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11/14/2005 6:22pm

Khartoum, Nov. 14 (SUNA)- The National Assembly, chaired by its Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tahir, resumed its first session Monday with its 8th sitting. Al-Tahir said that this session would continue for a month and a half to complete what the Assembly has begun, particularly the National Assembly's constitutional assignments concerning the peace agreement, indicating that the Assembly is waiting for the formation of the governments of the states and completion of the structures, institutions and commissions which are stipulated by the peace agreement. Al-Tahir indicated that the Assembly would hear a report about the financial performance in the previous months in the coming sittings, prior to receiving the general budget, that would be discussed by the Assembly in ten sittings next December. Al-Tahir said the assembly is following up the international development which affect Sudan, indicating that there is full cooperation with the European Union (EU) and its role in supporting peace and programmes of development and re-construction. He pointed out that they are cautiously looking to the negative aspects led by the USA, particularly its decision extending sanctions imposed on Sudan in spite of signing of the peace agreement. Al-Tahir expressed regret for this decision, which will negatively affect the country's march, calling for unification of national ranks and solidarity to avoid foreign interventions in the internal affairs of the country. The Speaker added that the political cooperation issue was settled by representing the political forces in the National Assembly. It is worth mentioning that seven deputies were sworn in before the National Assembly's Speaker in the Assembly's sitting Monday. HH/BT
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