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Dr. Haruun Ruun of NSCC Appointed Advisor to Sudan President

10/18/2005 8:00am

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Statement of Rev. Dr. Haruun Ruun. NSCC Executive Secretary on Appointment as Special Advisor to the President of Sudan

October 14, 2005


You may have learnt by now of my appointment as one of the special presidential advisors to Sudan's President Omar el-Bashir. I received the news while I was on overseas assignment. The appointment, which was announced by the President on 21st of September 2005, came as a surprise to me.

The announcement of this appointment coincides with the time that I am winding up my final term of service to the New Sudan Council of Churches. It is an unsolicited and unexpected appointment, so I have spent time in prayer and consultation about this opportunity. I have gotten the sense that this is definitely a substantive appointment and I have concluded that as such it constitutes arrival at a new station in my journey of faith and witness. Therefore, I have accordingly accepted the appointment. I am, however, aware that it will be accompanied with new challenges as I continue to play a part in the remaking and shaping of the Sudanese

Under this appointment, I will be part of a team of twelve special advisors based in Khartoum to serve in our respective capacities on full-time basis. Thus, I am now moving to Khartoum to undertake these new responsibilities.

In doing so, I am filled with a deep sense of appreciation, gratitude and indebtedness to the ecumenical movement and the Sudanese churches for the opportunities accorded to me to serve up to this time. Those opportunities enriched my value system and widened my scope of knowledge and understanding of both human and institutional relations as well as international relations in Africa and beyond. My service in these capacities up to this time has been a humbling and rewarding experience, which I will treasure for all of the years ahead of me and which, in a practical sense, prepares me for the anticipation of the opportunities and challenges ahead.

As you know by now, the ecumenical movement and churches can be justified in taking pride of their contribution to the crucial formative period of our new nation. Indeed, a number of those who have served in the ecumenical movement and churches have been appointed as members of Parliament, particularly in the Government of Southern Sudan and the Senate. Surely, this fact alone reflects the recognition and values attached to such services by our society. This represents tribute to the significance of the roles we were called upon to play during the historic turning point of our country. Above all, we now realize in retrospection, that God in His divine plan picked the churches and the ecumenical movement as our training grounds for our new tasks.

It has been my honour and privilege to provide leadership to the New Sudan Council of Churches up to date. As my term ends, I am contented that I am leaving NSCC in good and able hands. The Sudanese Church is well established and the NSCC Member Churches, who are the founders of this Council, are fully committed to the organization and their ownership of the Council is beyond any shadow of doubt. They will therefore ensure smooth succession of the Council's leadership at the Executive Secretary's level.

In the meantime, there will be a Caretaker Committee, which will collaborate with the Transitional Committee formed out of NSCC and SCC to look into the governance and administration of the councils and to explore steps toward integration and implementation of the planned merger of the two councils.

During my years of service, I have benefited from the encouragement and support of countless colleagues and friends. There are, as well, others with differences and alternative viewpoints whom I also have learned to appreciate and value. I wish to say I will continue to value all of you in my heart.

Please remember us all in your prayers and to encourage and support us in the search for peace, justice and stability for all Sudanese peoples.

Rev. Dr. Haruun Ruun.
NSCC Executive Secretary (Outgoing)

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