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Sudanese Foreign minister to quit next government

5/30/2005 6:43pm

KHARTOUM, May 30, 2005 -- The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mustafa Osman Ismail, said in an interview with Al-Wan news paper he leaves his ministerial post in the coming transitional government.

During the interview, Ismail said he would not be taking any other governmental position in the coming period and that there were other work opportunities in the public sector readily available.

Ismail said he would be leaving his post knowing that Sudan's relations with all the Arab countries were a hundred times better than when he took over the ministry.

He further said his decision to leave indicated sincerity about the coming phase which required giving opportunities to partners from the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) to participate in Sudan's foreign policies without being obstructed.

The minister added that the success achieved by the ministry was due to the great trust granted to him by the president of the republic which gave him freedom to manoeuvre.

Ismail further said he was optimistic about the future of Sudan as it was considered one of the most qualified countries in the Arab world to practice real democracy.

The minister went on to give Arab governments valuable advice, saying that if they did not grant freedoms and democracy, as well as working transparently they would perish.

While strongly criticizing the Arab League, he said if it did not change its objectives, projects, capabilities, and make its decisions more effective in order to shift from its narrow regionalism, then it would perish for ever, adding that the Arab League's only virtue was its secretary-general, Amr Musa.

Ismail also praised the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, saying he had taken the approach of transparency and clarity, and embarked on practising direct diplomatic work.

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