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Egypt minister mildly critical of EU stance on southern Sudan

7/5/2005 1:54pm

SIRTE, Libya, July 4, 2005 (MENA) -- Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu-al-Ghayt said Monday [4 July] the African Security and Peace Council discussed the issues of the Ivory Coast, Sudan and Somalia.

Though Egypt was not a member of the Council it was invited to address the Council on Sudan, he told the Egyptian TV News channel.

He added he presented a brief summary of the agreements signed in Egypt between the Sudanese opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and Khartoum and the negotiations held between the opposition and Khartoum.

He added he apprised the Council of Egypt's efforts to implement Naivasha agreement.

We also took up the issue of the UN peace keeping forces in the region and Egypt's efforts in setting up the infrastructure in southern Sudan, he said. The meeting also took up the Darfur issue. We gave them a full picture of the issue, he said.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu-al-Ghayt said there is a criticism that could be levelled at the EU stance vis-a-vis this issue.

The UN is a main element in this issue and it plays an important role he said.

There was at the Council a feeling of optimism in general, he said

We also took up the issue of a new agreement on Darfur that will be signed shortly in Abuja, he said.

On restructuring the UN, Egypt's top diplomat said this issue is tabled on the agenda of the summit.

Egypt's top diplomat went on to say that UN reforms should not be confined only to the Security Council, but it should be a comprehensive one, especially as regards its role in helping countries to fight poverty and to implement the millennium development objectives.

A draft resolution should be presented to the UN General Assembly in the name of Africa calling for expanding the council's membership, to include 11 new members, Abu-al-Ghayt said.

Africa should obtain five non-permanent seats and two permanent ones, he added.

Discussion also covered the G8 summit to be held in Scotland, said.

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