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11/8/2005 6:48pm

Khartoum, Nov. 8 (SUNA)- The political sub-committee of the higher committee for Darfur Tuesday met at the Republican Palace and reviewed the progress of the negotiations and the future vision and preparations for the coming session of negotiations in Abuja on November 20. The committee is headed by the Presidential Advisor and chairman of the government delegation for Abuja negotiations, Dr. Magzoub Al-Khalifa. The meeting underscored the resort to the interim Constitution, the peace agreement, the issues agreed upon in Ndjamena and Abuja and the Declaration of Principles as basis for dialogue on all issues. In a press statement to SUNA after the meeting, Dr. Al-Khalifa said that the political committee, which comprises all the parties of the national unity government, will submit its integrated vision to the higher committee which is chaired by the President of the Republic. He said that the political sub-committee has stressed its readiness for the coming session of negotiations in Abuja. Dr. Al-Khalifa said that all elements of the national unity government will be represented in the government delegation for the coming negotiation session, adding that this delegation will be mandated, cohesive and keen to achieve peace in Darfur before the end of the current year. He said that a landmark progress is taking place on the ground in the framework of reconciliations, the political visions of the people's conferences in Darfur, the humanitarian work and the cooperation between the government and the non-governmental organizations. Dr. Al-Khalifa said that the government party is following up the outcome of the recent conference of Sudan Liberation Movement at Haskanita in Darfur, especially regarding change in the movement's leadership, as well as the meetings in Nairobi which are sponsored by the United States for the uniting the ranks of Darfur armed movements. He hoped that the armed movements of Darfur will unite for reaching a peace agreement. He also hoped a comprehensive conference for Darfur will be held toward reaching a final solution for Darfur issue. MO/MO

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