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Proclamation from Darfurian People in the State of Indiana

7/8/2005 11:17pm

Proclamation from Darfurian People in the State of Indiana

People of the Darfur region of Sudan in the state of Indiana in the United States of America announce their agreement on working under none profit association call “Darfur Association in the State of Indiana.” This is to serve the Darfur association’s member, to resolve their economic and social problems, and to develop their capabilities and skills according to the goals mentioned in the constitution. Additionally, they promulgate the election of executive committee to lead the association from the following people:

1. Eltoum Hagar Hassan - Chairman

2. Sabre Musa Nassour - Vice –Chairman

3. Elhadi Adam Elomda - General Secretary

4. Tajeldeen Hassan Issak - Deputy Secretary General

5. Bakhit Hajar Hassan - Secretary of Treasury

6. Mohamat Ibrahim Idriss - Cultural and Social Secretary

7. Shakir Idriss Abdelrasool - Deputy Cultural and Social Secretary

8. Kamil Sabir Hassan - Development and relief Secretary

Elhadi Adam Elomda - General Secretary

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