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Darfurians in Al Aqsa Mosque: Urgent Request

5/12/2005 4:01pm

Dear Bakri

I was recently visited the occupied Palestinian territories as part of an
official United Nations mission. I met in Al Quds a group of sudanese
citizens orginating from Darfur living near Al Aqsa Mosque. I was told that
their fathers and grand fathers came to Al Quds in the 1930s and 1940s in
response to the call of the late Mufti of Al Quds Haj Amin Al Husseini.
They fought in the 1948 war and some fought in the 1967 war. Their
decendents continued the tradition and partcipated in the first and second
Al Aqsa Intifada. Some of them were kiled and others spent years in Israel
jails. ( By theway the first women martyer in al haram al Ibrahimi is a
Sudanese lady married to a Palestinian and mother of 8 children). Since the
Israeli occupation of Al Quds in 1967 they have been completely cut off
from their relatives in Sudan. Like all residents of Al Quds they are
holders of Jordanian passports. They could not however renew those
passports. Some of them have copies of their fathers paasports issued on
behalf of the Governor General of Sudan in 1955 by Sayed Ismael Al Azhari
in his capacity as Minister of Interior (copy attached). Haj Amin Al
Hussieni in recognition of the role palyed this group has provided them
housing in the Awqaf properties near the Aqsa mosque. In fact they live
about 5 meeters from one of the doors of the Mosque, an honour not shared
by even the most prominent families in Al Quds.
One of the members of the Group would like to establish contacts with his
family. His name is Bashir Musa Bashir Omer Gizo Ali Kinjari. His father
wrote a letter to Ahmed ibrahim Derij when he was a member of the
Constituent assembly in the 1960s.I also have acopy of a letter addressed
in 1958 from Hamid Abdel gadir Abdallah who was in the arm in Halaib at the
time to Mohamed Al Bashir Musa with a refrence to Mohamed Ali Hamdan The
other person is Al Haj Hussain Salih Al Haj Hussain Kinjari.

I am requesting anyone from Darfur who is a relative to thos persons or
anyone who has a contact of one of their relatives to let me know. I will
be In sha allah going back soon to Al Quds and would like to take with me
some good news. Kindly post this request in your excellent site.

Best regards

Abdalla Abbas
The Special Human Settlements Programme for the Palestinian People
UN-HABITAT Office-Geneva
Tel. 004122-9178303
Fax 004122-9178046
email [email protected]

email [email protected](See attached file:]

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