them. 5. The international community must put pressure on Bashir and Kiir to rectify inequality within GONU before it’s too late.

John Gatluak Kam
President of UNCONA
Sudbury, Canada
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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