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Request for Action: SAAF Action 09-05

9/28/2005 3:14pm

Dear Students and Other Friends of Sudan:

In general the Sudan Advocacy Action Forum does not formally
align itself with other organizations. However, we frequently
hear about events of interest that are related to our mission of
promoting a just and lasting peace for Sudan. Since their
objective is totally consistent with our mission of attaining a
just and lasting peace in Sudan and since their strategy mirrors
our own, "Pray, Act, and Give," we recommend that you
participate in the International Solidarity Fast for Darfur.

On October 6th, STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur), in
cooperation with organizations worldwide, will hold an
International Solidarity Fast for Darfur. The Solidarity Fast
will reach individuals and communities around the globe in an
effort to send a direct message that we, the international
community, recognize our responsibility to protect the world's
populations from humanitarian crises. Multiple events will be
organized around the Solidarity Fast, including rallies and
vigils. News of the event will be broadcast into Eastern Chad
and Darfur via radio, to show the people of Darfur that they
have not been forgotten.

Stand suggests that you:
1. Fast from a meal or a luxury good (i.e. Alcohol, caffeine,
desserts, cigarettes). Donate the money you save to an
appropriate relief organization. Hopefully, you already have
such an organization in mind, but if you need help, contact SAAF
2. Spend some time in prayer for the people of Darfur.
3. For students, spend 20 minutes teaching or learning about
the crisis in class.

Below is the link (cut and paste) to their website. Consider
motivating your school, club, Sunday School class, church or
other organization to take part. If that is not practical,
participate individually.

This may be another way to draw attention to the ongoing
atrocities in Darfur. SAAF continues to be concerned about
Darfur and all the persecuted peoples of Sudan, for if one
suffers we all suffer.

Pray for Sudan,

Bill Andress
Moderator, Sudan Advocacy Action Forum

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