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Sudan: The Politics Behind Sudan's Conflict

4/24/2006 3:49pm

April 23, 2006
Posted to the web April 24, 2006

Aubrey Chindefu

The Sudanese conflict has now drawn its perpetrators at the level of UN. You will be wondering why such a conflict has dragged on for such a long time and only granted lip service at the level of UN, as compared to the fast tracking of the Iranian impasse to the status of nearly issuing a resolution at the UN Security Council.

The Bush administration has been demanding military intervention in Sudan and imposition of sanctions against the Khartoum government, which are being vigorously opposed by China and Russia at the UN Security Council.

The point worth noting is, lying in a strategic geographical location; Sudan has huge oil reserves, estimated at between 66 million and 1.2 billion barrels. But China currently holds 40 per cent of the country's oil sector, with Russia and another European country also having significant holdings. Any sanctions will particularly affect the US's major rivals.

US interest in Sudan is ensuring that its interests are taken care of in that huge oil reserve.

This is a pure geopolitical engineering at play. But what many Africans should realise is, with so many people dying in Sudan, a lot of corporate entities are profiteering in such a murderous environment. Africa should vigorously persuade its members at the level of the African Union to practically stop these murderous geopolitical machinations by Western countries.

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