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Constitutional panel sets up three bodies for petroleum, land and financial revenue

5/18/2005 10:29pm

KHARTOUM, May 17, 2005 (SUNA) -- The National Commission for the Constitution has approved establishment of three Commissions for the Petroleum, Land and Financial Revenues, and approved the adoption of two banking systems, Islamic one in the North and a conventional one in the South, besides establishment of a branch of the Central Bank in the South.
In its meeting Tuesday, the National Constitution Commission also approved formation of three funds for the Revenues, Rehabilitation of the War-Affected Areas and Rehabilitation of South Sudan.

The Commission's co-spokesman, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, said in the regular Commission's press conference Tuesday, that the proposed Commission for Petroleum is to be chaired by the President of Republic and the President of South Sudan Government and assigned to work out the petroleum policies and the signing of oil contracts.

He indicated that the Commission for Land is assigned to map out land policies and settlement of land conflicts and application of the conventional law which is adopted in this regard.

Ahmed said that the Commission for Revenues will include representatives of the national government and south Sudan government and the Finance Ministers of the states and abide by transparency and justice in the distribution of resources.

He said that the General Commission's Committee ratified items related to the financial issues, which are application of the Zakat (alms) system in north Sudan, avoiding imposition of taxes except through laws and the attachment of properties.

The Commission's co-spokesman, Yasser Arman, said that the interim period's Constitution will be submitted to the National Assembly and the Parliament of the SPLM for ratification. He said that there will be chance for ratification of the Constitution by the two Parliaments during the interim period.

Meanwhile, Arman said that the SPLM leader John Garang has affirmed through a telephone call his concern and follow up to the work of the National Constitution Commission.

He quoted Garang as saying that the mission of the National Constitution Commission will continue during the interim period, adding that the current stage is assigned for the formulation of the Constitution.

Arman said that Garang explained that amendment of the Constitution will be by the majority of 75% of the Parliaments' members. Garang also said that the Sudanese people have the right to formulate the Permanent Constitution after the referendum on the future of south Sudan.

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