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Bloody Rebellion Ends Sudan-Chad Relations

4/15/2006 5:44am

Three hundred and fifty people, most of whom civilians, have died in clashes between insurgents and security forces in the African country Chad.
The Chad administration halted its relations with Sudan, and claim Sudan is behind the rebellion.
During a rebel attack this week, 271 people were arrested.
Chad President Idris Debi said at a news conference held in the capital N'Djamena yesterday that he cut diplomatic reactions with Sudan and closed all border gates with the country.
The Chad leader also announced that if Sudan cannot find a solution to the Darfur conflict by the end of June, they will not accept any more refugees from Sudan.
At present about 200,000 Darfurian refugees live in camps set up in Chad.
While President Debi asserts the Sudanese administration is behind the rebellion, the Khartoum administration, however, refutes the claims.
Insurgents accuse Debi of running a dictatorship and want to hold democratic elections in the country.
Debi declared himself a presidential candidate for the third time by changing the constitution for the upcoming May elections, which drew strong reaction from the opposition and the United Front for Change militants instigated a rebellion.

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