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Press release from SLM :New government offensives

5/16/2005 8:47 am

Khartoum regime is in constant violation of Njamena ceasefire agreement. On May 11th, Janjawid militias attached a group of women went to collect fire woods outside camp Kasab in the vicinity of the town of Kuttum. Several of the group were raped, Khadija Ali babiker was killed and other two, Fatima Abdel Banat and Halima Ibrahim Abdella were seriously injured.
On May 14th, 2005, the government forces heavily stationed in Argi and Janjawid militias in Fono (about 40 km) to the west of the town of Kuttum raided the entire area, impounding all animals. The raid covered the area from Ain Seero to the far west till Khodra. The gradual building up of the heavily armed government forces and Janjawid militias in Fono and Argi is a preparation for impending attacks of the whole area.
AU mission was informed about the activities of the government forces and the Janjawids in the area earlier on May 15th, 2005.

On May 15th, the government forces and Janjawid militias raided the area located in the eastern part of Ain Seero but SLM forces defeated them. The tolls of this battle were the death of the field commander Abdella Hassan El Haj Yousif Bakhit, one of SLM negotiators in Abuja and the death of one of our brave military men Adam Hussein.
Likewise, AU mission was informed about this brutal attack of the government and it’s Janjawid militias.

Sudan Liberation Movement forces in the area will rigorously defend the area against the attacks of the government forces and Janjawids.

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
Ain Seero command post
May 16th, 2005

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