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Important statement from Sudan liberation movement Khartoum Office

11/16/2005 9:09pm

Important statement
Sudan liberation movement
Khartoum Office

For long time we have been following motives and justification of general conference of slm which lost legislation at the beginning day. That was not general conference it was really family meeting one. Because it lost constitution at one side and for lack of participation of the both the leaders and the basis on other side.
Those people who attended the congress know nothing about politics even they have no vision at all , indeed the situation is serious and dangerous .those who prepare and attended the meeting they only represent themselves , they made funny fake. They lack conception and vision about darfur problem ,what they did is against the interest of darfur issue for which many innocent people lost their dear lives ,burned villages, raped women, robbed properties etc., it is better for them to look and make funny fakes elsewhere . Haskanita family meeting (for mini arko minawai only invited his relative) that was a conspiracy seems to be a major obstacle stands against Abuja talks.
It was a funny fake played by both traitor mini arko minawi former general secretary of SLM/A and Sudan government who want to divide its enemy at any cost to become weak. That meeting was sponsored from an army and janjaweed militias attack by Sudan government since haskanita was not far from nyala garrison only few kilometers. the meeting was a deal carried by the mediators and connivance of some neighboring countries which supply the meeting with basic necessities and other mediators from Sudan parliament members who are loyal to the government these members such as ibrahim ahemad ibrahim, abduljabar dosa, rea Mohammed etc.
We demand Icc to shift these members to the list of 51 suspects whom are wanted to be prosecuted before Icc in Hague as they are responsible for darfur atrocities, genocides, rapes, mass and grass violation of human rights etc. we condemn such conspiracy surely we overcome such fake, we also condom mini arko minawi partly for committing high treason associating with the gos and partly for buying blood of darfur people at very low price.
This plot threatens CPA and the tidily of Darfur and the unity of Sudan in general, even it impedes African peace and international peace in general.
The new leaders who installed themselves must know that darfur issue is greater than what they contemplate they have better keep their dossier conference at the round table where they sit , it is better for them to repent and return back to slm/a ant it is only leader who found it abdelwahid Mohammed nur ,and we regard that he is the only legal chairman of slm/a at this moment until the general conference of the movement will attended in our vast country which extends from halfa to numily and from toker to ginena , this conference will be held at the moment we will invite member of movement Mohammed salih from halfa and majok from ecotoria and abkar from gineina . Because SLM/A is not association which include only abker. You must know that colonel abdelwahid Mohammed nur is aman of constitution, democracy, liberation, justice and equality, for the reason that that he believes in justice and equality as a standard for good governance.
The general conference of SLM/A which is going to be held soon will represent not only all sectors of secretarial of women , youth , students, and IDPs but also external sectors who are living abroad. And the final result will be solved by selecting and electing leaders after that the second step is not only electing leaders but how to defend and gain our confiscated rights.
The office of SLM/A in Khartoum denies such family meeting which was held in the name of movement and we regard it as a conspiracy to split the movement, we appeal all the people to know the truth, finally, the office the office of movement in Khartoum branch support our leader abdelwahid Mohammed nur our only legal leader we support him and pledge to struggle collectively in one rank with him until we achieve our rights, principles of equality, justice, liberties and constitution. We are against policies of Khartoum salvation government. Which basis on exclusiveness and marginalization of peripheries. Despite it is media played extraordinary role to credit differences among SLM/A forces. As they used to write false news on daily newspapers underestimating struggle of some tribes is they fur, zagawa, masaleet. Meedob, dajo and tiring to divide the leaders according to tribal basis moreover they label their false news to the international crisis group so as to be believed more by the readers.
They must know that our standard in the movement is not tribal one; our struggle against justice has no relation with tribalism and nepotism. The membership of SLM/A is open for all Sudanese people regardless their tribes , religion etc except janjaweed militias unless they give up committing evil atrocities, we appeal all Sudanese people who love peace, liberation , justice , equality, and unity to enjoy SLM/A.

Khartoum Office
EM:[email protected]

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